Premium Bonds Even Less Attractive Than Before

Premium bonds have never been a particularly attractive investment, more like a middle class lottery where you didn’t actually lose your money every week.

And thanks to the plunging interest rate, they’re now even less attractive, as National Savings & Investments have cut the prize fund from £60 million to £32 million, and the two monthly prizes of £1 million cut to just the one.

The truth is, Premium Bonds can be very profitable for the lucky few who win the big prizes, but most investors will find that they could earn more investing in an ISA.

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2 thoughts on “Premium Bonds Even Less Attractive Than Before

  1. I may have have won something on my premium bond but no one seems to remember where they are. Can I still claim if I can prove identity

  2. how is all the premium bond money invested?Has the government with all this money been the victim of fraud as the banks have been,thus reducing prize money to half the previous level. Where has all the guaranteed income from the interest gone?

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