Oil Price Dropping, Petrol To Follow?


In between the interesting yet slightly disappointing news about stamp duty and the ominous signs of recession looming comes some slightly better news – oil prices have been dropping a little recently.

Hurricane Gustav threatened to keep prices higher, but thankfully the threat of Gustav has now dropped, and oil prices are likely to fall some more in the coming days, as long as everything else remains stable.

We can only hope that this fall is reflected at the petrol pump in the near future, else I may well have to get myself a push bike.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lee Jordan

2 thoughts on “Oil Price Dropping, Petrol To Follow?

  1. This may seem folksy, but the price of potatoes goes down each year as the crop gets older – but the price at the chip shop never drops. But you can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be a 10p increase when the new tatties are picked!

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