Motley Fool: 20 Ways To Save Cash!

Christmas is looming and with it a zillion expenses. If you want to hang on to a bit more of your hard earned dosh, you’ll need to learn how to save money – and you know how much we at the Fool like to help you do that! So if you want to spend a bit less, without compromising on quality, try these tips:

1. Pets

If you have a pet, you’ll no doubt know that feeling of dread at the vet’s when you’re presented with the bill. Now, I’m not going to suggest you take a crash course in veterinary medicine to save a few quid, but there’s definitely some money to be saved on those extras. You know the kind of thing, worming tablets, flea treatment etc. Many people don’t realise that this type of non-prescription medicine doesn’t have to be purchased from your vet, and shopping around for those oft bought items can save you a fortune….

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