UK Interest Rates Since 1694

At just 0.5%, we’re currently experiencing the lowest rate of interest since the Bank of England was founded back in 1694.

Want proof?

Well, why not check out each and every interest rate since its beginning, courtesy of new data released by the Guardian. 

Marvel as the rate remains unchanged for a hundred years between 1720 and 1820, or just imagine how much you’d save or how eye-wateringly high your mortgage repayment would be if interest rates hit the heights of 17% again, as they were back in 1979.

I’m sure there must be a good use for all of this data, I just can’t think of it at the moment.

One thought on “UK Interest Rates Since 1694

  1. We’re in a vicious circle now, with interest rates so low there is no more room for manouver if the economy slides again – quantitive easing simply funds the banks greed and never filters down to the man on the street. The only way to recovery is to cut taxes but we cant do this because we are hugely in debt – so the only other way is to cut benefits and downsize the public sector – which success governments are too scared to do because they dont want to lose votes.

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