Money Saving March: Cancel Gym Membership

So we’re 3 months into the year – I wonder how many people who signed up for a gym as part of their New Years’ Resolutions have already stopped going regularly?

On average, gyms can cost between £20 – £50 per month, and if you’re not going any longer, wouldn’t you rather put that money to better use?

Some might argue that knowing you’re paying out each month, is a good incentive to keep going to the gym. But the likelihood is that if you’re not going now, you won’t be going in a few months either.

Why not think about how you could get exercise elsewhere, e.g. by walking to work. Alternatively, if you can go to the gym on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, work out whether it would be cheaper to do this, rather than stumping up a monthly fee.

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