How Much Money Is Lying Around Your House?


How much money do you think you’ve got lying around your house? I’m not talking about the hands-full of change left on top of your chest of draws in your bedroom, or the odd coin wedged between the cushions on your sofa. I’m talking about the value there is in the items that sit unused in your home.

Laura at No More Spending has written about how she made £150 this month simply from selling items from around her home. Whilst this wouldn’t be something you could achieve every month (after a few months selling you’re not likely to have much left), it does at least show the potential profit to be made from decluttering your house.

If youtoo would like to make a little extra cash, have a think about the items sitting around your home that you no longer need or haven’t used in a while; unwanted kitchen tools, CDs, DVDs, even some clothes and shoes can be flogged. What about kids toys? If they’ve got old toys they no longer use, why not sell them and treat them to something new from the proceeds?

Also, have you got anything stored in the loft or the garage that might be worth some money? Certain old vinyl records (for the kids reading this, they’re mom and dads version of CDs) might actually be worth a fair bit – if you’re lucky enough to have a copy of “That’ll Be The Day” by the Quarrymen (who later became a rather succesful band called The Beatles), you could be sitting on £100,000 – mind you, if you have got that particular record, your name is Paul McCartney and you’re probably not short of a quid or two already. Read more on the value of old records.

When it comes to selling the items, you have several options – if you prefer to sell your items offline, you can try car boot sales and for sale ads in the local newspapers. Online, there are several options available – eBay is no longer the only destination for listing your items, nor is it the cheapest, although it does still have the largest amount of active buyers.

The key is really to take a look around your house, maybe decluttering one room at a time, find the stuff that you no longer need, and consider whether it needs binning, sending to a charity shop or selling. Happy clutter hunting!

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  1. Thanks for the link Rob. I’m going to try my local shop selling board for an item next week and a car boot in March (if its warmer) I’m not happy with the latest Ebay charging policy, its getting too expensive!

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