Standard Life Windfall Eligibility

The goes into the details of the calculations of eligibility for the Standard Life floatation windfalls:

…anyone who took out a with-profits policy before March 31 2004 – will receive a fixed payout of 185 shares to compensate them for loss of membership. On top of this, virtually every member will receive an additional number of shares, based on how long they have held their with-profits investments and how much they are worth.

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2 thoughts on “Standard Life Windfall Eligibility

  1. i have a mortgage and life insurance wirh standard life which i took out inDecember 2004, what will i get in way of a windfall through the floatation , if anything R Dransfield

  2. Hi Rae,

    From what I can tell, unfortunately I do not think you will be eligible for a windfall payment from Standard Life, as I believe you need to have money in one of their with-profits funds to qualify. I doubt either your mortgage or life insurance will count for this. Always best to check directly with Standard Life though, just to make sure.


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