Money Links For 3rd Jan 2007

  • Skipton enters Northern Ireland market
  • PruHealth health insurance offers free gym membership
    The PruHealth health insurance package has given people the opportunity to work off some of those extra Christmas pounds by providing a six-month free gym membership to new customers joining in either January or February.
  • Parents are ‘piggy bank raiders’
    Due to the mounting costs associated with Christmas, new research has found that one in ten Scottish parents will be forced to delve into their children’s piggy banks this January.
  • Summer hols on the cards for most Britons
    Now that Christmas is well and truly over, it seems that Britons are turning their attentions to their summer holidays with nine out of ten people in the UK planning ahead for the warmer months, NatWest research shows.
  • Insolvencies ‘to hit 30,000 in January’
    In the wake of excessive Christmas spending, many people in the UK will be counting the cost of the festive period and accountant Grant Thornton predicts that nearly 30,000 individuals will become insolvent in the first quarter of this year.

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