National Pension Debate: Have Your Say

If you missed National Pensions Day on 18th March, where over 1000 members of the public were invited to “simultaneous, satellite-linked, events in Belfast, Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Newcastle and Swansea”, then you’re probably not alone.

The idea was to promote the Department for Work and Pensions’ National Pensions Debate, which is designed to gather feedback from the general public on this vital issue:

The National Pensions Debate is about giving you the opportunity to find out more about the challenges we face and to have your say on the solutions put forward by the independent Pensions Commission. Your view matters – it will play an integral part in our decision-making process.

You can still have your say in the debate at the DWP website, which allows you to give your thoughts on the 4 likely options to address the challenge facing pensions in the U.K.:

  1. Pensioners will become poorer compared to the rest of society.
  2. Taxes and National Insurance contributions devoted to pensions must rise.
  3. Individuals will have to save more in their own private pensions or through their employer’s pension schemes.
  4. Average retirement age must rise.

There’s some interesting information on the future of pensions on the site, so I recomment you go and have a read.

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