Money Links For 30th Nov 2006

  • Chelsea Building Society variable rate altered
    The Chelsea Building Society standard variable rate is to be raised from its current level of 6.74 per cent to 6.99 per cent.
  • General
    General has stated its belief that customers have been compelled to purchase term assurance.
  • Poor credit rating ‘is not that bad’, says expert
    Individuals who find themselves with a poor credit rating have been urged to look around in order to secure the best loan deal, according the head of personal finance at The Motley Fool, an independent price comparison company.
  • Christmas is ‘gruel-tide’ for some, says Tesco
    The season of goodwill may not be quite that for some Britons as the amount of people currently stressing about Christmas is around one in five, Tesco Personal Finance has said.
  • CIS says older generation ‘failing’ to save
    attitude due to not planning sufficiently for their retirement, according to Co-operative Insurance (CIS).
  • Buy-to-let beauties show their ugly side
    Large numbers of buy-to-let investors are having their properties repossessed and sold off at auction as growing numbers of property investors are unable to meet interest repayments.
  • Borrowers urged to prepare for another rise
    The Bank of England took no-one by surprise when it raised interest rates by a quarter point to 5 per cent this week. But banks may still not be quick off the mark to pass the rate rise on to savers.
  • Off-piste perils of owning a home in the snow
    Whether they fancy the thrill of racing down a black run themselves or just want to rake in a healthy rental yield, UK investors are piling into property in ski resorts across Europe and the US.
  • Industry draws up reforms to ward off annuity U-turn
    The pensions industry is lobbying the Treasury in a last-ditch effort to persuade the government not to axe Alternatively Secured Pensions, the new vehicles which allow investors to avoid purchasing an annuity at retirement.
  • Web puts private investors on par with professionals
    The internet has revolutionised share buying for the private investor, bringing instant access to an avalanche of free information. This proliferation of information is spurring growing armies of hobbyist investors who are making investment decisions with
  • Lenders give the green light to mortgages
    A derelict church or a new timber chalet might sound attractive to an adventurous homeowner but mortgage lenders have traditionally steered away from unconventional properties.
  • Crackdown on those working here and there
    Not many people feel sorry for City high-fliers earning six-figure salaries and often even bigger bonuses. But one place where this small but high-profile group is particularly unlikely to get much sympathy is HM Revenue and Customs.
  • City bonuses and foreign cash lead to mansion-mania
    First-time buyers may be scrambling for all the help they can get for a foothold on the property ladder but at the opposite end of the market the landscape looks remarkably different.
  • Court ruling says the days of tax exiles are numbered
    Accountants are reviewing the advice they give to tax exiles on how best to achieve the tax perks of UK "non domiciled" status in the wake of a groundbreaking court ruling this week.
  • Pressure on to stem the outflow of investors
    Pension companies have been adding more top-name fund managers to their personal pensions as they seek to slow the outflow of investors who are turning to the wider freedoms of self invested personal pensions
  • Finding a way to break through the great market wall of China
    Over the past few years China has emerged as a growing world power. Its rapidly expanding economy has grabbed the rest of the world’s attention.
  • Rent-a-room scheme gives first-time buyers a leg up
    As lenders look for increasingly innovative ways to help cash-strapped buyers onto the property ladder, Stroud & Swindon is now offering larger loans to people willing to share their property with a couple of flat-mates.
  • ISA holders given freedom to switch cash into equities
    Savers who have built up billions of pounds in cash individual savings accounts (Isas) are set to be given new freedoms to switch their money into higher-risk stocks and shares Isas without losing their tax benefits.
  • Even a dream island is not always ‘home’ for wealthy
    Glance at the list of the richest people in the UK and you will spot a trend. Many of the most prominent British millionaires and billionaires, such as Roman Abramovich or Lakshmi Mittal, were either not born here or do not spend much time in the country.
  • Guide To Life Insurance
    A detailed guide to life insurance from Torquil Clark Life Insurance.

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