MoneyExpert: Britons Give “generously” Via Credit Cards

The amount given to charities via debit and credit cards has been consistently higher since 2004, it has emerged.

A new report from Apacs found that an average of £75.55 was donated per credit card in January 2006, compared to £68.82 in January 2004.

And the UK payment association maintains that due to the Asian tsunami and Pakistani earthquake, cardholders are using their debit and credit cards to give higher amounts of money than ever before.

Some £67.8 million was given through card spending in June 2006, while Sandra Quinn, director of communications at Apacs, underlined the role cards now play in giving money to worthy causes.

“This is just one of the ways that we use our cards to help charities,” she remarked.

“Whatever the charity, more and more of us turn to our plastic to show our support.”

Many cards enable users to donate to charity, with a credit card such as American Express Red automatically giving one per cent of each amount spent to the the Global Fund, which helps fight Aids in Africa.

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