NatWest Taken To Court Over Bank Charges

The bank charge bandwagon continues to roll on, with a bank finally looking like it will be taken to court over its charges.

A London Barrister, Tom Brennan, is contesting the £2,500 worth of charges he racked up with NatWest whilst he was a student, and is hoping to be the first person to bring such proceedings against a bank.

Despite being offered his money back, and being offered even more than his £2,500, he has decided to take the case all the way to court. In most of these cases, the banks have been giving back the money, but have not been admitting that the charges were unlawful – many saying that the pay-back is a “gesture of goodwill”.

But the charges may now finally classed as unlawful, which may open the floodgates to even more claims for money back.

The case is due to be heard on Friday 13th April – who will it be unlucky for?

One thought on “NatWest Taken To Court Over Bank Charges

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