Motley Fool: Five Ways To Beat Rising Car Insurance Prices

Most of you will already be paying too much for your car insurance, which means there’s no reason to pay any more. However, young drivers have had it a little easy for the past few years. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) said yesterday that, although the total number of deaths on UK roads has fallen in recent years, the number of fatalities involving young drivers is still rising. So, young men and women, if you think your car insurance seems expensive now, just you wait!

Don’t fear though! There are various initiatives and campaigns that the ABI is working on, such as better alternatives to the Pass Plus driving course and, more drastically, Californian-style curfews for young drivers, all of which could massively reduce your premiums. In the meantime though, you should be able to at least maintain the status quo by comparing car insurance quotes, and perhaps you could end up paying even less using the following five tips. (These may help you oldies reduce your insurance costs too.)…

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