Poor Exchange Rate Means We’ll Pay More For Our Christmas Trees

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There’s likely to be a shortage of Nordmann Firs this year, traditionally the most popular Christmas tree in Britain, thanks to the poor pound to euro exchange rate, meaning the price of Christmas trees will go through the roof this year, rather than the tree itself.

The popularity of these type of tree is down to their low needle dropage (a technical term I’ve just invented), and 2 million of the trees are sold in Britain each year, representing 50% of the total trees sold. Reports suggest that just 300,000  have been imported this year – leaving a massive shortfall which will cause mayhem in the annual Christmas tree hunt.

Sadly, the good old British-grown Norway Spuce is also likely to be in short supply, meaning the decision will be either to pay over the odds for a tree (if you can find the right one in the first place) or settle for the plastic variety, which will probably also be overpriced once the sellers hear that there’s a shortage of real trees.

There is however another option; make your own redneck Christmas tree out of beer cans and coat-hangers. They never taught us how to do this on Blue Peter:

Redneck Christmas Tree

Creative Commons License top photo credit: harryalverson

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