Money Links For 2nd Jan 2007

  • Rate rises on Barclays Regular Saver account
    Barclays Regular Saver account is to see an increase in its interest rate of 25 per cent which represents the highest rate that the bank has ever offered for this account.
  • Woolwich offers new mortgage range
    To see in the new year, Woolwich has announced that it is to introduce some of its best ever interest rates across a new mortgage range.
  • by debt
    Britons’ spendthrift ways are set to get them into trouble in the coming year, warned a debt expert.
  • Budget to cut debt, says charity
    Budgeting wisely is a necessity to herald the start of the new year following a costly Christmas period, according to national money education charity Credit Action.
  • Banks ‘best’ for mortgages
    Mortgage-seekers are being urged to focus on the offerings of banks following research undertaken by independent financial data collection and research company Defaqto.
  • Loan figures will carry on rising, says BBA
    High loan figures for November 2006 are expected to continue into the new year at a rapid rate, according to the British Bankers’ Association (BBA).

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