Changes To TV Licence Payments

From July 31st, you will no longer be able to pay for your TV licence at your local Post Office.

The BBC’s deal with the Post Office is ending, with most of the payments for licences now being handled by Paypoint, which actually has a larger network than the Post Office. You’ll be now be able to pay for your licence in newsagents, petrol stations and supermarkets, or you can buy it on the internet, by post or phone.

Those that currently pay for their licence by buying special stamps will instead have to use a Paypoint card that they can top-up at Paypoint outlets or on the phone. If you have existing stamps, these can be transferred onto the cards at a Post Office until 31st July. After that date, any transfers of stamps will have to be done by post.
The changes have been made in order to save, what is in effect licence fee money – the BBC expects to save £100million making this change, so I guess that means better use of the money they are collecting. Whether it will lead to less repeats on the Beeb is another matter…

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