Children’s Accidents Compensation Claims

I was watching some kids TV on one of our Freeview channels a couple of days ago when I was shocked to see an advert for a company who will try to get you compensation for any accidents your children have had.

I’m used to trying to avoid these people on the high street (“Had any accidents recently sir?”), but I was surprised to see them moving into this emotive area, and to be advertising during childrens programmes too.

The name of the company escapes me, and I probably wouldn’t publish it here in any case, but has anyone else seen this before? Have you used any of these “no win no fee” companies who fight your claims in court in the hope of receiving some compensation. Whilst it’s not something I’d consider doing myself, I can see why some people would do it if they think there’s a chance they can make a few quid from an accident without having to do too much work. What are your thoughts?

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