Tips On Switching Energy Suppliers


According to BitterWallet, now is the time to switch energy providers, as the big 6 gas and electricity suppliers have all recently made changes to their tariffs.

The savings will be particularly noticeable for anyone still on a suppliers standard tariff. If you’ve already switched, you might still be able to save a little on your energy bills, and at the moment, every little helps!

BitterWallet have also posted their 5 “rules of thumb” for switching power providers:

  1. Get an online tariff – they’re cheaper.
  2. Pay by direct debit – cheaper again.
  3. You might end up overpaying each month, which the energy companies love, because you’re effectively giving them an interest free loan. It might only be a small amount over a short period, but imagine that added up over thousands of customers.
  4. You might underpay, and end up owing them a packet, which you’ll have to find from somewhere, probably when you least need to find that amount of money.
  5. Energy companies can lock you into long contracts, so be aware what you’re signing up to before you commit.

It’s also worth mentioning this post from Times Money, looking at the worst energy suppliers for customer service. The average score gained by the companies was just 43%, with the customer survey looking at thngs like customer service, value for money, phone support etc.

NPower came bottom of the list, with a rating of just 30%, followed by British Gas (37%) and the EON (39%).

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3 thoughts on “Tips On Switching Energy Suppliers

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