How Much Tax Will I Pay?

UPDATE 24th November 2008: If you’re looking for information on the latest changes to tax rates announced today, please see our post on the pre-Budget report key points.

Kirsten over at SimplePound has put together a useful Excel sheet for working out how much Income Tax and National Insurance you pay.

It’s useful to know if you’re changing jobs or inline for a pay rise, at it will help you see how much you are likely to be taking home in your pay packet each month.

Also, if you’re a student, it will give you an idea of the repayment threshold for your student loan (although I think things might have changed since my days as a student, as the amount you have to earn before paying back your loan is significantly higher than it appears to be now).

4 thoughts on “How Much Tax Will I Pay?

  1. Last month i was really confused when it comes to payind my taxes as i have changed my job in december and even havent completed one year.I was also confused about the claim for my student loan.

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