Money Links For 13th Dec 2006

  • Free ATM scheme backed by charity
    Many banks and cash machine operators have thrown their weight behind a campaign to provide poorer areas with free to use ATMs, a scenario hailed by the national charity Citizens Advice.
  • Barclays warns of Xmas robberies
    Insurance claims relating to burglaries over the festive season increase by 14 per cent, new research by Barclays Insurance has discovered.
  • "
    Christmas shoppers could reap the benefits should they make purchases on their credit cards as free insurance is being offered on over half of all cards, according to price comparison website MoneyExpert.
  • Tax cut to benefit Brits in Spain
    Cuts to Spanish Capital Gains tax that will come into force from early next year are set to provide a financial boost to Britons living in Spain, according to Banco Halifax Hispania.
  • Barclaycard and Oyster unite
    Holders of a Barclaycard will be able to swipe it on the London Underground in the same way as they would an Oyster card from next year.
  • General offers household tips
    General are urging homeowners to check their properties to make sure they are well protected from the elements.

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