Quick Guide To Life Insurance

Like making a will, life insurance is one of those subjects that many people shy away from as they don’t like to think about such morbid events happening. But ensuring that your loved ones are looked after in the event of something happening to you can help to temper their grief a little.

The Motley Fool has published a Quick Guide to Life Insurance which goes through the very basic details of what it is all about – life insurance policies can be a little more complicated than the article may make out (just the sight of the 10 – 20 page application forms might make you wince, and you must make sure you read the small print, especially if you’re adding critical illness onto a policy).

It is very easy these days to get a series of quotes from several providers, and it can pay to shop around. And as life insurance premiums have on the whole decreased over the last few years, if you have an existing policy it is worth finding out if you can now get it cheaper elsewhere (but remember, never ever cancel an existing policy until your new one is in force).

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