Energy Prices Expected To Rise By 20-35%

hot in the dark

If you thought that the price of your gas and electricity couldn’t get any higher, then think again.

It is predicted that there will be more energy price rises this Summer and Autumn, heaping more misery on us poor consumers.

So what can you do to limit the effect of these rises?

Well, firstly, it’s worth considering a capped rate deal with your energy suppliers. Click on over to sites such as MoneySupermarket, USwitch and SimplySwitch to see which suppliers are available in your area, whether they can get you a better rate than you’re currently on and also whether they offer a capped rate. With a capped rate, although you’ll pay a little more than the best rate, you have the certainty that your prices won’t rise above a certain level.

Once you’re happy with the rate you’re paying for your gas & electricity, you can then reduce your energy spend by reducing the amount you use around the home. This is something we’ll be looking at in future posts…

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