Student Finance: Insurance for Your Belongings

One thing that many students overlook in their haste to get setup in their student house or halls of residence is insurance for their belongings. With the amount of electrical items and gadgets that the average student will be taking with them on the increase, it is becoming more and more important to get adequate cover.

In some cases, students will be covered by their parent’s home insurance, but it’s worth checking this out with the insurer before setting off for uni – it could save you having to fork out for seperate cover.

The cost of a student insurance policy will vary depending on the university you’ll be attending, what sort of accomodation you’ll be stopping in and of course, the type/value of items you want to insure. Before getting a quote, think about which items you’ll be taking with you that you would want to cover: computers/laptops, TV, DVD players, Hi-Fis, MP3 player, mobile phones, bikes, musical instruments etc. Make a list of their details, including their monetary value. This will help you make sure you get enough cover when you buy your policy.

Once you’ve got this information, get a quote on a site such as Endsleigh, which is one of the biggest student insurers, to see how much cover will cost. Google “Student Insurance” to find other providers.

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