MoneyExpert: Capital One ‘homeowner Loan’ Offer Worst For Junk Mail

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has named Capital One and its fake cheque ‘homeowner loan’ offers as the worst offender when it comes to unwanted junk mail.

MBNA and Lloyds TSB were also named and shamed by the charity.

Capital One sends out approximately 20 million offers of credit and loans per year, of which only one per cent are responded to.

A spokesperson for CAB said: “The letters can encourage people who may not really be able to afford the credit they have been offered to take that particular product.

“We see evidence of people who perhaps have a history of problems with credit being sent these types of unsolicited letters by lenders who specialise in loans and credit for those who have these particular problems.”

The Post Office offers the Mail Preference Service, which enables one to remove oneself from the list of recipients, added the CAB spokesman.

CAB stated that it wants consumers to get a “fairer deal” when it comes to credit.

The UK currently has the highest level of personal debt in Western Europe, according to a recent survey carried out by Datamonitor.

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