MoneyExpert: MP Praises Credit Card ID Protection Idea

A consumer who has initiated a method of identity security when applying for credit has been praised by MP Robert Goodwill, who said the idea was “brilliant”.

Jamie Jamieson claims that in order to safeguard your identity from being stolen and used to apply for credit, make a copy of your fingerprint and send it to three credit agencies in the UK, reports

Accompany this with a letter which instructs the lenders not to recommend credit unless a copy of the fingerprint is included with the request and you are therefore not liable if somebody attempts to apply on your behalf.

“Jamie’s idea is brilliant – absolutely foolproof,” said Mr Goodwill.

“I think banks and building societies should have leaflets in their branches advising people that they can do this to protect themselves,” he continued.

Many credit card providers offer payment protection, which involves a monthly payment to ensure that you are contacted if an application to borrow more money is made.

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