Money Links For 16th Jan 2007

  • 30bn in wages
    30 billion has been lost in wages due to either injury or illness, according to new research carried out by Standard Life.
  • More financial education needed, says expert
    In order for people to become fully aware of the savings options available to them, more education is a necessity, according to a senior analyst at asset management firm Hargreaves Lansdown.
  • British homebuyers look abroad
    With affordability remaining an obstacle to home ownership for many Britons, the appeal of foreign property markets continues to grow.
  • Leicester car insurance to save drivers money
    Leicester insists motorists can save substantial amounts of money by switching to one of its new car insurance policies.
  • Cheap fixed rate mortgages disappearing
    A number of leading mortgage lenders are withdrawing their fixed-rate offers from the market as speculation mounts that a further hike in interest rates could be around the corner.

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