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Send Friends Personalised IOU Reminders Courtesy Of NatWest

NatWest has developed a microsite which allows you to send personalised IOU reminders to friends who owe you money.

The site features a series of hilarious* characters for you to choose from, including a Mountie**, a motivational speaker, a pair of hippies and a super hero. Once you’ve chosen a character, you add your name and the recipients name, plus the amount they owe you. You can then preview your video, where you’ll see the details you entered, before sending it to your friend.

NatWest IOU

The site has been developed in order to promote NatWest’s Mobile Banking App, which allows users to make payments of up to £250 to anyone with a VISA card and a mobile number. The recipient has 7 days in order to collect the payment.

* Did you detect a hint of sarcasm here?
** NatWest go to great lengths to explain that they have no affiliation with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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