“Match.com For Jobseekers” Launches On iPhone

A new recruitment app, which is aiming to match up jobseekers with vacancies, much like Match.com matches up singles, has launched for the iPhone (and other iOS devices) in Europe and the US.

jobandtalent app

Jobandtalent is a Europe and US-wide mobile recruitment app that inverts the normal job search model – instead of having to actively search for keywords and positions, the app delivers users a personalised feed of suitable vacancies from across the internet. Users can also do manual searches.

Jobandtalent’s linguistics-based algorithm trawls thousands jobs from across the web, selecting vacancies from sites such as Monster, Jobsite and CV Library, formatting them into an easy to browse homepage within the app. Whilst viewing the list of available jobs, the actions you take, such as favouriting or discarding jobs, helps to improve the accuracy and quality of future job suggestions.

For every job posted, you’re shown if you have any contacts you might have at each company, through social network links, in much the same way that LinkedIn does with your connections on that site.

When new jobs are posted matching your profile, you’ll receive a notification on your phone, in theory taking some of the hassle out of searching for jobs.

Jobandtalent claim that they look after the whole application process, when you decide on a vacancy that suits you.

The Jobandtalent app is available to download for free from the app store. Whilst the app itself is free, users do pay for each application made through the app (69p).

3 thoughts on ““Match.com For Jobseekers” Launches On iPhone

  1. Not sure I get why I would do this on a mobile phone and not a laptop where I can do more than fire off pre uploaded a CV. I like mobile phones and tablet devices but this feels as the wrong device for the service.

  2. I agree that this sounds really cool – it’s very nicely designed, too, which might be the main pull. However, I don’t know how effective an app like this would be when websites like LinkedIn provide more features. It definitely has competition – I’m wondering if it can beat it.

  3. I think the business model fundamentally works (matching people to jobs based on a set of criteria outlined by the employer, and in confidence so applicants don’t fudge their experience in order to tailor themselves to particular job postings, leading to frustration and disappointment for both parties)

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