Owe Child Support? There’s An App For That

Seperated parents in Colorado now have an easy way to work out the child maintainence they owe or are owed thanks to a new iPhone app.

The iSupport app will help calculate how much child support is owed after you enter a few key details.

Calculating child support can be a complicated matter and every case is different. It’s always best to consult with a Colorado family law lawyer to accurately run any child support calculation; however, iSupport can provide parents with a basic understanding of the important elements and how they impact a child support obligation.

This wouldn’t seem the most natural thing to create an app for – after all, my view of apps is that they’re useful for completing tasks that you need to do regularly, and should makes things simpler than visiting a website (mobile friendly or not) on your phone.

But how often will you need to calculate how much child support you owe? Hopefully not too often.

As mentioned above, this only appears to be available for the US state of Colorado, and there are no plans for the UK’s CSA to develop their own child support iPhone app as far as we know.

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