“Windows Support” Scam Worsens

Update – September 2016: Over 5 years after we first reported this Windows support scam, variations of it are still targeting households by phone; either offering to clean up your PC for a fee, threats to stop access to your device unless you pay them, or installing software which spies on your actions.

If you’ve been targeted or think you’ve been a victim of such a fraud, you should report it to Action Fraud. They also have further information on the types of scam and how to avoid them.

It looks like there’s no end in sight for the Windows Support telephone scam that we reported on in the middle of last year.

Windows support scam

As a reminder, households are receiving calls out of the blue from a so-called “Windows Support Centre”, often sounding like they’re from Indian call centres, who ask if your PC is running slowly, as they have detected a virus on it and would like to help you sort it out. For a fee of course.

Our post from last June has had over 100 comments from people receiving these calls, and in a few cases the recipients of the calls have been taken in, and handed over cash.

Costly and annoying certainly, but now it looks like there might be another similar tactic where the callers are actually installing software, whether it is genuine anti-virus software such as Kaspersky, or something more sinister like spyware which could potentially open you up to wider ID and bank fraud.

The Guardian says that this “takes the scam into new territory altogether, because it means that the scammers are now changing the setup of the computer, and while it’s still fraud, it also now strays into fields such as the Computer Misuse Act”.

It also has the following advice for anyone who has been taken in to the scam:

  1. contact your card issuer and get the transaction reversed
  2. report what happened to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud reporting centre. It has its own page on Microsoft-related scams, as does Microsoft itself.
  3. contact the police so you can get a crime number.

If you’re targeted by such calls, it’s best to put the phone down straight away. The Guardian seems to think it is a single gang with 1 database of clients they’re working their way through, so you’re unlikely to get more than one of these calls, although if it’s making a profit, you can bet other gangs will be trying to do the same thing, so that might not be strictly true.

Or you could string them along and help to increase their phone bill.

390 thoughts on ““Windows Support” Scam Worsens

  1. Just received another call from a group calling themselves the Technical Department of MS Windows. When I quizzed them about being a call centre routing their calls through the Western Suburbs of Sydney, and asking if they were connected to the the Computer Technical Department, who I had been getting frequent calls from, they hung up on me.
    Apparently the Queensland Fraud Squad have been investigating the Computer Technical Department.

    Scammers are scum!!!!

  2. I received a call today 18th March from supposedly Windows Support telling me I had security problems with my computer. For the sum of £60.00 they would update my Windows Security.

    I got suspicious and refused to continue conversation. For someone not as cautious as myself they were very convincing, its rather worrying.

  3. I too had the same call today. I kept saying i’m a little suspicious it’s a scam and they kept replying ‘how would we know the computer ID?’ I hung up at the point where they wanted me to invest between £32 and £188 to fix the problems!
    However, i am a little concerned that they may have entered my computer, prior to getting to the payment stage!
    Am i right to think about changing my passwords?

  4. I’ve just had the call too. Indian voice. Very persistent. I told them to send me an email or a letter because I did not believe them over the phone.

    Should I be concerned in any way? I am online a lot via a wireless network.

  5. I had same call from a female from Indian call centre. I was immediately suspicious and quizzed her as to the knowledge that she had. I knew that she had no info as she said it was a problem with a virus attacking my pc via microsoft windows and all my computer are Macs. When I said that she soon put the phone down!
    Don’t know where they got my number as I’m ex-directory?

  6. Just got a similar call today. They wanted me to run a few dos commands and show me that they know my CLSID because my computer has been sending them messages. Then they go through a few other basic commands to show I have infected files (ooohh nooo I am sooo scared!). They even asked me to double click on some of them (PNF files) to prove I couldn’t open them. “If windows doesn’t know what to do with them and you didn’t put them there then what the hell are they there for” he warned! He did a few other run commands and then wanted to connect me to his supervisor or technical support. All the while warning me of the big problems I have. When I told him I didn’t really believe him, he said that I had been wasting his time. I asked his supervisor for a phone number to call him back and he gave me 9999 596770… surpised he wasn’t 244327226 which spells bigfatscam! It is so ridiculous to think that Windows would actually be calling me to help!!

  7. I thought I’d finished with these phone calls, but got another this morning. I now know for certain that this is a scam, so strung her along for a short while pretending I couldn’t understand what she was saying and asking her to repeat. After a few moments of this I asked if she’d mind holding on for a minute as I had someone at the door, she said no she wouldn’t mind, so I put the phone down and went and prepared lunch and ate it! Don’t know how long she held on for, but she’d gone by the time I picked the phone up again! Hopefully, that will hit them where it hurts – the pocket. The Asian lady told me, last time she rang, that she was call Kim Wilkinson – Yea – my names Ranvir Patel!!! (not).

  8. Just had a call from these people. Sounds like a huge call centre in the background. Very poor quality line that meant I held out for a 35 minute phone call! (hope this is a record?) During the phone call I asked for his web site and was given this http://www.thewindowssupport.com/ This led me to this Money-Watch web site which gave me the confidence to drag things along a bit and allow me to turn the tables. I am sure they are catching many folks out though. Shame really.

  9. I have just received a call from a very ‘polite’ Asian guy suggesting that my computer was working slowly etc. as Windows had received info.from my laptop. I hesistantly replied ‘yes’ to some questions but absolutely did not believe him when he told me to switch my laptop on. And why would Windows call me and not e-mail me anyway?
    I just said ‘no’ to him, put the phone down and came to ‘Ask Jeeves’. I had not been aware of this scam but am now. I constantly receive ‘e-mail messages’ from friends and now just delete them straight away- often Chinese distributors.

  10. My mother just received same calls – they gained access to her laptop which she has just bought and is inexperienced – they then demanded £90 to fix viruses – when she said she needed to speak to her son they became aggressive and said they would crash her laptop – which they then did. Can we presume they still have some access so when she goes online to do anything they can access/see what she is doing??? And therefore continue to defraud her?? We are reporting it to the police and taking the new laptop to an IT expert to get checked before letting her back on. We have also suggested she changes her home telephone number so if she is on this database it will make accessing her by phone useless hopefully.

  11. I forgot to mention on the website there is a Bristol address with this phone number 020-328-65123. I rang the number (prefixing the number with 141 to with-hold my number) an Asian lady answered and when I mentioned Windows Support it all went quiet for a while and then she hung up.

  12. I just recieved a call from them, I wasn’t aware of this scam & they had access to my laptop.. when he showed me I had loads of errors & warnings he then told me he then transfered me to his supervisor who then was asked me bout fixing the computer & whilst on the phone to them sum1 was moving my mouse etc when I questioned it he was rude & put the phone down!!
    I called the number above no-one answered but then a indian lady called bk when I was questioning her bout it she put the phone down!!!
    Can they access any of my info on my computer now??

  13. This is definitely not a one time only call, I have had lots of attempts.

    I think one hung up when I mentioned the “Telephone Preference Service” (They know that I know that they are wasting their time”)
    Today I had time on my hands, so enjoyed spending some of it wasting theirs… :) It took until I’d told her more than 5 times that the “windows key” didn’t do anything because I was running linux. When it finally sunk in she hung up.

    For those not in the know, the “errors” they ask you to look for to are both a) genuine windows warnings and b) nothing to worry about. Last time I looked for one, using a windows computer not on the internet the warnings were about not being able to contact the internet! They are always some errors and warnings, easy enough for the non-technical to be mislaid by.

    As with all inbound calls, if they are genuine, they will identify themselves, then you can look them up and you can call them back, using a number you already have or can find from a reliable source.
    If your Internet, Power, Bank or Phone company call you then you know their number from your bills and you can call back. Anyone else, hang up.

    Anyone worried, if you didn’t install anything following their instructions you have nothing to fear.
    If you did install anything then please consult your local geek for assistance.


  14. Hi, at least I am not alone. They have called me about five times over a period of many months. I knew it was a con straight away (I don’t have a Windows operating computer so that wasn’t genius), but depending on my mood have either stretched it out or put the phone down them. They are not the most efficient of crooks if they keep calling people up, unless they hope someone else answers.

    I am sure they must scare some people into spending some money otherwise they wouldn’t still be going many months on. I am going to contact Trading Standards in the first instance and see if someone is doing something about these crooks.

  15. I had calls from these people 3 times over the last week, I got to the point where they were using my mouse, and like other people have said, they managed to find lots of errors and told me I had a major virus and that my software protection was useless (makes me wonder why I pay for it then), and ‘John’ then put on his supervisor who started to talk about a couple of hundreds of pounds. At this point I did raise my voice as the alarm bells had (finally!) gone off and said there was no way I would pay anyone like this and so the supervisor told me not to shout and he put the phone down. ‘John’ called back and for some reason also put the phone down. My conern, like some others, is if my foolishness has in any way allowed these people to introduce a virus or be able to access my computer remotely – I will check this evening (this only happened yesterday) to see if all is well.

  16. Here we go again, this is about the 7th time they’ve called. Got a phone number off them this time and basically left them hanging for 10 minutes while I found a pen!!!

    Then told them we were running macs here, still had no idea what I was talking about.

    Not sure if I feel angry or quite sympathetic, the people on the phone abviously have no idea.

  17. I and other members of my family have had several cold calls from this outfit; sounds like a busy call centre and when I complained about the background noise they said their engineers were very busy fixing infected computers. This last time I kept them talking for nearly an hour, but I got a phone number out of them – 02035142411. I finally ending up talking to an asian sounding ‘senior supervisor’ who said his name was Andrew Wilson. He explained that my computer was infected with ‘hackers’ software and that it was likely to crash at any time. He also said my computer had been regularly used to send malware round the internet. He said I could not remove this software myself and that I would require the services of a Microsoft Licensed engineer; he also said my computer software licence had expired and that I would need to renew it at a cost of £110. He said he would fix my computer(which is working OK)for free but I would need to to download software from ‘LogMeIn’ which of course would give him access to my computer. I explained that it was not convenient at this time and he agreed to call me again tomorrow at which time I will tell him what I think of him !

  18. just had same call today , apparently have called a few times before asking for me and my daughter told them i wasnt in til certain time . hmm all sounded very suspicious , almost exact same converstaion a sall of the above .wit servcie consultant Ben Jackson calling me lol however when “supervisor ” called back to give me a 6 digut number to type into the remote acces site i was busy checking online to see if this was legite or a scam and came across this . The caller tried again 5 times in a row . When i answered the caller introduced himself as Michael somthing “the senior supervisor “. I told him i had been advised this was not a legitamate support call and he prompty hung up . However seconds later ” Ben Jackson” called back , obviously not having gained access to my P.C yet , he was apologising for his supervisor taking longer than normal to contact me , i told him I had contacted windows and he wa snot legitamte , he continued to talk over me .. seemingly agast that I woudl suggest such a thing . he said it wa smy choice and would not bother me any further .. however before he went i asked for company address , and he said he couldnt disclose that for privacy reasons !!! haha , but you want me to allow you access to my pc .. yeah right . he did provide me with what he said was his desk number 01865566117- which obviously isnt havving tried it immediatley. So beware out there and tell others !

  19. I have had 2 of these calls tonight and I had a call a number of months ago when they gave me a phone number which I knew was false as there were too many numbers in it. They also told me they were based not far from me but the address was just a normal house. They were not happy tonight when I said I wasn’t interested as I knew it was a scam and I put the phone down on them. Luckily I am computer literate and know my way around a computer.

  20. I was telephoned 1 hour ago by a gentleman with an Indian accent who informed me that he was from Microsoft Support and that there would be a problem with my computer. He asked me to turn it on and talk me through the procedure to ‘fix’ it. His account of the identity of the suspect files was garbage, he did not even ask me what system I was running, so I declined the invitation. It is possible that someone who is not fully aware of how Windows works might be tempted to agree to be helped.
    His number was witheld when I dialled 1471.

  21. Just got a call from one of these clowns. Kept them on the phone for over 30 mins trying to get a company name and a phone number out of them. Started by saying their company was ‘Support for Windows Operating System’. When asked if they were Microsoft, was told ‘yes, we are a gold partner of Microsoft’. When I asked what that meant they read me their ‘license id number’. Kept going…when he asked me to push the windows button and the number 9 key simultaneously then tell him what was on my screen, I asked him to tell me what I should see. He wouldn’t, and accused me of not wanting help, which was ‘his duty’ because my computer had sent them a message saying that it was infected with malware and spyware. If I didn’t want their help, my computer would crash and be useless ‘forever’. He finally passed me to his ‘supervisor upstairs’ who started the pitch from the top. He told me his company name was ‘Windows Live Support’. When I asked why the first guy told me the company name was somthing else, he said ‘who said that? they were wrong!’. He offered to give me their ‘franchisee number id’ to prove their ‘genuinity’, then asked me if I even knew what a franchisee was. When I asked who they bought their franchise from he stated that ‘everything out of your mouth is bullshit’. (!!!) I quickly asked where are you calling from, and he replied Afghanistan. I said where in Afghanistan. He said Kabul. I wondered out loud who would set up a call center in Kabul, and he said he could tell me the name but it would frighten me. I said what name would I be frightened of. He replied slowly and quietly ‘Osama Bin Laden’. I said ‘Really! Have you met him?’ He said yes, once. I then asked ‘is he a good boss?’ He didn’t understand and I asked ‘is he a good guy to work for’ He said ‘yes, of course’. I asked if he got good benefits. Again he didn’t understand. I said ‘wow, that’s pretty cool’. He then said ‘want to join us?’ I said ‘you’re a bit far from me’. He said give me your email and we will send you flight tickets’. I said really? He repeated, ‘I think everything you say to me is bullshit’ then hung up the phone. All in all, and entertaining half hour.

  22. Got a call tonight from a heavily accented Indian guy …delay on phone so knew it was a call centre. I am in Canada by the way. Said he was from Windows and read some spiel so fast I could barely understand him. Told him to fetch somebody who could speak proper English … didn’t appear to understand that. Managed to make out that my computer was apparently sending them many error messages. How convenient was that of my computer to also include my home phone number!!! Asked him if he thought I was stupid and put down the phone!!

  23. Glad to know that I figured the Indian accented caller from “Windows Support” was a scammer in action. Received a call about half an hour ago asking me to turn on my computer then click the WIndows and ‘9’ buttons. Told him I didn’t know who he was and that I wasn’t comfortable typing his instructions into my computer. I then promptly hung up while he was trying to keep me on the phone. I guess even us Kiwis aren’t safe from idiots like this!

  24. Just had the second of two of these calls, again Indian sounding, all very similar to the above again claiming to be microsoft partners, they hung up when I said that I would not tell them anything about me or my computer on the basis of an unsolicited phone call, and if they were a microsoft partner they could get microsoft to email me.

  25. I’ve had at least 40 calls over the past few months from these scumbags. I usually string them along to the point where they put their supervisor on, then i get thoroughly abusive. Sometimes i just sing showtunes, or do stupid voices until they hang up. Recently though i start with abusive, at which point they abuse back, then inform them that Microsoft don’t ring customers and abuse them no matter what the customer says. I truly wish someone, somewhere could set up a way to track these mongrel dogs down and then go to their country and stop them, forcefully. I only say this because our phone companies absolutely don’t give a crap we have to put up with this scum phoning us sometimes on a daily basis.

  26. An inarticulate person called me yesterday (obviously from a call centre in India) to tell me that they had detected some nasty viruses and corrupt files on my computer. As soon as he said this I was aware it was a scam and he was obviously reading from a script – perhaps I got a learner. Having nothing better to do at the time I then decided to have some fun with him by pretending to be shocked, concerned and distraught at the news – “Oh my God, how could this happen to me” etc. Among other things I asked him how this could have happened (no reply), I asked him how they would know about viruses on my computer all the way from India – after all, they can’t possibly monitor all the computers in the world. I asked him how much this is likely to cost me but got no reply. In the end, after about ten minutes I got fed up with this game and hung up. I suggest everyone else does the same.

  27. Had the same call today (May 2nd 2011). I was immediately suspicious that “Windows Technical Service” would call me up to advise of a technical/malicious software issue. I got passed over to the “supervisor” and requested that he tell me exactly what he was going to tell me to do if I indeed did switch on my computer, at which point he began trying to calm my fears by saying if it was a scam then how would he know that there was a problem. I persisted with my approach until he hung up on me!
    The two men were of Indian origin. Neither was rude nor aggresive and to the uninitiated they could well be convincing enough. What a world we live in…

  28. ‘Jack Andrews’ of ‘Windows Service Centre’ contacted me and gave me the phone number 0203 2860802. Would anyone like to phone and see what you get?

  29. I had a call this morning(May 2nd 2011). An Asian lady explained that someone was hacking into our computer, i was also surprised that “Windows Technical Service” would cold call to advise of this problem. I was then passed to an Asian male, he explained that he would need our computer ID, which he proceeded to tell me how to access this. He wanted me to log ‘logmein123,com, for me to get remote technical support. When I questioned him he got very persistant and in the end I ended the call.

    For the last 10/14 days I have been logging onto Windows helpdesk for technical advice, i am now concerned that these callers have got my information from Windows Support Centre?

  30. My dad had one of these calls today. Not knowing alot about computers, he followed ‘Georges’ instructions.
    He entered a reference number onto his computer that ‘George’ had given him, ‘George’ then asked him to accept it, but there was no accept button.
    Does anyone know if he could have entered his computer with this reference number?

  31. Elaine Costello

    I had one of these today.The guy told me he was from Windows Support Club . Told me to go onto http://www.thewindowssupport.com web-site and look at the contact details to ‘prove’ that he was geniune. The contact number of the web-page is 0203-328-65123 . They guy had a heavy Indian accent. Took me through the ‘locating errors due to virus’s’ performance. Anyway he ended up directing me to another web-site : http://www.ammy.com and told me to click a button on this site. The site appears to sell a remote computer service. At this point I hung up on him . I’d like to know how he knew which operating system I was using. He knew my address but not my name.

  32. I had a call today no number came up only international showed on phone.Icould only just hear bloke on other end.He sounded indian and told me i had problems with some files on my computer.He said he was from windows and asked if i would turn my computer on so he could tell me which files to go into.I asked him to tell me over the phone what to do but insisted i should put my computer on.Told him i was going to work, but was insistant that i put computer on.I told him to ring tommorrow.Not going to answer as was suspicious to start with.

  33. A friend of mine was taken in by this scam 2 days ago – I heard about it and have spent a while since then tidying up her PC. They are ‘thewindowssupport’ company – 020832865123 – address in Westbury, Bristol, UK.
    Whilst I was at her yesterday working on the PC the ‘engineer’ rang again to say that he needed to do more work on it (presumably at more cost) – having worked in IT for 20+ years I asked how he knew her PC had ‘problems’ and what software he had installed to resolve the issue. What relationship did his company have with Microsoft Corporation etc etc. After tying his head up in knots over the Computer Misuse Act and Distance Selling Regulations I got put on to his manager – allegedly ‘Edwin Castle’ (though I doubt this name is real!).
    Again I managed to confuse the bloke with UK consumer law and after about 15 minutes he offered a full refund of the £89.80 which my friend had paid… Somehow I doubt that it will ever be received.

    If conned by this I would suggest you seek reputable support quickly – in my friends case they had installed ‘Ammyy Admin'(remote accesss) and ‘Quickheal’ (anti-virus) – I’m still looking for any other ‘bugs’ that they may have left laying around.

    !!Definitely a scam – DON’T anything that they ask you to!!

  34. 12th May 2011

    Was called today by Asian sounding man supposedly from the “Windows Service Centre”. His name was Shaun, the line was poor (maybe ringing from India?) and he was very difficult to understand. Said they knew I had a problem with my computer having been infected with a virus which seemingly they could help me remove.

    Was immediately suspicious and enquired how he knew; supposedly from some central computer they had!

    I asked for their phone number and was given 01865 600 544 which he said was in Surrey (UK). Apparently they were linked to Microsoft as I queried even more I was transferred to a Supervisor Eric.

    Interested I agreed to move on a step with him. He talked me to a file on my computer where I could see events and sources etc with errors.

    To cut story down a bit he said they were problems he could remove if I followed his instructions.

    However when he wanted me to connect to an external site http://www.teamviewer.com I declined to do so. Asked again for phone number was told 01864 600 544 (slightly different to previously).

    Apparently their addess was 753 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey; whether they are there or not I don’t know but again suspicious as 753 is a very high number for a High Street address.

    Next I put Window Service Centre into my computer search and it seems it is quite an old scam.

    I was suspicious from the outset and suspected that they wanted to put some hacking software onto my computer. Perhaps to monitor passwords and communications etc.

    Be warned!

  35. HAve had 2 of these calls in the last week. Very insistent, using very English names and stating that they are based in Bristol(though clearly Indian accents). Both got quite stroppy when I said I would not do anything over the phone.
    They are very plausible and are a bit of a menace.

  36. I got a call yesterday from them – again very plausible. Went through a lot of convincing stuff and then tried to sell me a security package for £160. I said no, he got a bit stroppy. I said I would think about it and could he give me his name and a telephone number – he did. Phillip Moses and telephone 020 32 865 123. Which rings and then goes dead. He also claimed to be in Bristol. Bit of a giveaway when he phoned me back 5 minutes later and started on the smae patter. I pointed out we had already spoken. He hung up quickly!

  37. Further to my comment above. They have just phoned back. I think that it is not a scam, but just a rather hard sell. This is their address:-XENSIS IT SEVICES LTD. Southfield House, 2 Southfield Road Westbury-on-Trym Bristol, BS9 3BH. I am not going to buy, but it seems above board to me.

  38. I have been pestered by these people for months and now almost daily. I have been just hanging up on them. Then more recently demanding that they remove my number from their database but without success. Today their caller was extremely rude to me and then hung up. However I doubt if I’ve heard the last from them. I’m out of ideas other than purchasing a whistle and blowing it down the phone like women are advised to do to unwanted sex calls.

  39. I have just received a call myself from an indian guy called “Troy” who advised me he was calling from the Windows Service Centre in London, he gave me the number to call back on : 0208-133 2998, he said my computer had dialled home to them and gave them several errors had a lot virus’s, as soon as I said I use Linux not Windows he hung up. These people really are pathetic, makes me so angry.

  40. Yesterday persistently – each time I just left them hanging on. Again today someone called Brian with an Indian accent. He eventually gave me a number 1212882802 256 Banbury Road Prama House Oxfordshire. Said I wanted to check things out first and he sounded he bit put out. I was getting calls last month from similar set up but with a different number.

  41. Just received a call from the same as above told me they were in a place called London,Bristol. International came up for their telephone number definitely Asian sounding people.

  42. I too have had one of these calls I was clever enough to challenge the man that called someone called Ben who said he was from Microsoft Service Centre. Ask for a number to call back gives you time to check it out.

  43. Just had a call from these people again. They insisted I had a problem with my computer. As I have had previous calls, and know what they are up to, I said I have a Mac. This stopped him for a while and then he said we must have another computer. I said not and then he just hung up! Lovely lot of people, but they must be catching out loads of people or they would stop.

  44. I’ve had this. I said I run Linux and they just hung up immediately. This was after 10 minutes of me going along with them asking what the virus was, what version of Windows I was running and how awful it was that this could happen.

  45. My call (to my Greek home) was from Irin (?) – Indian voice – of Windows Support and Services. Told me many errors emanating from my computer recently, which was odd since it has been off-line for 24 days! Undaunted, he showed me some “events” – very few of them and looking harmless – which he said meant my computer might crash at any time. Suspicious, I asked for a number and was given +44 20 3287 1355 and his employee number 1013. He said an engineer could look at my computer and remove problems. At this point he wanted me to go to TeamViewer website – which provides remote access to one’s computer – so that the engineer could do his stuff. No mention of money so far but at this point I said I would call and check credentials first. In fact I searched for Windows support scam and – hey presto – I was right.

  46. PS: the odd thing was he knew my Greek telephone number and my name so I guess Otenet has a “mole” who leaks these things …

  47. Just got a call from very persistent Indian-accented woman asking me to (now) put an event checking code in my search screen-that they were calling ALL microsoft users. “not a sales call”- ya right.

  48. windows support his original name is ushaom bpo it is located in india in rajasthan state & in kota city & they are doing scm from past 3 years plz some1 send this information to the police it will help them out

  49. Just managed to keep one of these guys on the line for nearly 15 minutes during which he said he was calling from Bristol, Southfield Road, Westbury on Trym, BS9 3BH, 0800 2061133. Now this is just round the corner from where I used to live so to give the kids little lesson in bullshit we spent a little while asking him about the locality, if he liked it, and what the weather was doing.

    Eventually he started question why we were worried, put us on hold, and then got a supervisor on the case who quickly cut the call.

    If you can’t be bothered to try to slow these guys down in person, just put the phone next to something that hums and ask them to hold on.

  50. 27th May – Indian sounding man called – knew my name & address, but wrong postcode. (Ignored that when I said no). He tells me I have malicious files downloaded on my computer that he could help get rid of. Upset when I said I could not access the computer immediately. I asked for a number to call back when more convenient – he gave me 0207 099 0930, said his name was Daniel.
    Is there anywhere we can report this to?

  51. just had one this very morning very convincing got me to look at my computer and showed me warnings and errors! then wanted me to go online I did so and went to the technical support but they wanted a 5 digit id and that was because my warrranty had expired and to sort it out would cost £65 i said i wanted tio think about it and call him back ti which he was not happy and almost shirty! said his name was sam wilson (did i see the surname wilson on anothe blog!) anyway agin indian seemed like a bust call centre and was even handed over to his supervisor at one pint anyway spent about 45 mins wasting his time just hope that by going ont he net they didn’t get any more details ! also said thought it was a scam email address he gacve was http://www.support.me if anyone wants to investiagte and number 01518080313 don’t get scammed

  52. I got a call from them just know to which I requested ID from the caller and said ‘I know this is a scam’. He said ‘How dare you say this you? F**k off, f**k off, sir.’ And then hung up. Is there anyone we can contact to run a trace on their number?

  53. We regularly get these calls (3 or 4 a week) claiming to be from ‘Windows’ and my good lady is getting very expert at stringing them along for at least five minutes every time they call. So far we’ve not owned a Computer, have a MAC and most recently they’ve been told I work for Microsoft (which I don’t) which caused them to change stories quite quickly. Also the names chosen to make the call sound more ‘real’ don’t half make me laugh. I think the best was Ben Johnson, the wife stopped just short of discussing drugs cheats with them

  54. Here’s a twist on the W.S.Scam. I got caught on 25 May, parted with £200 via a credit card on the phone, then learnt that the scam existed,cancelled the card, took the PC to an expert who looked into it & discovered that the Indians had upgraded me to genuine Windows 7 Ultimate as promised! I paid, they supplied, so, no fraud? Of course, I don’t have a programme ID number.
    What was the point of making 4 phone calls to me during the (long) updating process, “very slow broadband, Sahib”, – at their cost – and not even cleaning out my credit card? Mystified Silly Old Fool.

  55. Just had one, said they were techincal support for Windows, stated my laptop had been sending error reports to MS, clever laptop sends error reports without asking me first, was told my post code could be let loose on the net (ohhhhhh scary). I asked the indian chap who Bill Gates was, if this chap were connected to MS he should know this, he did not know, so i asked him did he work for MS, which he said no, so i hung up……..he was very insistant and very persistant……….

  56. I’ve just received a call from an Indian sounding lady, saying she worked for windows support blah blah blah. Knew it sounded dodgy, why would she contact me by phone, when quizzed she said she worked for global international, based in Birmingham. She told me to put my pc on. I said ” hang on I dont have time for this” she said she will call back at 6pm. If she does I will give her a mouthful and put the phone down. I live in Worcestershire.

  57. I received a call today from Indian call centre telling me that i had dangerous software on my laptop.Luckily i could not put my laptop on.Says he will call back tomorrow.Glad i read this article first.I too look forward to him ringing back.He will get a mouthful off me too.

  58. I’ve just been to one of my elderly customers today and found out that they:

    1. Rang him once.

    2. Rang him twice.

    3. Convinced him that there was something wrong with his laptop.

    4. Took control of his laptop using a remote software called Ammyy (http://www.ammyy.com.

    5. They open up notepad showing a cost and another fake page showing “windows errors”.

    6. Took credit card details and possibly £190. All card details have since been reported and STOPPED!

    7. A telephone number of 020-328-65123 was given in case there were any more problems. This number went to an “Emergency Health Clinic” or so I was told.

    The UK LTD company was formed in March 2011 and I suspect the address is just a registered address and not an office. The website domain http://www.thewindowssupport.com was created in Feb 2011 and hosted at web4africa.com with a postal address of Nobby Beach null,QLD 4218 AU. YES! AU = Australia.

    My Solutions are

    1.Report them to BBC Watchdog and Ping Attack the website to crash it? If any Hackers want to try, feel free, its or cmd http://www.thewindowssupport.com


    If you are in Bristol, go and check out their offices


  59. just had a call from “adam” and as in the above message, allowed him to take control, whereupon he showed me all the viruses etc etc.. My suspcions kicked in when he wanted to proceed to upgrade, charge my c/card etc and I refused. He will call back as I said I need to talk to my wife etc who normally deals with the computer side…

    One question for anyone that can advise me please; as I allowed him to access my computer, can he access it again using the id number I supplied from the ammyy.com sight?

    VERY plausible and sadly I got sucked in so beware

  60. Alan,

    Sorry to hear you have been scammed!

    Your best bet is:

    1. Disconnect your PC from the internet.

    2. Find out where “ammyy.com” is installed on your PC. I found it located in “My Computer” “Your User Name Documents”. I looked in Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel but could not see it. When you find it, DELETE IT.

    3. Also locate a file called “AMMYY_Admin” written in Notepad, these are just log files, nothing to worry about.

    4. Change your password(s) on your email email account(s). I found out today that my customer was filling out a form online, whilst Ammmyy was running. The chances are the Scammer was watching and noting every move.

    Good Luck!

  61. you get a call,and they say your comp has many viruses! well what a load of!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your Server will not send anything,MS wont.Windows Tec wont.

    it’s scam run by a load of thieves, cheats, and liairs.!plain and simple.DO NOT ALLOW ACCESS TO YOUR COMP.

    if confident then give them loads of BS. if not HANG UP.

  62. Today I answered a call that said he was from windows and my computer is sending signals that it is infected. I told him that I would have that checked right away, his response was “go to your computer and I will tell you exactly what to type in. My response was “I’m not going to just type in something someone on the phone is telling me, you could be a hacker or something” and I hung up on him. I tried to call the number back from call display and the call could not be processed.
    1 510-943-3040 was the number that called me.

  63. My father was just taken in and scammed by these people. He had just upgraded to a BT fibre optic internet service and had experienced quite a few problems with it and therefore had been in touch with BT several times within the past week.

    When he received a call claiming to be from ‘the support team’ he played into their hands and asked “is this BT” and of course they said yes… he believed them as it sounded like another indian call centre, which is what he had been accustomed to from BT. He was then told about “errors” on this laptop (how could they even know this?!) and that for a fee they would assist. He agreed and gave his credit card details and was told he would be charged £199.99 for “lifetime cover”. They appear to have upgraded the laptop to Windows 7 from Vista and have installed a few free virus scanning programmes… other than that, they have wiped the system clear, so all files have been lost. I have tried to run some checks to see if they installed any malicious software, but it seems as though they haven’t… it is very scary though – my father said they were connected to his laptop remotely for several hours yesterday and the potential damage they could do in that time with regards to stealing personal details does not bare thinking about. It seems that they just took the £200 and left it at that on this occasion, but someone else may not be so lucky.

    Let’s hope they are caught soon.

  64. I have commented before that they rang me re ammyy. For those who have been taken in it ought to be possible to find out via the credit or debit card companies who is taking the money and put a stop to this abuse; albeit as regards the money in some cases retrospectively!

  65. I was call yesterday by the so called “windows service support centre” Telling me the same crap about spyware and malware on my pc.

    I followed a few simple run commands he gave me.
    When he told me they were going to connect to my computer ( i don’t think so), I told him no, how do I know your who you say you are. He gave me a number to call (02035142411) I did a quick search on the internet for windows service centre 02035142411. Thanks you for all your posts warning people.

    I told him that this was a scam and that the only information i could find on the windows service centre 02035142411 was about a scam.

    I asked him how much this was going to cost. He replied nothing we only want to help you.

    He didn’t want to give in. He asked me what he could do to prove who he was.

    I told him there was nothing and the number to call didn’t prove anything.

    I ended the call after 40 minutes.

    I then contacted Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. http://www.actionfraud.org.uk/

    They were very pleased that I called. I spoke to a really nice person called Jay. He thanked me for calling and took a report.

    Action fraud gave me a password and crime reference no.

    They are sending me a copy of my report and a newsletter on current scams.

    I was given some advice, if these people phone again (they are calling on average 4 times a day)! They have actually just called me back! However they hung up. They do not want to give in.

    Jay told me to say “we both know this is a scam, I have contacted the police and you are never going to get a penny off this phone line”. Then hang up…

    If you have been taken in by this SCAM Action Fraud suggest you take your computer to p.c. world.

    Please call them if you have been affected by this scam. The call does not take long and by doing to you may protect others before they get sucked in.

    Its worth making the call.
    have a great day

  66. I have reported them to BBC Watchdog but I guess they are not interested, I have not heard a thing.

    By the way the company that we are all talking about have about another 5 companies do the same scam

  67. At 10:10 am today I’ve received a call from an asian lady (Spasi) who claimed to call from Windows Technical service center and explained that they were aware of a window problem I was experiencing.
    She asked me to log on my computer. I asked her for her name which willingly did give me and then I asked her for her telephone number but she said that she was not able to give it to me so I put the phone down and search the internet to see if there had been similar calls reported.

  68. had 3 calls today. have had several over past few months. have just moved from overseas so no way MS has my new contct details. am now having competition with my partner to see who can keep them on the phone the longest. new contact number given by them was 020 3239 3585 and website already provided in this post http://www.mywindowssupport.com

  69. Had a call this morning from 0161 381 0003 from “Eric Woods” (Asian gent) claiming to be from Windows Support, telling me my compueter was running slow and he wanted me to key in some commands. Somehow this did not sound genuine, so I asked for his name and phone number and searched on Google and lo and behold, yet another scam. No doubt a fishing exercise to obtain personal data from my compueter. He was very polite and persistent, but do not fall for this one. Just ignore his calls.

  70. Just had another call from these clowns, must be about 10 in the last month – actually got a name and number this time though MADY FOSTERS 02070999847 – sounded Indian and claimed my computer had Malware on it – told him I knew it was a scam and that I was fed up getting these calls – he was about to hang up so I said that his call couldn’t be that important if he was willing to hang up that quick – yet again he tried to say he was from Windows and that he would show me how my PC was infected – yet again told him he was talking rubbish and that it was a scam, at that point my phone ran out of power, at least keeping him on the phone maybe saved someone else from getting a call


  72. Just got a phone call from the same people,here in Canada. They sent me to the “thewindowssupport” website, to prove they were who they said they were. Having put it in the address field, I had assumed without the “www” it’d go straight to google as a search, where my mcAfee would flag anything as bad. Unfortunately, this was not the case, I ended up on the site… In related news, I just cleaned 4 low to medium threat trojans on my computer, using 3 different anti-virus programs to find them. I did know it was a scam.. but anyone checking the site, should go thru google first.

  73. Yet again ive just had a phone from someone from Virtual PC Doctor.I have had so many calls from different Asian people saying they are from Windows and now they have changed tactics.Different name now.I just hung up.Did 1471 and surprise, surprise number withheld.

  74. Just received a call from an Indian accented man who claimed he was from ‘My windows technical support’. I was immediately suspicious as I had not contacted Windows support and didn’t need any help (as far as I knew anyway). I asked to speak to a supervisor as his accent was far too difficult to understand. Eventually some other accented person was put on. I asked for phone number so I could check on them. they gave me the no. 390105652 and said they were in Victoria. Which Victora? I asked. The phone was disconnected. I am in NSW Australia so knew that any phone call from Victoria, Australia would have another number included at the beginning.
    Looked up and found this site. So glad I was suspicious.

  75. Action Fraud told me to just hang up, although I think next time I’ll see how long I can keep them on for.

    They are very rude and will call back repeatedly if you are rude to them; so however tempting I would advise this.

    Make sure everyone in your household knows this is a scam.

    If I win the lottery I shall pay them all a visit and TAR and feather the whole call centre.

  76. I was called yesterday buy a foreign sounding man claiming he was calling from ‘Windows’ and that I had to switch on my PC immediately as we had corrupted files and were liable to being hacked. I kept asking how he got my details but he could not explain fully how – he didn’t even know my name – just my phone number. I started to go along with him but when my Husband heard what was going on he took over the call. He too angrily asked if someone else was available to speak English as he couldn’t understand the guy. Eventually the guy asked for £99 to fix the computer there and then. My husband refused and said if he wanted to get our ‘un-broken’ computer fixed we would take it back to the retailer we bought from. I can’t believe how close I was to being scammed.

  77. I was called by them today I didn’t pay them anything! But I did give them access to my computer through the Ammyy program. Could someone please help me, will they have stolen any information or even put a virus on my computer. Please let me know I’m very worried.

  78. Just had them (Windows Service Centre) again this morning. they have adopted slightly different tactics from previous occasions and today gsve me a “code number” first which they then ask me to check using the cmd assoc command.

    They then quote the last part of this number which appears on this file (ending in 7d062) as ‘proof’ it is my computer. this of course is rubbish. All machines have the same number.

    I try to keep them on the line as long as possible with nonsense just to maximise their costs and stop them hassling others.

    I asked for an address and they said 17 Peru St Manchester. It was beside the museum.

    I asked if that was Manchester Mumbai, Manchester Calcutta or Manchester Bangalore and they hung up.

  79. I had a similar call, but mine came from a sales person from http://www.24x7pchelp.com (also goes by name technogennie and finmaestros). There might be some decent people who work there, but they also have professional scam artists working for them (like Senior Technician Ethan Hunt), and if you get scammed you’ll have the fight of your life to get your money back. It works like this: you’ll get a call from a computer technician claiming to be a Microsoft authorized service provider, saying they have been receiving error messages from your computer for a few weeks and are phoning to resolve the problem. He will probably have an Indian accent as it appears they are operating out of a call centre in India (they also have a front office in Florida). At this point, you should take his contact information, and HANG UP. Microsoft agents will NEVER call customers unless the customer asks them to call or fills in a support with phone case. Contact Microsoft Fraud Line at 1-800-785-3448 to report them.
    If you have a lapse in judgement and fall for the scam (as I did) and follow their instructions giving them remote access to your computer (you might not be aware this is what they are doing, but it is), they will use Event Viewer to show pages of files with errors. From my computer research, I now understand that “Event Viewer system logs display prominent ‘Error’ icons, which often relate to trivial matters like the failure of a process to start, but could be used by a scammer to convince someone their computer needs ‘fixing’ by running a script.” (http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/314295/windows_event_viewer_phishing_scam_remains_active/). He will also be able to read out to you your operating system product code, further deceiving you into believing he is truly an authorized Microsoft technician. In fact, he is just reading it off your screen which he has obtained remote access to without your knowledge. Then under the pretense of scanning your computer, the technician will get access to your computer through http://www.logmein123.com and is able to display, through sleight of hand, a screen saying your software warranty had expired and that you will lose all your data in 5 hours. They will say you need to renew your software (like Vista or your antivirus) to avoid a complete systems crash and will direct you to a very professional looking website, http://www.24x7pchelp.com, to make the purchases. Then they will request remote access to your computer for one hour to “fix” it and do the download of purchased “software”.
    Basically, these guys are masterful at gaining your trust and use their superior computer knowledge to deceive you about the status of your Antivirus software, the state of your Operating System, and the security of your computer. They use fear of an imminent computer crash to persuade you to buy “software” you do not need. When you express doubts or reservations about what they are telling you, they assure you that they are who they say they are (authorized Microsoft professionals), that the situation is critical and that saving your computer’s data is their chief concern. If you lay down your money, their refund policy (it’s a joke, really) will not protect you and the company will likely refuse you a refund, basically standing behind these deceptive marketing and sales tactics, essentially showing you they endorse this kind of business practice–which is completely contrary to the marketing on their website. Here’s their mission statement: “24x7PC Help was founded by a bunch of enthusiastic computer professionals passionate about raising the bar on service quality with a view to provide best technical support service and with it educate the customers about their computer.” Help, my ass. How about take advantage of and rob.
    If you are lucky enough to get your money back (for me it meant playing my cards very carefully and going to the top, company co-owner Shawn Ray), you will not get a full refund; they will keep a deduction of $59 USD for “instant services”.
    If you go to your Credit Card Dispute Department, you will be told that you have nothing in writing, so they can’t help you – which is exactly why these scammers do the whole transaction over the phone. You will also be told ‘Buyer Beware’ which is basically an approach that blames the victim of the scam. Yes, you can call me stupid for falling for it; but the charge against the 24x7pchelp employees is far more serious: misrepresenting who they were (it’s called fraud, folks) and using deception to obtain purchases. Buyer Beware says if you’re stupid enough to fall for it, it’s your fault. I find that outrageous. Well, I for one am going to hold this company accountable for the tactics of this salesperson and am going to hold them to the high standard they advertise on their website. I will point the finger where the blame lies. I share this so that others will learn from my experience and not fall for similar scams.
    Working for a more honest world.

  80. Same scam hit called me twice in Montreal. First call was a girl who I was polite with but I refused her offer. I new it was bull. The second call was a guy. I called him a scumbag and he got quite mad and got verbally abusive. Big deal. I’m sure he had to calm down before making another call.

  81. I’ve just had a call from “The Windows Support” company. Being an engineer with over 30 years computing experience, I suspected straight away that it was a scam. The Indian gentleman told me that he knew my computer was running slow, because it was showing up as problems on their server. He tried to get me to access a webpage at “www.windowssupport.me”, which I refused to do, as it might be a rogue site, trying to load malware onto my pc. So, still believing that it was a scam, I asked how they knew it was me, in order to call me; Was it by my IP address? I thought my technical query would cause him to hang up – No – He persevered, and mumbled a ficticious IP address. I quickly checked on my pc, just in case there was any chance it was true – Incorrect IP! I told him that the IP address was wrong, and that he must have me confused with someone else. He then got heated up, and said I ought to talk to his manager, who could probaly explain things more thoroughly. She (an Indian lady called “Kate”) ‘tried’ to bamboozle me with a bit of technical jargon. So, I then fired back with queries of the IP address, (which she said was different), and what was the nature of the traffic that my pc was having with their server, as I could investigate it from this end, on my router firewall log, and my internet traffic monitoring software. She then flew off the rails, shouting down the phone, something about me thinking I’m so smart and clever, and earning lots more money than them. She then told me that I could “just F*ck Off!”, and she hung up. So they’ve missed out on trying to con me to pay for their “services”! I hope I’ve at least incresed their phone bill a bit, and although I don’t normally spread emails across all my contacts, I’ll be alerting all my friends, to ensure they, or their relatives, are not taken in by this scam. They should be prevented from having a phone line, and shut down!

  82. Had this scam on 3 times in last few days. You’d think they’d learn because I just hang up. However, I asked for a phone number and was given 01865600544 which was a scam number when I googled it. So when they phoned back a 4th time today, I just left ‘Mike’ hanging on the phone. After a few minutes of ‘hello’ from him he then told me to F*** off and hung up.
    My concern, like others, is that one day it will be one of the children who answers and will start to log in. I have warned them, but you never know!!
    Is there any way to stop this?!

  83. Hi
    This is getting on my nerves..
    I have had 4 calls in a week 1 each today and yesterday. The guy is very rude and I have trouble understanding him, but he told me that my computer kept sending out error messages to them and that told them I had a “deadly virus”…today he said he could help me fix it. Told him to call back when my husband is home as he will understand what to do .. the guy hung up again..
    I would really love to know how to stop this!!

  84. Received a call yesterday (20 july) Indian sounding said his name was Jack & claiming to be from Windows Technical Department to inform me there was a problem with my computer. I was angry with him as I knew about this scam asking how he knew I had a problem and if he knew so much could he tell me the make of my computer which he could not, but he was VERY insistant that the call was genuine and we entered into several minutes of an arguement he was very rude saying he knew I had a problem & sarcastically asked if I was a technical engineer when I protested that there was nothing wrong with the computer. The number he was calling from was 034017458 & he even gave me this number 02081332596 to call him back on to verify the call was genuine saying his name was ‘Jack Smith’ ( ironic as he was clearly very foreign) . I had
    no intention of calling him back, I am very aware of telephone scam calls & knowedgable about computers but due to his persistance someone else could easily have been taken in by him. I have passed this information on to Microsoft although initially he didn’t say he was working for them when I asked him he said he did but I know they would not call people in their own home when there are millions of people using Windows, these people really are a piece of work BEWARE of them.

  85. Just received a similar call this evening from an Indian sounding gentleman ( I use the term loosely!) claiming to be from Microsoft support, and using the phone number 060 7733 6833. He made all the comments as in previous posts and asked me to switch on my computer. It was lucky I wasn’t able to do as he asked and left it that he would call back tomorrow. Luckily I found this site so he will be getting a flea in his ear tomorrow!!!

  86. got a call today from these guys.

    I told them I didnt have any internet and their interest died down completely!!!

    just tell them you have NO INTERNET and they will go away.

    P.S I have a 20mb DSL connection :)

  87. Received a phone call today from John Thompson, got a phone no 01865600898, telling me my computer had downloaded something bad. Details given saying it would eat my memory and slow my computer. I said I didn’t like it and would call him back if I needed to.
    Should I change my passwords?

  88. it’s happening all over the world, I’m in New Zealand and have received two calls from them in the last fortnight, first one I straight up called their bluff and they hung up, then I did a little research and found out they were using an ip router with servers in Andover MA and New York NY, so the second time they called I introduced myself as detective kit watson of the interpol cyber crimes division and asked them how much they were spending routing their ip from Bangor (a guess) to Andover, funnily enough they hung up pretty quick, easiest thing is to call their bluff then report to local authorities

  89. I have had at least eight of these phone calls last week alone. They know my name and address and can be quite aggressive. I tell them i have no computer at home, then they insist they speak to my husband. I have repeatedly asked to have my number removed from there data base. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  90. I fell for this on 11/7. Not being computer literate I did everything they asked me to do including allowing ” Troy Williams” to fill in my visa form!!!!!. Next day I had a call from my credit card fraud section to tell me that 2 debits for £308.60 had been scheduled to go from my account and had I authorised them.I told them no.From then on I had repeated calls from “Troy” and his “Manager.Roger Smith” demanding payment.I kept telling them that I could,nt access my credit card account and thankfully a few days later when I made further checks with my card company they had raised 2 credits to cancel the 2 debits.I had rung the number they had given me 01274792393 which is a Bradford code but probably shunted outside the U.K.
    As a result I have had to cancel my credit cards,am changing my phone no to an ex directory and have my computer cleaned up.
    Altogether costing me a few bob but not as much as it would have cost me.My wife handles calls with an non english accent by saying”NO GO AWAY” I wish she had answered that call.(How do you send a Bottle of Champagne to your fraud dept?)

  91. Just received phone call (Aug 1st)from that obviously very busy Asian-sounding gentleman claiming that my computer had been sending distress signals to ‘Windows Support’. Having heard from them before I told them to e-mail me about the problem and hung up. However, I was quite worried until checking on this web site, thanks very much for the reassurance.

  92. I had some script speakin asian banging on about how my computer was infected so i followed her step just to see what type of scam she was doing, she put me onto an advisor and he said he will clean it for free, so i let him take control and he downloaded a program called advanced systemcare 3, he then told me i would need to buy some optimization software, so i quickly shut him out of my computer, this is a genuine scam and i have run a virus check on my computer and came up with a trojan(keylogger if im correct) which will most definatly record anything you type on your computer, i recommend recording the call if possible and reporting to police

  93. Hi – a friend of mine had a call a few days ago very similar to the above, the usual M/Soft have told us etc. etc. Normally he doesn’t fall from this line but today he did!! The told him his M/Soft licence had expired and it had to be re-newed. They got him to type something on his PC and they took over and when he told them to stop they deleted numerous files and cleared his desktop. They then told him that the Manchestyer Police would ring him to say he was using pirated software (he’s not). he rang off and they rang him back to say that the police in Manchester would be in touch unless he paid for his “new” licence. He refused and shortly afterwards receievd a call from someone purposting to be in the Mcr Police demanding that he paid. They gave him the following info Contact No. 0208 133 2998 and “Cyberastro.com” as a help site (it’s a Hari Krishna type of site.
    Be aware – I now have to clean his whole PC in case other nasties have been put on it.

  94. Just had an Indian sounding chap tell me that there was a problem with my computer. I carefully followed his instructions and then got passed from person to person as the script they were following failed to reach the desired outcome. They wanted me firstly to download and run remote management software and failing that to connect to a web address of “firstsupport”. As I was handed to each successive person their I,T. skills seemed to increase, but it still took them almost 50 mins to ask me what software I was running. I don’t think he liked the answer; Linux.

  95. Following my call on July 21st I emailed Microsoft and I am sure everyone who has been contacted by these scammers will be interested in their reply as below

    Thank you for your email about the authenticity of the call received.

    I was concerned to know that you have received calls purported to be from Microsoft. We appreciate you for taking the time to provide information about the received call. I would like to assure you that we do consider such information to be extremely valuable as it helps us to improve the service that we offer. With this in mind I will make sure that your information is passed to the appropriate department for their consideration.

    We do not make telephone calls unless we have a request for technical support from the customer. I would suggest you to ignore the call and please do not provide any of your personal details. Privacy and Security are very important to us here at Microsoft, and we work every day to build great software for the Internet that keeps information safe, secure and private.
    I hope this information has answered your query, but if you have any more questions please call our Customer Service team on 0844 800 2400. The lines are open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    Many thanks for contacting us.

    Kind regards,

    Customer Service Professional |Microsoft Customer Services

  96. My son was caught out today. He was called by Victor who gave 0208 133 2998 as his number. No answer on callback. He persuaded my son, who is not very computer literate, to let him into his computer and show him the ‘problems’ with it. He was taken in and paid £45 via credit card for a computer ‘clean up’ service. He called me whilst this was going on, by a technician logged on as P Woods and I said I was sure it was a scam. Told him to log out and switch off and unplug and contact his credit card provider and bank. The payment was taken by “Cyber Media Group”. Who do we report this to? And is it likely that his computer will have been tampered with as I think he let them in for quite a while before becoming suspicious. What should he do next? I shall check out the Microsoft information on this.
    Take care out there everyone.

  97. Had a phone call on 5 August 2011 from “Technical Windows Service Centre” saying they had had a report that we had been having a large volume of junk e-mails recently and they would take me through a procedure to block these if I would like to open up my computer there and then.

    Yes they were a Microsoft associate, yes they were based in Manchester (this with a strong Indian accent) and his name was Tony Gonzales. The number I could contact him on was 161 408 4005 (note the absence of the initial zero which is what you would omit if you were calling from abroad). Dialling 1471 did not produce a number of course. We didn’t get as far as what this ‘service’ might cost me and he certainly wasn’t going to get onto my computer. He was rather floored when I told him I had an Applemac which “he was unable to support.”.

    Googling the phone number comes up with:

    Edward Miller, Xpress Concepts, Tattenhall, Cheshire

    No precise address or postcode. Phone no given is 0845 4744213 which apparently connects via Skype to the 0161 number. Website last updated 28 May 2008 so does it still exist? When the 0161 number is dialed it comes up ‘number not recognised’, the 0845 was engaged; maybe the Indian scammers are using a dead company as a contact?

  98. Just spent 20 minutes with ‘Niel’ in Glasgow (0141 4163377) from Windows Support & Services Centre – I got him to give me his name/number saying I’d phone back when I checked it out. No caller’s number when I dialled 1471. It’s the 1st time I’ve had this particular call, but was 99% certain it was a scam from the word go. Hidden files/malicious junk … only Microsoft can deactivate… international routing department global monitoring… computer can crash at any minute etc. I asked what cost would be for this service – £70 or £80. He didn’t know my name, just landline phone number so all sounded deeply suspect. He really didn’t want me to put the phone down, but now it’s confirmed as a scam via your website I’m glad that I ran up their phone bill! I should have told him that my computer help person is in the Metropolitan Police! My brother suggests reporting it to Action Fraud.

  99. I get several of these calls a week the last one being 20 mins ago. I asked to speak with their manager and they hung up. I am fed up to the teeth with these calls, where do they get my name and phone number from? Next time they call I may not be so polite.

  100. I’ve had lots of these computer technical department calls over the last three months. I hang up as soon as I hear them. But yesterday I got a shock when my quarterly BT phone bill arrived and I found 8 international calls charged to it over the past three months that I had not made – 3 to Australia, 5 to Brazil. I spent hours on the phone to BT (in India of course) who said the calls were made from my number and I must pay for them.

    Is it possible these ‘computer’ scammers are able to hack into a landline and make calls from our landline numbers?

  101. Just had one today about cyber hackers on my computer, saying they have a software for £60.00, I questioned the indian-sounding girl for which she hung up.

    What on earth are they trying to prove?

  102. The scam is still alive and well. They showed me hundreds of these PNF “virus” files on my computer and had me try to open them. They wouldn’t open so that was proof they were viruses. I told him they just weren’t associated with a program and he said, “Oh, so you know about that?” They are very persistent. I hung up on them three times and they kept calling back!

  103. Just been called by the Windows Suppt service, she wants to help me clear a virus they have detected. I put her off and she will ring back at 4pm.

    She sounded like an Indian call centre so thanks everybody for your help and info in your blogs etc as I will now tell them what i think of them.

  104. My Grandmother just got a call this morning. From ‘Cyber Media’ telling her that her husband (who’s been dead for over a year) had installed their PC protection 3 years ago and that it was now expired. They got into her computer, showed her all the ‘problems’ with it, and then told her she had to buy another 3 years protection. She knows nothing about computers and entered her bank details.

    Her bank called her after a suspicious charge on her card from NEW DELHI for over £200 pounds.
    She’s now cancelled her card, but just to make sure, anyone know how I can make sure that her computer is safe?

  105. I had a phonecall today, same sacm as above. They worried me saying that my computer was very vulnerable. I feel really stupid as I gave them access to my computer. I didin’t go as far as paying them anything as when it looked that they were out to flog some “solution” for about £100 I refused to pay them. They just hung up the phone. I have their phone number and I called them back, they went as far as to answer my call!!!!!

    What I am worried about is that they had access to my computer. How do I find out whether they have installed some spyware and will be able to see every single single move I make online? How can I make sure that my computer is safe?

  106. Alistair Sutherland

    I have just received a call from an Indian “Gentleman” claiming to be a Windows Support company (I think the name he gave for the Company was PC Tear or something similar) and advising they have received a number of notifications from my computer which is “infected with a virus”. I told him my computer is scanned frequently and shows no infections. I also offered to have my IT manager (I don’t have one, but my place of work does) call him back but I received no number from him just more speel, so I hung up.

  107. I have a windows phone. A middle-eastern/indian man called saying he was from the windows phone center, that my computer was being hacked, and I needed to load this program for remote desktops from this website(www.ammyy.com), he was trying to walk me through it, my computer showed I was loading a virus and I stopped it immediately. I asked him for verification of his claim. His name was Aaron. He gave me a phone number 631-456-4455 and a lookup of it proved fraud. My phone carrier confirmed this was a hacking call and I found this site while searching where to report it. Find these guys and hang-em!

  108. I’ve just had one of these AGAIN ! . The guy said his name was ‘Ron Martin’ although he had an ‘Indian’ accent. He said he was calling from WINDOWS TECH SUPPORT ONLINE and there was a problem with my computer. He told me to turn on my pc , click on the START button . I was speaking to him politely and went along with what he was saying up until this point . Then out of the blue I screamed F**K OFF as loud as I could down the phone . Then I put the phone down . LOL . They guy rang back and said ‘ You bloody f**ker , you bloody bitch . Why are you shouting? ‘ I said ‘This call has been recorded and I am reporting you to the police. Then he rang off.

  109. I received another call today and I told them before you start talking me through what I had to do that I had to tell you that I am recording this conversation and will hand it over to the Fraud Squad. He panicked and kept saying No, no , no Ma’am please don’t, no, no and he hung up. Lets hope that will be the last of these calls.

  110. Just had a all from these scammers. Knew it was a scam as soon as they caled, so I tried to see how long I could keep them on for.
    Started by saying I will have to turn comp on and that takes 15 mins just to boot up!! will they hold? they did so I had breakfast.
    20 mins later I listened to thier spiel and instructions another 30 mins later I managed to get to the screen they wanted me to see.
    then it was time to logon to support.me.com which i had no intention of doing so I went a long with it for another 10 mins.
    I then decided to let them know that it was a scam and i had been hanging them on for an hour. The twat wished by a horrible life etc, I just laughed really loud and he put the phone down. TOTAL TIME 65 MINS any one want to challenge????

  111. Indian chap rang purporting to work for Windows! Advised that there were errors on my computer and offering to run me through some commands so that I could see for myself. Apparently there is a big super computer in the world that kindly monitors the efficiency of all our pc’s and alerts him when they aren’t working well! Not kidding!Played along for a bit then went off on one….challenged him to the point where he acknowledged the big super computer was a lie and that he didn’t work for Windows or Microsoft and he admitted that they would want £65.00 for clearing the imaginary problem. Can’t belived he stayed on the phone. His number was 0141 416 3377.Names Paul-give him a call and ask for your computer to be fixed as you understand he works for windows!!!!

  112. ive had 3 calls in last 4 days from indian-sam wilson-usual garb as in above posts-told him i dont understand computers very well-and passed my daughter on to him-she got phone number and said she would ring him back as we were on our way out.he rang back next day-i said laptop wasnt here,was at my daughters house-he rang back AGAIN yesterday,and asked if i had the computer here-as it was imperative that he sorted it out straight away,before it was rendered useless-i said no-daughter has it till monday-so he said he will ring 2moz at 1.30,and im to make sure its here and switched on for him to sort out-so glad i found this site-but how he knew my name and my phone no?mystery-but at 1.30 2moz-its JOG ON SAM!!-my daughter said she had a friend working in computers that would do a thorough scan and fix any problems,but he said only windows support could fix this,and any security i had was not able to detect or fix the problem-if id been here on my own,i couldve so easily fallen victim to this scam-bastards!

  113. I have just had my third call in a few weeks andtis evening it was a girlwho said she was from techincal dept and there was something wrong with my computer etc..she said its to do with the computer registered at my address and quoted my address to me!!! prior to that I had a call from a chap who even said are you sitting next to your computer and I will go through it with you. Each time I have told them I am with telephone preference service and they have no right to call and they ring off.

  114. I have just had my first call and was suspicious as my laptop is running fine and I have not had any fatal errors etc and have Norton 360 installed. So I kept asking what was the purpose of the call and what did he want me to do, and he kept repeating himself saying he needed to take me through a process to remove malicious files from my pc. He said his name was Bradley Rigfield (mighty strange for someone with a heavy Indian accent) and that he was calling from Surrey and assured me it was a bona-fide helpdesk on 01865 600544. I haven’t tried to call it and have no intention of wasting any more time. I googled the phone number and found this site. As other people have commented it is quite scary that they know your name (even though mine was my maiden name, which I still use for work), so beware. Interestingly I am near Manchester and noticed one of the posts this weekend was from that area, so maybe they are targeting certain areas also.

  115. My mother in law received a call from ‘Chris Anderson’ this afternoon who had cleared “hundreds of viruses” from her computer and wanted payment. She is very naive and gave her name, email address and home address, and installed the keylogger onto her computer. Thankfully she claims she never paid for it or gave passwords / bank details.
    She is now banned from the computer till we come over and fix it, just for reference

    SCUM email
    SCAM email
    01865 600 544
    1865 600 544

  116. Had a call from them yesterday. Sounded like a call centre in India. Apparently I am emitting malware from my computer. Pathetic. And how do they associate my telephone number with my computer? I strung them along for 15 minutes to try to find out how the scam worked, but then ran out of time as I had a deadline to meet. I put the phone down and they rang again. I called her (this time it was “Mary”) a liar, swore at her (which I never normally do) and said I would be reporting her to the police. I hope she gets a big phone bill, but I doubt it.

  117. I just received a call from an Indian saying that there is a serious problem with Windows on my laptop and it needs to be upgraded. Said he was calling from PC Connect. I told hime if there is an issue with my pc I’ll take it back to the store where I bought it from for them to sort it out. Also told him I have difficulty understanding him. HE HUNG UP!

    Where do they get my phone number from?

  118. I have just received a phone call from an indian guy who I could hardly understand. He said I had serious issues with my computer but that he could fix it in 5 minutes. He said it wasn’t a cold call, but that he was ringing from Microsoft.

    As he was ringing on my home business line, and my ISP only has my home phone I became suspicious.

    He said his name was Daniel and his website was http://www.supportonline.com

    I put the phone down.!

  119. I have been getting a lot of these lately. I now just hang up the phone regardless, whenever I hear an “Indian” accent.

  120. Just had a call from windows services. Told them I wasn’t interested and to get lost and hung up. They then called back saying that my mother was a b*tch and he was asking where my mother was because he was going to f*ck her! Really wish I knew how these guys got my number.

  121. I had one of these calls yesterday. He sounded very believable, but i was really suspicious from the start and even more so when he wanted to get access to my computer remotely. He asked me to go to http://www.ammyy.com, but I didn’t install anything. I told him i didn’t have time at the moment to do this, and he said he will call back on Monday. I didn’t want to install anything on my computer or let him get access to it until i had time to see whether this was a scam. Luckily I found this website so, if he ever calls back I’ll tell him to F*** Off!
    I can see how older people, or people that don’t have any computer knowledge will get sucked into this. I just can’t believe people will go to so much effort to scam people, and all while sounding so calm at the same time!! I really want to know how he got my number!!! So glad I didn’t get sucked in. :)

  122. Since my last post on 24th August I have not received any more calls since I told them that I was recording the conversation and was going to hand it over to the Fraud Squad.

  123. Had call today told them somebody looked after computer they were said not doing a very good job,very persistant says just going out of door going to ring back 10.00am tomorrow.

  124. We are receiving these calls constantly! Yesterday we received three of these calls and I would say we are getting them at least twice a week and it has been going on for months.

    How can we stop it? I tried putting the phone down immediately, saying I’m tracing their call, indicating I know its a scam (they put the phone down on that one) but they just keep calling. I’ll try the Fraud Squad next – thank you for that one.

  125. Gosh, I work from home and I have been receiving calls just about every other day for the last few months and before that right back to early last year. I have tried everything to try and deter them, but they seem to have no memory. I am a PhD in Physics with am excellent knowledge of linux and windows operating systems. This does not seem to deter them. I am sorry for the calling staff who are probably just glad for a job, and this is a real shame for India, where one of our main experiences in the UK becomes Indians intentionally exploited and prying on us.

    BT should stop these calls. It is not good enough. There is a large population of less informed people that depend on Internet computing and they are not being protected from these rogue companies, as they should be.

  126. Had 3 of these calls in the past week and yes, purporting to be from Windows Support and that my computer was in grave danger! . Put the phone down on the first two male callers (Asian based) but thought I would explore the 3rd call a bit further – this time caller was female Asian based. Yes, my computer was being attacked and would soon freeze and die. No, not viruses – something else! No, not anything Malabyte programme could detect – something else! No, she hadn’t access to my computer (LOL!) She was from PC Doctor! I asked her what her name was and would she put me through to her supervisor. And LOL! she said she WAS her supervisor! So having had enough, I said what a good laugh her funny scam was and put the phone down. Have to give her marks for persistence though and aggressive enough possibly to scare someone into compliance. I am 79 and probably nerdy enough to need to get away from my computer rather more but some of my friends my age are scared enough of their computers already (judging by the hoax virus warnings they keep sending me): can imagine these calls being very frightening for our age group.

  127. Hey guys i receieved a call today around 6pm a conversation start with an indian lady who claim to be working under computer security agent telling me that my computer have been hijack and doing some mulfunction process towards their so called company , after awhile i was connected to another line where a man who called himself Harry Smith working for windows customer care centre to guide me through removing this viruses off my comp or my comp will crash down any minute as soon as he says this phrases to me i knew the next line gonna be about money, rite when he mention about money that i have to pay $171 for 15 years of warranty for 3 computers i’m like “ROFL” they even direct me to paypal forcing me to key in my details i told them that i dont owned any ONLINE banking accounts they insist and keep telling me “Take your time ask your ( father or mother ), ill put u on hold!” thats the exact thing what he said, i dont think someone working under customer care would use such phrases. Well it does creep me out a little even right now *Shrug*. Just take note of this guys. Sorry for my bad english hope you guys do understand me.

  128. Just had another call from the ‘Windows Support Team@ (Indian chap again). Told him I knew about the scam, which he denied, and where to get off and that his service was a scam and this time he suggested threateningly that he knew my IP address and I would see what would happen.

    Getting a bit shirty now aren’t they?

    Is there nothing Windows/Microsoft can do about this?

  129. Had a call at 6.30 from a chap with a heavy Indian accent who spoke very quickly. He told me that he worked for a Microsoft licensed company, that my computer had been attacked by a virus and everything would be wiped within 30 mins of me switching it on. He went on and on but he couldn’t give me  the date of my software license which he insisted he knew all about so I thanked him for the call and hung up.
    He called straight back and was shouting at me telling me that my PC would not be able to be repaired and that this was a mandatory call.  He wouldn’t stop talking and was incredibly aggressive. I asked for his phone number, he said that the phones were going offline in 5 minutes but he gave me a number – 1800 296 3850. I asked for their website, he said that this was down at the moment. I commented that having offline phones and a non functional website wasn’t a great advert for a Microsoft licensed company! He then gave me a website address of http://www.winsupport.com.  He just kept talking and talking and talking saying that I must switch my PC on.  I said I’d check out the website and call back if necessary. I thanked him again for his call and hung up while he was still talking.
    You’ve guessed it, he called straight back!!! This time my husband answered told him to stop talking and leave us alone. Seems to have done the trick for now.

  130. BE WARNED! THE NUMBER CAME UP AS 0123456789!
    A man with an Indian accent just phoned with the same spiel, wants me to check my Windows system, which wouldn’t apply to me since I use a Mac. I asked how would he have my number and know of any problem, he replies that I am a registered Windows user – I am not , I have a Mac. When I informed him that this was not possible and I would inform the police, he called me a liar and hung up.

    These are low life scum, just as bad as a pick pocket, burglar, mugger ; they just have the security of hiding behind the phone and confusing technical jargon.

  131. i recieved another of these calls today. having only just replaced my laptop that was stolen 8 months ago, my previous response to the quiestion “have you noticed your computer running slower than usual” has been a very impatient no, i haven’t got one.

    this time however i thought i would follow it through a little further to see what they had to say. when “brian” asked me to turn on my computer i began to shut it down.

    he asked me to bush the windows button and R which i told him i had done.
    “has a box appered?” asked brian,
    “no, nothing has happened”
    brian then asked me in a very patronising way to “push the button that looks like a little flag and letter R”
    i told him i couldn’t understand which letter he was telling me to push, he responded by telling me “R are R”.

    after about 10 minutes of telling him that that was wat i was doing but nothing was happening he passed me to his line manager “robert”.

    robert told me i should open up internet explorer and type in http://www.ammyy.com i told him i had done this but nothing happened, he asked me to do it again. i told him my screen said “internet explorer is unable to open this domain”. i was asked to try a few other addreses which i told him said the same or similar things. i was then transfered to his line manager “john”. bearing in mind i was told that “robert” was the line manager.

    jonh took me through all of the same again, with all or the same results again. i was then passes to “anne” the supervisor with whom i went through it all again. she then advised me to contact my survice provider to enquire why the sites she was directing me to were being blocked and she would call back in two minutes, i’m still waiting for the call back.

    i was on the phone to them for 57mins 38 seconds. is this a record?

  132. Hi I have just received a call from unintelligible indian man – said he was from windows support. Asked him what he wanted mumbled something about viruses and wanted me to log on. Strung him along for about then i called him a criminal – i think he was genuinely outraged. Said to him Windows do not ring up people like this. got fed up with his mumbling and told him to p off.

    Came straight on my Mac (tho I do have a windows netbook) to google this – looks like they can be persistent so will take all your advise and tell them i have a mac. I hope that they don’t call back.

    when i dialed 1471 i was surprised that their phone number came up – 09999 100157. They may do this to convince people they are ‘genuine’ So folks beware.

  133. I recieved a phone call saying they are windows refund dept and they owe me £400. they wanted my bank details which I refused to give, I asked for their phone number 7028794248 address 146 banbury rd, nevada usa, I was put through to the refund dept who requested that I register with western union to get the refund, I refused and suggested to them that they send me a cheque but they wanted my bank details, again I refused so the chap on the other end thought it might work if he gave me a load of verbal abuse!! this did not work either. these indian speaking people will try almost anything to get our money. something has to be done, they sound so convincing and genuine.

  134. Just had a call from “window support online”. It was a guy who was obviously Indian but called himself “john”. He tried to get me to open up my computer so he could help me to clear the virus’s. He said if i didn’t, I would lose everything stored on it. Thankfully i kinda guessed he wasn’t genuine so i ended the call and Googled them. They’re not genuine as I guessed but i never heard of it happening before. There needs to be a report on telly or something because this could have ended badly for me as it has lots of others!!

  135. I’ve had two of these phone calls, my best so far was to keep them on the phone pretending to do what this Indian guy was saying for 49 minutes 32 seconds, whilst I played bingo on facebook. My target for the next phone call will be 1 hour +. Wish me luck, scamming idiots.

  136. Just had a call from ‘windows live support’ the virtually unintelligible Indian individual insisted that my laptop.was sending error messages related to viruses it was downloading and sharing with the network. Amazing really we have no internet access at the minute due to a fault and havent had for a few days but laptop was apparently in the act of sending the messages, asked how he had got the phone number and how he had my name, said it was showing on my computer. Asked for his number to call back as I didnt think he was genuine, gave me 02085750602. Have had a few silent calls over the last few days looks like it was them.

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  138. ATTENTION please join my FACEBOOK page, and let others on facebook hear your stories, tell your friends, thank you

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  139. Just to let everyone know, Teamviewer GMBH is a reputable company and is simply a means to an end for the these phone scam criminals. They could just as easily use Logmenin, or if they were smart come up with their own remote control software. Teamviwer has an App on the Apple store and the University i work at uses it for remote helpdesk and let me tell you, they are very savvy about corruption these days! Oliver, do some research.

  140. Had a phone call from an Asian man, same old story as all the other comments. I asked for his detail so I could call him back, said he was from Windows Operating Centre based in Manchester and their number was 1800 412 9195. I shalln’t be calling them!!

  141. I’m being harassed by these people. I decided to string them along to see what they said.

    First, they claim to be from “Windows”. They claim to have a report saying I have errors on my system.

    They tried to take over my computer using various remote desktop programs they had me download and run. They told me it didn’t work because of the errors I had. They sent me to their website pipaltree.com and told me to buy their support.

    At this point I called them liars and thieves. Now I string them along and say the same thing every time, but they keep phoning back. Maybe they’re breaking in their new recruits on me…

  142. Called by an Asian guy claiming to be from Windows Support Department. I challenged that and made him agree he was not from Microsoft. I pressed him and he finally said he was in Birmingham UK, The caller number was 02538020308. I said I did not believe him and insisted on a website reference so I could check the Company. He gave http://www.globalpcssolutions.com/ .
    He then asked me to search in my pc for error reports. I challenged and he led me to the CLSID for my computer. He had that and my Username, address and phone number. Very worrying! Then he started to try to lead me to purchase his solution for clearing the errors and what he claimed were Virus and malware. After I strung him out for 40 minutes he got very abusive and used lots of expletives and obscene statements before being forced to hang up as he was getting nowhere.

  143. An Indian man called my parents home phone two days ago (Oct. 12th). My Dad answered and was a little startled by what the male Indian caller was saying and thank God he told him to call again at a later stage so I could talk to him. The ‘gentleman’ called again today claiming he was from ‘windows support system.’ He did not however say that my parents computer in particular was infected but that they had received reports from 80 PC’s in our area (He then read out our exact address, my fathers name to which the PC was registered and our phone number) that had experienced problems and that we could be next. I was aware that it was a scam and let him talk. He then wanted me to go to the PC and told me that he would have me do 3 steps to see if the computer was infected. He stressed several times that ‘YOU WILL CHECK YOURSELF, WE WILL NOT GAIN ACCESS TO THE COMPUTER.’ After asking him several questions merely to waste his time I simply said that we are not interested in his scam. He then got very aggressive and started to shout upon which I told him to stop wasting my time and his own and hung up.

  144. Today was the 3rd time this week that someone from ‘windows support’ have called me. I knew what it was straight away as a couple of months ago it happened to me the 1st time. Like everyone else I hadn’t herd of the scam at that point and did the checks they asked me which seem to be the sort of thing you can do yourself. He then led me to a website and asked me to download some software which would help. At that point my instincts kicked it and I knew something wasn’t right as the website wasn’t anything to do with Microsoft. I then told him thanks but no thanks and hung up. So when I got more calls this week I was shocked. Wish I could just not answer the phone when the number comes up unavailable but my hubby works offshore and those numbers are the same.

  145. I have had the Windows Control Center contact me twice today, both time Indian accent speaking gentleman, saying I have a problem on my pc, would I run eventvwr. A quick check on the internet displays this site. These guys are becoming a real pest.
    I have sent txt and facebook messages to all my friends, and now I have sumitted a message to the BBC, please will someone stop these guys NOW!!!

  146. Ok I think I may have a few ideas where these guys maybe getting their information from, but we will need someone to verify it.
    I have certain information that is available on domain name that I forgot to make private, so anyone can get this.
    Also, I checked my System error logs and noticed a lot of failures coming from rpcadv, these started on 11th of this month. If I open Admin, Services I see an entry for “Allows to capture traffic on this machine from a remote machine” in the description. I have now stopped and disabled this process, and my pc is so far fine.
    So if these guys are using rpcadv in any way, I have now put a stop to that also!!
    Finally, if anyone knows of any reason why this process needs to run please let me know.

  147. I thought I’d finished with these phone calls, but got another this morning. I now know for certain that this is a scam, so strung her along for a short while pretending I couldn’t understand what she was saying and asking her to repeat. After a few moments of this I asked if she’d mind holding on for a minute as I had someone at the door, she said no she wouldn’t mind, so I put the phone down and went and prepared lunch and ate it! Don’t know how long she held on for, but she’d gone by the time I picked the phone up again! Hopefully, that will hit them where it hurts – the pocket. The Asian lady told me, last time she rang, that she was call Kim Wilkinson – Yea – my names Ranvir Patel!!! (not).

  148. A month ago I was called by a female “non English” speaking person wanting info on my computer. I hung up. Today I got another call from a “non English” speaking Male wanting to discuss my computer. Told him I didn’t have one. Said he knew that our home had one and he would call back to speak to husband. I answered the call and this time quizzed the “hell” out of him. He wanted me to check my computer as it had been sending error reports to them. Yeah right……He finally gave me a number after I insisted and it was 863-555-999 and said he was from Global Window Service Provider. Didn’t call him back. This is likely a scam and I’m not going to be sucked in….. AFter checking this site out, I’m glad my hunch was correct. No one calls anyone to offer help – you have enough trouble getting helped when you are asking for it.

  149. Man with Asian accent called my elderly mum while I was in and she passed phone to me (they’ve rung before but she can’t even switch the computer on so said to call me instead). He said ‘Windows Support Centre’ had recieved error reports from mum’s computer. It’s not Windows! I strung him along for 15 mins but couldn’t get him to ask for money. Eventually I asked him to tell me what OS version the errors had shown – he didn’t – and I said I knew he was scamming and hung up. He rang back and persisted; quite calm and persuasive and I had to be quite determined. Even when I said I was lying to deliberately waste his time he didn’t give up. I wasted 20 mins of his time in all.

  150. I just received the same phone call from India – well an Indian woman anyway, wherever she was based. She said she was calling from “Windows” and my laptop had been infected with a malicious virus. Quite shocked and worried I gave her £1000 just to make sure nothing happens to my cumputer – na just kidding. I asked her how the hell do you know, to which she replied that the Windows servers have picked this up. I told her I only access porn sites which are very safe so there is no way I could be infected. Anyway, didn’t believe the lying b**ch and told her I’m not interested. She asked if I wasn’t worried about my laptop – actually for a moment for the first time I paused and did contemplate whether this call is actually legit – but told her screw it get lost. Can’t believe I sat there after the call and actually ran anti-virus software.

  151. A call came through this afternoon, 16:20Hours, Asian accent, claims to be calling from Windows. That my laptop has been reporting errors to Windows, that it should have been frustrating my jobs. If I agree, he will to sign on to my system and rectify the problem. I declined, after about 15 minutes argument he got tired of me and dropped the phone. He could not categorically name which windows support organisation he belongs to? he could explain to my satisfaction what specific errors messages my system was reporting? he wasn’t able to provide me with access to the log, where I could verify the error report? he had asked for my windows account details to enable him have access to my system?

  152. Had an asian woman ring our comapany number telling me she was from some a Windows help service department, mentioned several times that our computer was sending error reports to them and and was running really slow, new straight away it was a scam when ever do you get somebody offering you help from a windows over the phone.So strung her along all for about 20mins untill she put me through to asian man who said exactly everything the woman had told me but them asked me to go onto google and type in this website https://join.me/ asked me tell him what was on the screen and then proceeded to click the icon on left which said Share, stupidly i clicked it and it brought up a run or save download file instantly clicked cancel,asked me where the file had been saved to so i jsut replied oh my computer had crashed so i had to restart it but was really on ebay. I think he got the impression i was messing with him in the end.

  153. Just had the bogus Indian sounding windows engineer on the phone assuring me i’ve downloaded a virus. I asked him his name he said “Smith” and where are you phoning from was the next question, “Bradford in London” he replied. If their scam is going to be in the least bit credible they’ve got to do a bit more research. I live in Paris in Rome!


  154. Me tooooo…..strung him along for ages being sypathetic and not at all sarcastic….left it for around 15mins b4 I told him I didn’t have a computer….strangely he hung up! Next time I’m gettiing a Simon Says to amuse them with the bleeps

  155. Ha ha just got off phone with not just the agent Tyler; but even the Senior Tech who advised that my computer must be so infected because of all the critical and error notations in my computer management screens. But say if I just let them connect remotely to my computer their tech will tell me everything wrong and fix it — right over the phone. Only took about 6 no thank you’s a goodbye and hang up to get them off the line. Beware out there

  156. I Had a call yesterday morning from an indian sounding gentleman. He asked for me by name and said he was from Windows Tech support and was calling to help with a problem with my computer. As soon as he said that, I knew it was a scam and told him I didnt need any help with my computer and hung up. I did 1471 but they withheld their number. Would love to know how they got my name & number as I am ex directory and only had a new number installed last month.

  157. Just had my second call from Microsoft IT department. After the first one I checked on the internet and found out about the scam. At the end of the first call (my phone not near computer which was switched off anyway) I was given a number starting 0200 to call. When I rang it was number unobtainable. This time I said but Microsoft does not make phone calls. He agreed and said this was the Microsoft IT Department. So I immediately asked for a phone number to call back. He gave me another 0200. I said but last time I did that it was number not recognised. And anyway I have an Apple Mac. He hung up. Next time I will make sure I record the number and pass it on.

  158. i got a phone call from very bad call center it sounded like it was from a supermarket car park in australia with airplanes flying over, she said her name was nancy and the company which she worked for but i couldn’t understand as she had a foreign accent, asian with abit of spanish, she said i was downloading illegal websites and emails, OMG, but i had heard from my friend that she was conned from a woman saying she had a virus in her computer and she was conned out of 90 pounds and she did end up with a virus and a closed bank account, another friend from down the road from her had the same done, so i played the roll that i was intrigued, i asked why did she know that i have downloaded these sites and not windows????? because she knows she can see. i then said well let me have your phone number and i will phone microsoft to see if what u r saying is true, she said YES but the time here in britain is different to microsoft time so she has to help. I said well it must be night time where u r then, she said she couldn’t hear me. and she said in an ubrupt voice you need to stop these illegal downloads or u will end up being in trouble I said well what i will do is PHONE THE POLICE and hand myself in and give them the phone number you have gave me and let them deal with it, and low and behold she said YOU HAVE A VERY BAD LINE I CANNOT HEAR YOU and hung up. BE SMART AND THINK BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING OVER THE PHONE IF YOU DO HAVE VIRUSES ETC YOUR COMPUTER WILL TELL YOU.

  159. The first time these creeps called I told them to get stuffed; then to my amazement they called back the next night, so that time I strung them along for a while before I threatened them with police action. Then tonight they called AGAIN. This time I made up a bunch of BS about my “Windows computer” (as if I would ever possess such an abomination) and got them to tell me what they wanted me to do. They never asked for money. Apparently they are after your CLSID (an unique system ID code for Windoze boxen) which they presumably use to add your computer to a botnet. I managed to keep them on the line for about half an hour before they hung up. (I hope they were calling long distance! :-)

  160. We have had a brief break from these nuisance calls, but one last night. My husband answered and after their speaky blurb etc. asked if he was Mr Atkinson to which he answered “Well no, I’m Chief Inspector Atkinson”. They put the phone down immediately.


  161. We’ve received a few of these calls recently and when I asked for the number they gave me:
    Guessing its probably not a real number but thought I would post it on here to see whether anyone was given the same one?

    Think I might try your tact next time Jennie, good idea!

  162. Had the same call 145 mins ago, Asian male,same reason as above,obviously a call centre. I asked lots of questions and they are getting clever, using terms that enthusiastic IT users would know. Each time I asked what they were selling or how much was a “fix” going to cost he came up with the line “Microsoft is committed to looking after its customers”! I also told him it was not in Microsofts policy to phone and how had he got my ex-directory number…. phone made strange noises!!! He wanted me to go on-line and let him access my comp by remote which I refused by saving “Sorry this is a dreadful line and I am unable to hear you”, quick google told me what I needed to say…………

  163. Told “Christine” I was 82 and she offered me a “senior citizen licence version” of protection for £66 (normally £200)She said she was based in Luton, phone number 9208 1556079 and has done this job for 5 or 6 years.I have online infections in my windows (sounds painful). I told her I was very worried and left her listening to Classic FM for 20 minutes until she put the howler on the phone. Next time I think I’ll pretend to have a heart attack. Actually I’m only 72

  164. I’m getting about 3 of these calls a week and i swear their often the same person.
    1st time i was almost caught out because my computer had some problems that morning but I had fixed them. I informed her I would ring my techcial support people. to which she hung up.
    Few other times as soon as I hear windows support and they’ve distracted me from something I will rant and rave down the phone to them telling them they are disgusting and should really go and get a real job.
    but this is the 1st time i’ve heard that they’ve asked for money
    Othertimes if i’m bored i’ll come up with stories:
    sorry mate i’m a computer programmer it looks fine to me
    sorry i’ve got a MAC i’m sure i’m not running windows
    pity my motherbroad has died
    no i’m sorry i’m just stealing their computer but ill be sure to leave them a message saying they would of had problems anyway.

    however today they’ve got a bit more aggresive i’ve found when i told him i knew about the scam and he was disgusting human being for taking part in it. he started calling me names to which i informed him that i would lose my job if i ever called anyone that and i would never get a job again. demanded to talk to a manager just to see what would happen he said their were no managers i asked to make a formal complaint and that by law large companies like windows will need a complaint department he ignored me and tried to go on. I demanded an aplogy to which he said ok sorry then i’ll never contact you again

  165. 01 Nov at 20:00 Pacific Standard Time (Victoria, BC Canada). I received this call from an unknown number whom I hardly made out what he said. With an Indian accent, he mentionned he had received messages saying I was having problems with Windows. Immediately I had doubts because I never have been. This was my first time receiving this type of call but played the game. So I told him I did not have a computer at home so how could I have problems. Since I was still interested in pulling more info from him, I said maybe it could be my son’s laptop. As I pretended to turn it on, I started to ask him questions. First, what was his company’s name, his name and number I could reach him. Each time, he would say “Let me tell you …” but never give the info out. I told him that I was aware of frauds like this and considered that he was doing exactly that. After an 8 min call, he had hung up.

    P.S. If their number is unidentified and does not give his name, then beware.

  166. This morning on 3 Nov 2011 my 80 year old mother received not 1 but 4 phone calls from and Indian sounding ‘Kevin Smith’ claiming to be calling from ‘Windows Technical Dept’. He advised that her computer was infected with a dangerous virus and she was immediately suspicious & instructed him to call back later to speak to me. He did so and left a direct dial telephone number on her voice mail +44 161 408 4624 (0161 is a BIRMINGHAM dial code so I tried it). When I dialled the number it worked but I became suspicious when he claimed to be based at ’39 North ridge, MANCHESTER, M84 RA – which is not a valid UK postcode. The call was disconnected and he called back twice more and I strung him along whilst trying to extract more info from him. So I said yes I am switching on the PC, and noted what he asked me to do: press START button, right click ‘my computer’ and then type in a CLS ID (Customer License Security ID issued when the computer was bought from windows – allegedly). I indicated that no such code was issued and that the computer was not bought from windows nor microsoft. The guy became quite heated and changed tack asking me to go to the RUN box from the START menu. I pretended to comply and to enter CMD followed by ASSOC, then . At this point he asked me if I could see the following codes on my screen to which I said yes: 888D6960/FC0A/11CF/8F0F. He then was desperate for me to confirm that the 3rd line from the bottom said ‘send to target CLS’ and yet again we got cut off. I did keep asking for more proof that he was from Microsoft because by then I’d found these scam reports and was enjoying the fact that he was paying for the call. Still not sure where to report the crime though – didn’t have much joy with IC3 web forms?

  167. I Just got a call from an indian guy who tried miserably to say that microsoft was going to ban my ip unless i went through current steps to remove viruses from my hardware im not computer literate but i know when enough to know that if it was true it would surely be my internet provider who would call me he rang me at a time when i was already annoyed so i chose a few kind words to say to him he then said i am a real technician with microsoft my name is sandy i eventually just hung up on him as he was getting boring and repeating himself i called 1471 and i got a number 06075944641 havnt tried ringing them back as i dont want to waste my phone bill

  168. I’ve been having lots of calls from a “Broadband Complaints” deparrtment, asking for the prevoius owner of this house (who moved out over 6 years ago!!). Normally I just hung up but decided to speak to them today.

    When asked which company he was calling from he said BT. I asked if he is calling from BT then how does he not know the correct name. He then asked me for my name which I did not give him.

    He then said that they are getting a signal from my computer when I log on to the internet advising that my computer is full of junk files. I know it isn’t as it is knew and is protected.

    When I asked to speak to his Manager, funnily enough I was hung up on.

    Hopefully they won’t call me again, fingers crossed, as I shall just put the phone down on them.

  169. B and G(name withheld)

    We just received a phone call from Microsoft Windows Expert advising us that out computer was about to be hacked. He identified himself as Eric Jones from England. He sounded very Indian, I could hardly understand him. The number that was on the phone was 00253820308 but the number he supplied was 0044203281741. This must be the new form of fraud. BEWARE!!!!! I hung up on him!

  170. Just had one of these calls from the “BT Services department”. Very persistent – phoned back 5 times despite me putting the phone down on him and swearing at him.

    He wanted me to renew the license for XP as otherwise “it would stop working…” I pointed out that I was an IT professional and that I didn’t need to renew my license.

    After that he rang back and implied that I hadn’t done my IT from a very good university or I’d know what he was saying was true :-)

    He wanted to run the assoc command and eventually I only got rid of him by being aggressive and swearing at him.

  171. I received one of these phone calls today. Our PC has been running a bit slow recently so intiaially I was taken in by what they were saying. The person on the other end of the line was an Indian guy, quite friendly and made the issue sound quite severe. I pulled out of the conversation the minute they took me to their windowsonlinesupport.com website and asked for remote access to my PC. NOBODY DOES THAT who is credible. At that point, I hung up. Now looking at these comments, I feel a bit silly having not been aware of this before now.
    Don’t be fooled by them!

  172. I’ve had several of these over the last few weeks – usually the Windows Technical Centre or similar. If I have time I generally keep them on the line for as long as possible, pretending to be a bit naive, ‘waiting for the computer to start up’, mis-typing commands, etc, as I reckon that the longer I can keep them tied up the less time they’ll have to try and con other people. I once managed to keep one occupied for about 20 minutes before the caller tumbled to the fact I was conning him. Doesn’t seem to stop them trying though.

  173. 10/11/11. Had these scammers on the phone at eight O’clock in the morning which woke my 75 year old mother up with a start and now she feels funny. She handed it to me and they saud they were from the Technical Department of Windows. I knew it was a scam straight away so put the phone down. They rang me a year ago on an old computer but when they asked for money I realised it was a scam.
    The are very convincing, especially for the elderly and computer greenhorns. I no longer use my old PC so I’m OK. The thing is, how have these peomple got away with it for so long? THEY NEED STOPPING NOW!!!

  174. Hello guys

    An Indian guy has written the inside of these people. Each and every detail is there. Check it how they are operating such a big Scam and no one is doing anything about it.

  175. Phoned again this time they had a really really aggresive tone from the start. I was told Now turn on your computer. so just for fun i said i really dont like your tone with me and your not saying please or thank you if i treated anyone like that at my work i would be fired.
    I was then put though to some other person who pretended they couldnt hear me when i complained until i said i would be hanging up unless they said sorry but i would like to get this problem sorted. at which point they could hear me and said sorry. i commented that i knew they were reading from a script and maybe they should change it to have please and thank you on it.
    they went back to start “your computer has problems” to which i told them i had a MAC from apple which didnt run windows. went silent for 10s then asked if i was Chris Dinkapple which i said no. they said sorry for wasting your time and goodbye. to which is said “yes goodbye scamer” they then phoned 5mins later said Mr Edwards your a bloody cow and hung up.

  176. One other strange thing about the call i had from them today they phoned the second i hit the on button on my computer. I’m sure it’s nothing but you do worry if they can track your computer somehow. I only know its impossible for messages to be sent at that time as my internet was off

  177. I had one of these this morning. They are getting more insidious.
    They sent me to http://www.support.me where there is a log-in screen and he asked me to wait whilst he got me a number to connect with a technician. He gave me the number 918001 but at that point I told him this had got far too dangerous and rang off. The trick I assume is that had I entered a number it would have given them my IP address and they could have downloaded anything they liked – malware presumably.
    The other slight worry is that I have a rating system from my anti-virus people (Avast) which rated the site as “good based on few votes”. I added a vote as “illegal” but I doubt one vote will have much effect.

  178. I’ve had a few calls from them in the past, conveniently they call when I’m not up to much so I like to waste their time.

    I find playing dumb usually helps to annoy. Like the time they asked what computer I had – I paused for a moment then said it was black and silver. Eventually after a few of their questions (click on the start button, or press the windows key) it finally dawns to them that I may not actually own a windows device (i’m a mac user – but to be honest if I used a PC i’d still be winding these con-merchants up).

    So any advice, yes – never ever believe any one who calls up from your internet provider (who they may guess if you are BT, Virgin, Sky, T*lk T*lk etc) advising you that you are transmitting a virus.

  179. Had a few persistant phone calls anout my netbook from windows so finally went through everything with an indian guy, he told me to press windows button and R same time and asked me to count the errors when I told him roughly he kept saying ‘oh my god’ passed me to his supervivor who said the same took me into a file that showed my CSDLD number??? and said if we weren’t windows how could I do this? I said how much and the line went dead. I am deep into screenin now and the number appears as unavailable or international, so i haven’t answered. BIG FAT SCAMMING PIGS. BE WARNED

  180. I had a call today from a company professing to be “windows support”, telling me that there was a problem with my computer and he could help. I was I admit startled at first, as he guided me through my computer over the phone, but a nagging doubt was screamimg at me, ” don’t do it !!!”. My fears were confirmed , when surprise surprise, he could not fix the problem over the phone. He asked me to type “windowsonlinesupport.com” and click the link to remotely operate my laptop. I did not !! It stopped here..I put the phone down… I googled the site and there it was, the phrase “scam”!!!… he called back…I challenged him..and put the phone down…he did not call back.

  181. I had a call a short time ago, definitely sounded like an Indian call centre. A gentleman who introduced himself as Michael from Windows support – this is @ the 3rd call this year of this kind and thankfully I have always been aware of the scam so did not get taken in. I told him that we were ex directory and he had no right to contact us without our permission and I demanded that he hang up or I would report him. Bless him, it took a couple of attempts before he gave in….. but give in he did and hung up…..! I didn’t think to ask if he had our address but he did ask for my hubby by name. I’ll try to get more information the next time.

  182. Just had a call which wasted 20 minutes as I was trying to finish of a document for a deadline so wasn’t that keen to talk. Against better judgemnet did first part of check but then refused to press enter for the access part – doesn’t help when you’re not very technical and you’re not sure what they are talking about. When I said sorry I didn’t want to go ahead ‘Goodbye’ and put the phone down I got over 6 attempts to phone me back. When I answered and so ‘no’ again they still tried phoning. So glad I followed my instincts1! November 22nd 2011

  183. I just got a call from these clowns and I refused to give any info. DON’T RELEASE YOUR IP ADDRESS. once they have it they can tap into your pc anytime and see everything your viewing, typing and as well all your files. Tell them you are using a Commadore 64. LOL. dDon’t enterain any of these calls. Just hang up. Be wise. Windows does not call anyone, if they have an issue they release an automatic update. Don’t get fooled.

  184. Just been nearly the victim of the windows support telephone scam. I’m really proud of myself. They said they were windows support and that they had detected a high amount of viruses on my pc. When I asked the Address of where she was calling from she told me 163 Boston Way in Manchester M94 HR and her name was Daphne Mark. Tried to get me to use this site http://www.ammyy.com/en/ and it was then alarm bells rang. I typed her website in ‘mywindowssupport’ and an article in the Guardian popped up saying about a windows support scam and sounds EXACTLY like I was recieving. I told her calmly that if windows had a problem with my pc, they could send me an official letter. Then I read her the article and said windows can’t just call people and expect them to believe its legitimate! To this she said it was my decision and we hung up the call. I think everyone should be aware of this, this is ridiculous.

    I’ve reported to watchdog, will report to windows, ofcom and trading standards.

  185. Just had a call from a Max Johnson at “My Windows Support”, saying that they had been receiving error meassages from my computer for the last few weeks and that I could lose all my data. He wanted me to switch it on and log in. I twigged it was a scam – I could tell by the number that came up it was an overseas call and the caller also had an Asian accent. He claimed the company was in London. When I said I had several computers and which one was he referring to he repleied “your XP computer – the oldest one.” I was actaully quite surprised he answered questions as long as he did. The plausible phone number he gave went to Voice Mail.

    I realised it was a scam of some sort but I can see that others might be taken in, particularly as the caller was very polite and answered questions without getting riled.

  186. received my call today 30 november at 1600 strange because i had to contact sky yesterday having dad no internet due to sundays winds the only people who know my phone number becides friends and family is sky but my phone is supposed to be ex diractory so where did these people get my number???

  187. I know a lot of companies sell lists of numbers to companies and they sell them on too. however if sky is one i dont know

  188. well david i think they must be because if these idiots didnt sound as if they were in the middle of delhi or lahore i could easily have fell for it and considering my internet has never gone wrong before to need me to contact sky i do find this very strange
    they should try to target me the very next day anybody else any ideas?

  189. I also had a similar company yesterday and the details are almost identical. I spoke to 3 people in total – the last one was a Lesley Davies – but they all sounded Asian (probably Indian). I questioned the phone number I was given, as it certainly wasn’t a U.K. number. I was told that their head office was in London but the address I was given is of a different company.

    I was on the phone with “Lesley Davies” for at least half an hour and it was scary how he managed to show me that my computer had been attacked. I seriously hope there’s no lasting damage.

  190. Had a couple of calls again today, from “Jacob Wilson” this time, given that I wasn’t there to answer the calls managed to get a number to ring him back, 02030516837, once again he was claiming to be from MSTech Online, and I needed to ring him 10am – 6pm. I don’t think I’ll be ringing tbh.

  191. I received a call from a bloke with an Indian accent today, he explained that my internet was running slower than it should be and claimed to be from ‘BT support services’. Seeing as we are with BT and currently receiving problems with our internet unexpectedly shutting down a few times each day, I let him carry on.
    He asked me to switch on my computer, directed me to a website: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx and asked me to tell him the code, which I stupidly did!!! I then got transferred to his ‘supervisor’! This guy gained remote access to my pc, checked what virus software I had installed, typed ‘%%’ into my search bar which brought up a load of files and explained that these were all infected and are slowing my computer and my ‘line’ down. At the point my cursor started moving by someone hundreds of miles away, I was fuming and realised I’d been had! Yes, I was naive and he shouldn’t of got as far as to gain control of my pc, but he did.
    He was asking me questions like: “how many computers do you have?” and “are you the bill payer?” He then explained that his team were working on my computer, I was more fuming and felt a massive violation of privacy! When he found out that I wasn’t the bill payer, he changed his tone, as if he’d been defeated or I’d been wasting his time. He then told me he could protect them all for a fee of £190 or something for a period of 9-years and I was just like “STOP”! “I DON’T WANT IT, JUST STOP”!
    He then said okay, I’m sorry and then hung up. He still had control of my computer after hanging up and I saw him go into task manager and end a load of processes, I then gained my cursor back and shut my pc down straight away!

    Is it likely this person has installed any malware and has accessed any of my personal details? I have since ran microsoft safety scanner and an avg scan and everything seems to be okay. But, is there something on my pc that is undetectable to these scans?

    What should I do?!

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Thank you!

  192. I have received a phone call from a supposedly windows support center a foreign voice telling me that they had detected corrupt files on my computer which was slowly damaging the computer and would make it slow down and eventually crash. She wanted me to turn on my computer and press the ctrl button at the same time as the windows icon and she would talk me through the process of cleaning up. I asked for who she was, the company name and phone number: she said was phoning from Manchester Business Park company name 225 phone no: 1223969140

    Is this a scam?

  193. I seem to be targetted quite regularly over the last couple of years, evidently by different teams. I have had three calls in the last two weeks, the last was this morning. It is irritating, particularly if you are in the middle of something and have to rush to the phone. The simple solution is just to say “sorry, I don’t have a computer”.

  194. Joshua.i recieved the very same call today,they took me to team viewer and asked for the code which i refused,because obviously i didnt want a cold caller gaining access to my pc,anyway,on came the online superviser to try and persuade me,after refusing to give him anymore info,he told me to grow up..lol,well obviously i told him where to go !
    I’d be very worried if id given him that code because in effect he has control of your Pc and im no expert but he could possibly have access to your files and passwords !

  195. Hi Neil,

    Yeah, I got taken to the same website then, but the reason I fell for it was because he said he was from BT. Still a fool though. Anyway, I’ve carried out thorough scans and there doesn’t appear to be any malware planted and i’ve changed all my passwords.

    I’ll keep this place posted if anything happens.

  196. I received a similar call today from an asian-sounding woman with what sounded like a call centre in the background. I asked for a phone number to confirm the call and was given 02036728926 and was told this was the windows certified system engineer number. When i asked why they were calling me they said they were obliged to do this as I had received junk emails which were in danger of crashing my system and many others. At this point I got very suspicious but was curious to see what they were up to. I followed instructions until the point where I was told that as I couldn’t deactivate the corrupt files they would have to connect to my computer…….at that point I terminated the phone call. The women sounded quite plausible to the non-techy and I think there are a lot of vulnerable people who could fall for this.

  197. Got a call from 19999100103 this morning and the guy with Indian accent basically told me that my PC has been hacked. I knew its a crook from beginning but wanted to play along; however his accent was too bad and I couldn’t figure out what he was saying. lol

  198. If you don’t want to say “I dont have a computer” like I do, in the past I have said, “just a minute” and leaving the phone on the table so it wastes their money whilst they are hanging on. My friend last night said she blows a dog whistle down the phone, I dont have a dog but sounds great, possibly damaging their eardrums, lol!

  199. I had three phonecalls the same day. They were very insistent that I had a Windows machine (I don’t). I played along until I got bored and then told the lady, as gently as possible, that while I understand her need for money, it would be better for her soul and for her karma to take an honest job, even if it was lower paid.

  200. I’ve had this call in the past and always hang up. But today things took a more sinister turn. After I hung up the man rang back and said ‘Why did you hang up?’ before asking if I wanted to **** with him, and worse. I said , ‘Do you know this call is being traced?’ at which time he hung up. But a really unpleasant experience.

  201. I love getting these calls. I’ve worked in IT for long enough to see through their lies and also have a sufficiently off-beat sense of humour to leave them confused more often than not.

    My record for stringing them along is 30 minutes. When they tell me my computer has a virus I shift the conversation onto the computer having a cold and commenting how I thought I heard it sniffing earlier and whether I should put waterproof sheets down to protect the carpet. When they talk about spyware I move onto James Bond and whether someone is spying on my wife with a telescope.

    I used to let them finish their drivel, sounding more and more concerned, until they asked me to switch on my computer. Then I’d explain how that would be difficult as I don’t have a computer. But then I figured I could string them along a little longer…

    Now when they ask me to switch on my computer you’d be amazed how often Scandisk starts running. That can take a while, although amazingly a recent caller waited while I went through the motions of counting from 1% up to 18% only to say that I’d just noticed that 18% referred to “stage 1 of 5” at which point he said he’d call back. And someone did, although I’d gone out by then.

    The most recent one spent half an hour talking to me only to find that I couldn’t connect to his web site. Then he asked me what sort of internet connection I had, and seemed mightily annoyed when I said I didn’t an internet connection and only went online at the library.

  202. i have been getting these calls every other week now for a year first from support on click and now from some one else who cant understand they all sound like thet are from india.the last one was yesterday now i just say i dont have a computer it saves on the insults but they keep phoning and their number is witheld.

  203. I have had the second call in 2 weeks. I initially took the call seriously but put the caller off on both occasions. Having checked the internet, and found this site, I will be much more vociferous in future! The caller can expect a frank and honest exchange of opinion !!

  204. Bit of a worry them knowing your windows license id. I guess depending where you purchased this, your information has been leaked by a seller or worse youve been hacked.

    There are several amusing youtube videos about this kind of thing and if you have the time to waste, I saw a few more suggestions. I have told these people and other scammers not even to do with computers, the latest one being an offer for refunds from the Department of Justice, that Elaine Cole passed away and I am sorting her affairs and one had the damned cheek to ask me if I was interested in his scam, they dont want to miss any opportunity.

    “if they ask for you by name say oh im very sorry he passed away last week im a relative sorting out his personal effects, go into ringtones on your mobile phone and select one to play and say oh important call on my mobile must go please call again though if your phone is near a smoke alarm within reach press the test button and say oh god the dinner is burning and hang up, say oh he’s just outside i will go and get him could you hold on please and leave the phone handset down and ignore it also play some loud music near the phone as well, if your phone is cordless go to the front door and ring the door bell and then say must go got visitors.
    say im awful sorry but im bursting for the toilet could you phone back in five minutes and hang up then if they do phone back say the same thing again”

  205. i have been reading a few of these comments and
    if you have given them control of your mouse this means they have installed a remote connection software hacktool(with or without your permission)even after the calls the tool is still there to snoop at whatever you do on you pc

    the only people who you should give this control is you own isp for fixing problems

    they now still can get into your pc and find out bank details
    when you book holidays (your basicly giving them the keys to your house)

    1 word backup your important files format your pc or get a shop to do it if your new to pc`s

    of get someone who can remove it without formating it

    with Spybot – Search & Destroy or other software

  206. Just had some guy phone from “Windows Maintainer Department” to tell me my PC was infected and they would fix it for me.
    I didn’t ask him which of my 8 PCs I he meant, but I guess it wasn’t the Linux ones :-)
    Curiously, he didn’t tell me whether it was my Win98, XP or Vista machines either.
    He had me open “eventvwr” to show me the errors. Nice trick. I’m pretty sure all Windoze machines have plenty.
    Then he had me go to “http://www.peepaltri.com/”, which I did.
    He seemed to expect some script to run and show me something impressive (or do something bad), but I’m running Firefox with “no script”, so all I saw were his phone numbers and bogus Microsoft accreditations.
    So he had me click on a link to an exe, which I duly downloaded and virus scanned.
    Then he had me run it, which I didn’t.
    Instead, I read out to him the “are you sure? warning, word by word, nice and slowly.
    He said if I didn’t believe he was Microsoft, I should hang up and call his London number 442070999847/8.
    I asked which part of London he was in. He couldn’t tell me for security reasons.
    So I summarised for him: you called me to tell me my PC is infected, but you don’t know which one or what is wrong with it. You need me to call your number and that will prove you are Microsoft, so I can safely run your app to connect to your server, so you can access my PC. But you can’t tell me where in London you are and the Microsoft logos on your website could have been copied from anywhere. Why would I trust you?
    He hung up.
    35 minutes on his phone bill.

  207. I just had a call from what sounded like a call center from Windows Support. I could hear voices in the background like it was a call centre. The caller was indian and talked me through a few initial steps and then escalated it to his technical manager. He was trying to convince me that my computer had a “very bad virus” and was pushing out notifications. If I wanted it fixed, I had to follow his instructions. Strangely, my email was just recently infected with a virus so I believed it at first and went along with the call. He had me go into my system tools (Event Viewer) and tell him how many “error” and “warning” symbols I saw. He responded with “oh mamme, your computer is VERY infected and at risk!”. I asked him to prove who he is and he gave me personal information about me and asked me to look up the website “livewindowshelp.com” and my first hunch was that there was no Canadian flag, then it just seemed to be a hokey (not Microsoft quality) website. Meanwhile, he’s on the phone trying to get me to proceed as I am resisting and calling my husband on the other line. He also asked if my husband was home once he sensed I was getting suspicious. He was VERY persistent and almost rude/aggressive. I finally hung up when he tried to convince me to type in a website address to allow him to view my computer. He actually called me back after that and I thankfully have the number on display. I have since reported it to MicroSoft, complete with the website and phone number. Beware!!!

  208. Thank you for this page. It explains the last 30 mins.
    My caller claimed to be from Smart Support Guys, who I gather are a legitimate company, but deny ever cold calling.
    He took me through the event viewer route and must have been rubbing his hands in glee as it appeared I really may have a problem !
    My suspicions reached boiling point when I was directed to the ammyy.com website to download the remote access software. The front page contains a warning that calls like this are almost certainly scams.
    My refusal to proceed further turned my polite, persistent Indian caller into an entirely different person, who signed off with “Thank you for wasting my time. Buzz off you scum-head. Bugger off”
    Suspicion proved I feel.

  209. Had a call from smart support guys regarding problems with computer. They were very convincing and gained access to my computer showing me all issues and how they would repair them. For a fee of £159.99. Once they informed me of the fee I started asking questions in which they got a little persistent. I advised them that before I pay the money I would check them out as a registered company. The guy quickly closed down all the screen and hung up the phone. These guys were good and could easily fool a lot of people. They must be found out and brought to justice.

  210. Hi.

    I have also just had the call today from “smart guys technology”. I hung up on them. I have no idea how they got my number and my name- I have never given it to anyone. Only Sky could have provided this. Thats more concerning than some fake phonecall. Beware.

  211. Had a call from smart support guys regarding problems with computer. They were very convincing and gained access to my computer showing me all issues and how they would repair them. For a fee of £160. Once they informed me of the fee I have started questioning them and told him I need time to thing and closed down the call.
    we aware of this.

  212. Sorry you got taken in at first. If only people asked themselves how these people know there is a problem with the computer, and realised that 1) they are just guessing randomly or 2) they have hacked into the computer, it would be simpler to tell them to bog off. I had another last week, and this time I just said “oh thanks for letting me know, I will contact my technical guy” and put the phone down, when it rang immediately after, I ignored it.

  213. Just received a call from an Indian guy purporting to be from Microsoft windows support (on pressing said ‘this is Microsoft’). As I realised what was happening I left him ramble on for 15mins (pretending to be accessing my computer) before getting bored and telling him that the error messages he’s getting are hardly accurate as I run a Mac! He wasn’t too happy and ended up swearing down the phone. Although the recommendation is just to put the phone down if everyone were to waste the callers time they will be less likely to carry on with the scam.

  214. My husband has just taken a call from Google Maps – supposedly. I wasn’t in and I am the main computer person but he thought he answered as best he could. The Google chap said he was updating sites on the maps and had noticed that we appeared to be logged in the wrong place and that we had two addresses linked to us. My husband directed him to where we were, the Google chap following on a map and then asked which address would we prefer to be linked to us and my husband gave him one of the addresses. He thanked him very much and that was that. Then hubbie noticed it was a number withheld. When he told me, I was quite suspicious as we ARE placed correctly on the map and both our web addresses are normally quite happily linked. I can’t think what the chap would have gained if it was a scam but….

  215. I have had a phone call tonight. Asian sounding man calling himself Michael (don’t think for the life of me that is his real name. He asked for myself (wife in the household) .He said he was ringing from Smart Tech Guys not sure if right as accent very thick. When I told him I don’t talk to cold callers he got quite uppity saying that a virus on our windows has been traced to our computer. I did for a moment wonder if it was BT as broadband with them but did not mention this just said I don’t talk to cold callers and put phone down. Just thought I’d google this incident to see this site…shocking.

  216. Just had a phone call off these guys tonight. Thought I’d play along for a bit, they told me to go to http://www.teamviewer.com but I was afraid to go to that address in case I would end up with spyware. Pretended I was doing what the woman with a Russian accent was saying until she asked me what could I see and I didn’t know because I hadn’t gone onto the website… so I pressed the button on my phone to hang up. But somehow, when I released the button she was still there! How do they do that? But anyway… I just listened in to her typing, dialing some numbers, etc, thinking she didn’t know I was listening, then all of a sudden she goes “FUCK YOUR ASS, FUCKING ASSHOLE!” and hangs up! Very amusing!

  217. What a charming “lady”, maybe an offshoot of meerkat.com, eh? Regarding her still being on the line, I believe despite our latest technology, that still, if someone rings you and they dont hang up, you will find them on your line and you will not be able to ring out until they do so. It is a pain, the old lady next door to me used to not hang up properly quite often, so her son used to have to phone me from a neighbour’s phone to get me to go around and put the phone back on the hook properly.

  218. I had a call yesterday from Mr Andrew Smith, a very heavily accented asian man, calling from Windows IT support services. He claimed my IP address had informed them I had a virus, although he asked me for me by my maiden name, which I have not used or given to any company for 6 years. I told him there was no one of that name at this address but he said that it wasn’t important, and that I needed to log onto my computer where he would be able to show me that I had many viruses and was at risk. It took me ten minutes to be convinced that it was definitely a scam, so I strung him along for a while and went round in circles and said can I call you back – give me your number. He refused, and said this was a one off emergency call and I wouldn’t get the opportunity again to sort my computer out. Eventually I hung up. Cannot believe that people are so vulnerable to this obvious scam – it’s scary. How can it be stopped or policed?!

  219. I’m getting a call on a daily basis from India although they all give English names. I told them on one occasion that I didn’t have a computer and they told me I had a laptop which was true. When I tell them I get this call daily they immediately hang up

  220. i got a call from An indian lady time ago i was i think 18(im 20 now), the indian lady told me that my laptop was sending out viruses to their company mirosoft something_i thought to myself oh crap.due to my old laptop having viruses and i believed her, and she told me she can help me sort it out and told me to switch my laptop on, i did and she went through the steps with me so i dkne what ahe told me

  221. Don’t they ever give up calling this is my 4 call today in as many months and each time I say I’m not interested and hang up when will they get the message!!!!! I feel sorry for those people that do fall victim to this scam.

  222. They wont stop calling.Atleast 2 times a week these days, they first called 18 months ago.I just string them along for abit then tell them i have a mac, they apologise and hangup lol

  223. This scam is running in doncaster area with supposed ‘update’ difficulty. sounds a Indian possibley guy wanting to talk you through the problem. its bogus yes i did an update but had no issues. be aware these are fraudsters

  224. How could I have been so STUPID! My excuse is that I was vulnerable having been hit by a virus on Saturday watching a youtube video – which just froze the computer. Then I started getting lots of error messages and could only run the computer in safe mode. So when this nice Indian lady said that they had received lots of error info from my computer … and the rest is history. Advanced Windows Care was loaded, remote access was given, and goodness knows what else was done. Straight to the “computer menders” today, I suspect they are harvesting email addresses and that will include info in address books like first names and phone numbers so that is how they can be convincing.

  225. I get these calls at least once a day. It’s getting annoying, at first I was just blowing them off… but now. Let me just say that I have over 6 years of military experience and 2 years in the SF. Now I normally wouldn’t do this or say this but I am seriously thinking about using my “threat neutralization” training and tracking these people down.

    If someone doesn’t do something about these people then I will. This is getting to a boiling point for me from which there is no return.

  226. Same as Chris! They downloaded AWC ran it then nothing…I started to move the cursor around and opened up the LOGMEIN window and the technician typed that i will be contacted by phone in ten minutes time and not to move the cursor around……I killed the remote connection and shut it down fearing a keylogger may had been downloaded…..So now i guess a total reinstall of windows maybe required :(

  227. Tallen, what i wouldnt give for a hero to go in and give these criminal scumbags what for… it’s long been a dream of mine to assemble a crack team and go postal on them. But alas even if one was taken down, another 100 would still exist or be waiting to exist. The countries they’re in are highly corrupt and nothing will ever be done short of cutting off phone contact with the entire country.

  228. I just had a similar call, after about 40 minutes of very believable reasons as to why they had my address and phone number he asked me to visit a website call ammyy.com, at this point, I said “Can I have you number, I would like to research this before I let you use my computer.” He then told me too, and I quote “Fuck off and die sir, I am your father, I will kill you.”
    I then asked how he would manage this as I am probably twice his size and strength, this only enraged him and he kept the line open for about 15 minutes before he got bored. Please note, I could not exit the line, he kept the line blocked.
    My advice, is to simply hang up as soon as someone Indian who you do not know calls you. Racist, I know … but it avoids a lot of hassle.

  229. i just had a call from a indian person called george and he was from microsoft windows and he said that i had viruses on my computer, he also said was the laptop on at the time and i said no, he also didnt even know what the time was, this wasnt the only call i had today, i had one at 7:10 this morning and i told him to f off. (this is the UK)

  230. I just took a call from an Indian sounding gentleman (I use the term loosely). He asked for my wife and quoted her name and address details. He said that her computer was under attack from a Trogan. I asked for details of who he was and who he represented. He gave me a website to look at http://www.mswindowsonlinesupport.com and said he would call back in five minutes.
    Its a pretty unimpressive dodgy looking website. I also googled mswindowsonlinesupport and found details of the scam. He rang back as he said he would and I told him what I had discovered and disconnected the call. A thoroughly nasty experience.Like having a conversation with someone who is about to mug you.

  231. Hi,
    Im in South Africa and received a call today from a Indian sounding man who also claimed to be from Microsoft with a long story about problems that could be on my computer and requested to load a programme and run a scan. I was unaware of this scam at the time (until now when I started googling all the problems he said were on my computer). I came to this page and read all this information and am now really worried as they have installed stuff on my computer. I have not done any banking yet since they been on my pc. I read how to delete their software which will help. This guy gave me contact information for Cape Town and an IT company in Cape Town to contact him. He asked me to pay by credit card which I have not done yet, I put him off I had a bad feeling about the card payment so he said he would phone back tomorrow. Do I need an IT guy to come fix my PC now or will I be ok once I delete their software?

  232. Hi, I’m UK-based and had one of those calls today (a second one in the last half a year, so clearly the scam is still rife). The guy (with an Indian accent) didn’t introduce himself and didn’t check my name either, and started telling me straight away about the supposed virus on my computer. I made him give me a number to ring back – 0113338508424 but it’s not coming up when I google it and I certainly don’t want to ring it anyway in case there’s something dodgy about it. The conversation then verged on the farcical, and when after a while I asked him if he actually knew who he was calling and could he confirm my name, he came up with a totaly different name (relief!) and then I hung up on him. The creepy bit actually happened at the very start – the guy said “hello, we’re calling you again”, so unless it was a co-incidence, they must have a record somewhere showing that they called me once before…? Aaaargh!

  233. Last wed i had a call from an indian guy when i picked up the call it said international, i had no idea about these scams, and i had opened very stupidly an email that had come through in my junk mail(as i had just sold a car with ebay)it was a very suspious email so i reported it to ebay, anyway an hour later i get this call from this indian guy who said i understand youv’e got problems with your windows and you may have a virus which you must clear now youv’e also got hackers that have infected your computer(thinking its all linked to the junk email)i did exactly what he said as he was so convincing next minute he’s into my computer i could see the curser moving which was a bit of a concern but thought he was doing me a massive favour by clearing it all he said his name was James smith i said are you sure and where are you calling from he said London the phone num is 020 80998907 microsoft he told me off for only having free avast and said why have you got that it only lasts 48 hrs(not being very good with computers i did’nt know what to think!he also said why havn’t you got firewall i said i thought i did and frankly by this time because he had shown me that i had these dodgy files i believed him,he then took me to Adams pc support.org and said i must register to get firewall and a virus dater installed and i must give my credit card details,by then my husband thank god had phoned a very good friend who said STOP RIGHT THERE, i told him i would have to ask my husband about this he then put another indian guy on the phone who said his name was royston said dont be ridicuallous why do you need to talk to him wev’e got to do it NOW otherwise your computer will crash,the hackers will do all sorts of things its GOT to be done NOW,i started to close down the laptop he got very aggresive and asked why am i doing this,i must say this was an awful experiance and has left me wondering what on earth he has done to my computer,luckily i took it to a good friend who did a few things to clean it up,all i can say is BE CAREFUL who you answer the phone to never ever give your details to anyone,my daughter said how on earth did i fall for it as i’m normally so tuned into things and don’t trust anyone but the trouble was it was that bloody junk mail that i shouldn’t have read!!!!!

  234. I just received a call from someone who said they were from Microsoft…..that they were the Personal Tec Support Computer.
    It didn’t sound legit so I hung up on the guy….
    He called back 5 minutes later. So i figured maybe i will be nice today and listen to him…..he told me how to look at the errors on my computer (i am not computer savvy by any means) So he told me to go on the internet and to type in a web site…..I told him “I may be blond but not stupid….I am not giving you access to my computer”………So I asked him for the company name again and a phone number so I could call them back….
    Then I decided to do a little google search and voila i found all these…
    Thank you all for your posts……

    this is the number they gave me 1-315-285-4200
    not sure it that is a real number…I aint calling them
    From ON Canada

  235. been getting these calls regularly for over a year now it seems, some of the calls have been rather abusive from their end when they realise they wont be making any money from you .
    im running out of amusing ways to keep them on hold, my regular tactic is to just ask them to hold while i sort the child out , they hang around on the phone waiting for silly amounts of time , ive forgot ive left them on the phone before and went back 20 mins later and he was still waiting , i got a response of “are you wasting my time”.

  236. I have had FOUR calls from these muppets in a 2 hour period this morning. Each time i’ve said I have mac, so why on earth would it be sending microsoft error messages etc. The last time they called, I just left the phone on the side, went for a ciggy, made coffee, came back to be told ‘You fucking scam head bitch. You wasted my time. Bitch’ Charming!

  237. trouble is these people are so believable to non computer savvy idiots like me. i was taken in about a year ago but got so mad when i found out it was a scam i reported it to everyone (even their bank in india) credit card company had all details incl a/c number. kicked up such a fuss i did get the fee of £68 back
    but all to no avail i’m afraid still getting one or two calls a week. feels good telling them where to go thoughand also reminding them they are committing fraud

  238. I just had a call from an Indian sounding female claiming to be from Windows and that I had a trojan virus. I thought it sounded odd, and asked her to repeat it. Once she had I guessed it was a scam and just said thanks, I will sort it and hung up.

  239. They have rang me non stop for 5 days, I keep saying go away leave me alone but I get constant calls to my house and mobile. Their number is withheld but on my mobile it is *92736 < something similar. There is no way they can hack my laptop is there from my phone line? I'm just a bit concerned.

  240. have had about 5 calls about this it was shown on breakfast news it was a scam had a phone call today 3rd feb 2012 at 12 noon told him to f### off return tel no was 002064560661 can anything be done about these people be aware they are still about

  241. I had this phone call this morning but when they couldn’t confirm how they had my phone number but didn’t know my name and couldn’t give me my correct IP address I hung up, have informed all my fb friends, hope they get caught soon!!

  242. Ive just had one of these calls tonight,he said that my pc was running slow,and that i needed to give it a pc check up,i told this guy that it was a brand new laptop i told him to f$$$& off and too stop harrasing me,he said that no matter what anti virus i would use my pc would not be safe from hackers i said yeah you your the hackers and i put the phone down on him,he did get rather stroppy im going to phone action line tomoz

  243. I had a phone call today, could barely understand her, claiming they were trying to help, pc support etc, told me pc was running slow and in danger of virus etc after directing me through several commands she put her supervisor on and then she directed me thru stuff and then eventually to a website and was quite forceful in trying to get me to buy a subscription for pc support and then got grumpy cause i told her no…she wasn’t too nice after i had to tell her no a few times….told me she’d ring back later…

  244. I just got a call from an Indian lady who claimed to be from “World Web Server” and sprouted nonesense about my computer being infected by Trojans.

    Luckily I am an IT Manager but I can see how someone who isn’t IT literate could be suckered in.

    I spent 20 minutes trying to get some telephone number but to no avail, she hung up in the end…

    Best advice is NEVER give any information out to a cold caller, EVER.

  245. I’ve been getting these calls sometimes 4 or 5 a week for around a year or so. I realised they were scamming from the start and for the most part hung up. When I kept on getting them I started to fight back. I would stretch the call out getting them to repeat their intructions several times. I would also tell them to hold whilst I made some coffee, or tea or lunch or whatever, they would still be on the line maybe half an hour later. I’ve also told them that I needed to take my dog for a walk and left them for long periods of time holding (in reality I was just reading the newspaper listening to the saying hello, helloooo). I also have one of those silly noise machines which I make use of during the calls. Anyway, long story short I waste their time, as much of it as I can, right up to the point where they want me to connect to them via logmein or ammy at which point I tell them that I have to cut short the call and could they please call back at a more convenient time. Quite a few of them get very angry and start verbally abusing me. One of the even called me back to call me a cheating c**t. The calls have dwindled in number quite drastically now, I maybe get called once a month or so. I’d like to think it’s because they delete my number from their database after they realise they’ve been had but I don’t think they are as clever as to do that. If we all string them along for as long as we can they will perhaps stop calling us altogether although I fancy they will move on to another type of scam.

  246. I have received one of these calls today myself, the person (who had a very strong Indian accent) claimed to be “monitoring” my connection, and even offered to remote into my PC to show me the error’s he was talking about, Being slightly cautious of some one who had so much of my information, i asked him several question, one being my I.P address, my name, number and service provider. i was quite worried when the information the man returned to me was accurate to near 100%, I have since contacted my ISP explaining these concerns, as to monitoring my connection this paramount to data protection abuse. The were very insistent that they had not handed out this information, as if they had they would have been in breach of data protection act themselves. What worries me most, is how did some random caller know so much about myself and my assets?

  247. I got one of these calls just now! The caller said that he was calling all Windows customers. When I suggested that there must be a billion Windows users and asked ‘are you calling them all?’ he replied ‘exactly, you’ve got it.’ We chatted a bit more, but he soon made his excuses and left the conversation!

  248. Today they got me. I can’t believe I payed 160 pounds for nothing!
    I gave access to my laptop…
    I don’t know much about computers and servicing, they were very convincing. The tricks showing me that I have many viruses looked real.
    I hope they will be caught quickly…

    Thank you for all advices I found on that web-site!

  249. WOW! I can’t believe how many posts there are about this, I have read each one of them!!! These Indian idiots have been calling me for months, sometimes more than 3 times a day. I knew it was a scam in the first instance, for one he said to me ‘your computer is broken’ how did you work that one out sweetheart I’m using it right now!!!! To which I hung up. No matter what you do or say they will constantly call you back! They may leave it a month or two but rest assured they will be back!! I work for a very well known lingerie and sex toy shop and we are provided with rape alarms in case of an emergency. I have now taken this devise as a way of blasting out their ear drums, HAHAHA!!!!!!! I love the idea of people keeping them on hold for ages and wasting their time, if we can all piss them off as much as they do us maybe, just maybe they might GO AWAY!!!!! GGGRRRR

  250. Got a girl with Indian accent, said she was from Microsoft Security
    Service Provider. Gave her name as Janet Joy Tel; 02032862662.
    Got me to download a program from http://www.ammyy.com and proceeded to use my computer and tell me it was riddled with viruses. She spent some time at this and then tried to sell me anti virus software.
    She seemed convincing, but I caught on it was a scam!
    Just thought I would alert you all out there.

  251. I had been receiving these calls as well and I ended up paying to one of these guys. But I interacted with one Indian guy called Samuel Lynn. He did not mention anything about Windows but mentioned his own company and categorically said he wasn’t calling from Windows and they were a support company. I listened to him and then he told me their charges. Thankfully I paid through Paypal to these other guys and so immediately claimed a chargeback. Sam as he called himself explained to me how scammers would show problems on my computer. I signed up with him and I am getting great service. Not all of them are bad out there. Get hold of Samuel Lynn guys, he’s worth it!!!

  252. I received one of these calls. I have been a developer and am a little paranoid with the possibility of an attack on my machine, and, as I use the machine for online banking and buying stuff I was very concerned. When they indicated that I had errors I immediately thought they would try to bamboozle me with event viewer which is a program on windows to see all the errors, warnings and logs on your machine. They didn’t disappoint me and immediately realized it was a hoax not a hijack. I then delayed them; calling them all sorts of things and asking them to explain themselves technically. At last I heard a very ruffled and whimpering operator trying to pass me to his supervisor. This supervisor knew my name and address. The one company that the criminals could have obtained this information is I think BT. Hmmmm!

  253. Just had a call from these guys and they ran through the usual routine with the event viewer and then go me to open a web borowser session. This was a logmein page that they now use to run the remote sessions. I Then explained to the guy that I worked in IT and that there was nothing wrong with my PC.
    The whole thing lasted 10 mins so at least that should stop one more call today at least.

  254. OMG literally!! Stuart, unfortunately you get these religious nutjobs everywhere, perhaps we could get the scammer call diverted to Sharon so she can explain to them the error of their ways!! I am sure the “temple of love” will be very happy to have his email address banded about to scammers. Glad she has got her live back but what about her life!!!!!!!

  255. I just had 2 calls from these freaks. A foreign man called, named James (yeah right and I will sell you the Golden Gate Bridge…LOL!)I didn’t really know what to do. So, I told them that I was going out and asked them for a contact # since Microsoft would have one, I was given the number:18006719625. So, I hung up and tried calling “Microsoft” at the contact number, which is not activated (imagine that!) “James” wanted me to turn on my computer and he was going to show me where I had several viruses on my hard drive, I had so many that they were being reported to Microsoft. What crazies, I’m glad I knew better than to give that man access to my computer…

  256. I got a call yesterday. I played dumb and kept ‘Peter Parker’ (I know. Spider man!) there ages while I pretended to fumble about and not understand what he was talking about. I told him, “but I only use this compute for my online banking”. He was very persistent, until I started telling him about the charity work I do in India (all lies). I told him we raise money for Indian orfans and blind children, and basically poor kids in India and places like Africa, etc. He completely changed his tune. Started telling me how good I was to do that job, and that he hated his job. I was still playing dumb, and told him he shouldn’t hate his job because it’s all about helping people! He told me he wanted to donate money to the cause and could I direct him to a website. I told him I would email him details. He then told me his real name which was actually Sandip, and his email. He told me he had got it wrong about my computer and actually it was fine, but that there are people pretending to work for his company who are calling people, and if I got another phone call from anyone saying something was wrong with my computer, that I must tell them I don’t own a computer, and that I have to tell the other people in the charity the same thing. Anyway, I emailed him and told him the truth. I told him that the only people they were scamming were naive people, probably elderly, who have no money. I told him how many elderly people freeze to death in winter because they can’t even put a heater on, plus a lot more. Anyway, if you do get a phone call, being abusive will do no good, they will just hang up, and be even more determined to scam someone. Try to talk to them on a personal level and explain the kinds of people they are conning, and the impact it is having on them and their health. The scammers are just people who are desperate for money and they think everyone in the UK is rich. They need to learn otherwise, appealing to their compassion is the only thing that will work. They aren’t monsters, just misinformed humans desperate to put food on the table.

  257. Someone claiming to be from Microsoft Technical Support, some time a lady and another time is a man keep ring me at home for the last two months, I use to hung up except yesterday I responded. In brief they informed me that my computer keep sending to them error messages,hence they want to help in clearing the mess and could be a virus. I was convinced they were genuine from Microsoft, because the lady I spoke with she said I do not need to pay is par of the Microsoft service. They asked me to press different keys from different pages on my computer also, reading what was there.
    Surprised, everything went out of control, and it seems that they were controlling my computer. Till now I was foolishly happy that they are doing something good after showing me before a diagram of how my computer is slow and how it should be, also where the error messages generated. At the end, the lady said your computer is clean and very fast as it is new, I was happy. Then she said may be someone keep sending me a virus, and she convince me to get the super advance system protector which detect virus, and send information to Microsoft directly and within a minute Microsoft automatically will erase that virus. I was on top of the moon, and my head getting bigger that I found what I was looking for (ha ha). Then it came to money, after strangling I even paid $199 which is 130.10 pounds through Pay Pal. Then the lady asked me not to touch my computer for 20 minutes because she is doing the installing programs and clean my computer. My heart was tearing when I saw in my own eyes that some of my files open and my computer out of my control.
    I have to leave home because I have a parent evening at the school. That night I managed to talk to the IT teacher at the school about what had happened, he started to lough and said I lost both the money and my computer. At that moment all my happiness went to a nightmare and the moon is disappeared and the night become very dark. When I returned home, I contacted Pay Pal, to stop the payment and raise a dispute, also, the following day I changed all my banks cards and the passwords for my email. Also, I understood from the experts that even if I reformat my computer, they might still be able to hack to it and will not be save to use again.
    I wrote this for other people to read and perhaps learn from my mistake. Do not believe anyone who want to do anything with computer or pretend they are from MICROSFT.

  258. Just had a call from a call centre, an Indian sounding lady saying she was from microsoft and that my computer had a nasty virus and was open to being hacked. She told me to turn on my computer and she would take me through the steps. She knew my name and the call was to my house phone. Fortunately I was in the middle of serving up a family meal and was too busy to talk, would she phone back later. She got cross and said that the office was closing at 8pm and this was very important!!! I don’t know much about computers so wanted my son to deal with it. they phoned back 3 times during dinner, we left it to go to answer phone twice and also answered and hung up. They havn’t rang since. I was sure that my security was upto date but have since checked it and updated it. Beware of foreign sounding Microsoft callers.

  259. I have simple theory for all of this. Most of UK companies moved support to India, most India IT support staff is based at the same campuses. So all it takes for guys that support you service sell UK number (as having broadband service with it) over the corridor to a guys who runs the scam, they probably have well established rate for each number.
    How does this sound?

  260. Have had 2 calls in the past week, managed to keep them on the phone for 20 mins each time so at least that keeps them away from a few other people. Had to laugh even when I told him it was a scam and I knew it, he kept trying to persuade me. I even said I’m happy to stay on the phone all day as it will keep him from ringing others so he knew what I was doing and still carried on for another 5 minutes

  261. Had a call from ‘Michael’ (indian accent) ringing from ‘Windows Support’. We have caller ID and the number was withheld, normally I ignore withheld numbers but was expecting a call from someone else so I picked up. He asked for me by name so i said yes, speaking then he launched into a spiel about my computer having errors. There was a lot of background noise and he was talking very fast I asked him to repeat himself and speak slowly as I couldn’t follow what he was saying, this made him speak faster so I said loudly I CAN’T HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING at this he sighed at me and started again at the same pace so I hung up and googled windows support phone call and found this site. I hope he phones back so I can play with him next time :D

  262. Just had a call from these guys, couldn’t hear most of what he said cause he spoke soooo fast. I could understand that he said he was a microsoft support then said he wasnt (I think). Anyway fobbed him off with being busy and asked for his phone number which he gave me….called the number and the person who picked it up said “Smart support group”. The phone number is a London (02071939836) one but he said he was based in Luton.

    Nothing to do with BT I dont think as I am and always have been a virgin customer.

  263. Got a call today from 016315819211 claiming to be routed to the States to a Windows Cyber Crime unit based in Canada. The had got my details from an intercepted hack and quoted my IP address as which is fairly standard for all PCs running on a router. (It’s the ISP which has the IP address and makes yours invisible to the net…I think!). Anyway she wanted me to go through the PC to find some files. I asked some technical questions and confused her a bit so she passed me to her “Senior technician”. He gave the same information and refused to give me any details about his organisation. I then thanked him for his warning but I would sort it out myself. He then tried to scare me by saying that he would not be responsible for anything that happened to my computer or me. I asked why anything should happen to me and he said that as my PC was being used by criminals then I could be liable. I put the phone down. Both callers had a Spanish/Mexican accent which makes a change!

    All our PCs run slower as time goes on and I recommend anyone who is worried to keep their antivirus up-to-date, set the router firewall and other security and keep away from dodgy websites. If you have to visit dodgy websites for whatever reason then as a minimum go in as a guest user rather than a power user but better still use a non Microsoft environment such as Linux on a memory stick on an old PC.

  264. My mom got a call from an Indian sounding chap claiming to be from “Windows Technical support in London”, which immideately made her suspicious (we live in Belgium). Scammer had all the trouble in the world reading the adress out loud, but he did get it right. My mom then passed the phone onto me because I speak better English than she does. Scammer then goes on to tell me that my mom’s PC is infected by some kind of malware at chip-level. I then asked wether Windows update isn’t normally used to fix these kind of things. He then started his story all over again. After aruing some more, I told him he was full of it and I had to go. He then told me my mom’s computer would crash. I simply replied with “so be it” and hung up.

  265. I got a call today from hartwell ga and they said they were calling because my windows needed an update, there had been a recall and he said are you in front of your comp I said yes, even though I wasn’t and he said click this then right click that and kept saying are you doing this and I said yes even though I wasn’t then he said what do you see and I hung up and he called right back and I didn’t answer and he left a message and said you mot**r f^#@%”/% g bitch you dont want to play games with me I will sue you ! I was appalled, I called the state police not that they can do anything but at least you know they are changing there way

  266. Wish there was a moderator for this site – however – the last post actually demonstrates the same money grabbing, cheating, lying, ‘preying-the-vulnarable’ thieves as the so called windows tech support scammers

  267. Deborah, there is a moderator, who is systematically deleting the crap, but he cannot be expected to do this immediately. He has been informed of this latest rubbish. I tend not to make a comment now about them as it just encourages the nutjobs.

  268. I was first called in July last year when I posted on here. They are STILL pestering me I’ve managed to block most calls using caller ID and the handset I have (Panasonic) has a call bar facility which is brilliant, although they rarely use the same number twice. I try not to answer numbers I don’t recognise but it is sometimes necessary and in the last couple of weeks I’ve picked up twice, another one today from 0206456066 it has been an american sounding male, first indication it is a scam call is silence when you answer as they must use autodiallers worryingly they are still asking for me by name but I just put the phone down now and bar the number. I’ve also been a victim of identity fraud in the last couple of weeks picked up an email from a company called ‘jpay’ saying I’d opened an account, turned out to be a money transfer company in Miami for relatives of prisoners, someone also tried to open a uk catalogue account using my name and address. Thankfully both have now been cancelled and I’ve registered my details with a credit agency who will notify me of any activity. Interestingly when checking out phone numbers on ‘whocallsme’ I’ve noticed several people are Virgin customers not sure if there is a connection or not, it really is about time these people were properly investigated and stopped.

  269. Just received a call and from my missed call list looks like they have been trying to contact me for a while! Definatly Indian and very persistant.

  270. Just had one of these calls from an Indian sounding chap claiming to be from BC Technical Support, a company that looks after the servers behind 6 major broadband providers. He was rattling on about junk files and corrupt files on my dad’s PC – a PC protected by a firewall. He was pushing my father to login in to http://www.teamviewer.com – probably to download their remote access software and gain access to the PC. The whole thing instantly sounded like a scam. The number he was phoning from was 00269 6626966. Be wary of this company.

  271. I just got a telephone call from “Windows” call center. I live in Canada. They asked me to press the “windows” button on my computer and type in EVENTVWR. I am a caution computer user, so I did not do as they said. I asked for his telephone number so that I could call him back. He gave it to me, it was (209) 690-3028. I called them back, and no one answered.

    I am pretty positive this was a computer scam. I just wanted to warn everyone!!

  272. i got one of these calls an although i am a very wary person it did sound genuine and im sure there is alot of people out there that would fall for it. i wont go into details but i basically did what a lot of people have done on here and kept them hanging for about 20 mins. they gave me a website of fixmycomputermate and a phone number of 02032862662. maybe we should organise a day of as many people as we can get to ring this number and play with them for 20 minutes really waste there time. im sure the big boss who ever he/she is will be very annoyed when hundreds or thousands of clever timewasters clog up there phone lines and no money is made hehehehehe. maybe someone should set a group up on facebook so that we can get a good gathering and organise something. maybe a bit petty but very satisfying and no legal bodies ever seem to do anything. people let me know your thoughts and if any interest i can always start a group.

  273. I get a call quite often from these Indian/Pakistani/bangledeshi guys asking if they can speak to Mr right. I usually tell them sorry this is Mr Wrong or Mr Left but this time I let him carry on. I asked his name he paused and then said Brian Jones lol. I then said where are u calling from, he said www. I said www what. I then asked what country he said California. I asked what time is it where u are? He said 8.45am and it was 8.15pm in London. Told him he was a liar and asked him how he slept at night then the phone went dead….. Called the Police but they told me straight up that they could do f all for me…..

  274. I got a call today – said they were from the World Wide Server but basically the same spiel that everyone else has had. I asked them which computer and they said the windows machine that is hard wired to the internet. I asked them for an IP address which they gave me (didn’t write it down I was just trying to catch them out but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my IP address). They had my name and when I asked them how they got it they said it was from the registration when I registered the applications on my machine. None of the apps are in my name in fact I doubt any of them are registered and certainly not containing my home phone number. Asked for a number to call them back on and they hung up. They are quite convincing and able to give answers to technical questions quite quickly so be careful.

  275. i just received the fake microsoft support call and got put through to another indian guy then another and then he wanted me to log on to support.me and enter the 6 digit code and when i said no your a scammer he got very aggressive told me i was a gay and asked if im a girl or a guy lol then said i can log in to your computer and destroy it which made me chuckle and made him very angry lol

  276. I got my call the call today from a Ricky Schofield , of Windows Technical Support. Could not really understand him because of his thick Indian accent and the noise from the other telephone operators in his Indian call centre. A few good olde English expletives from me and our Indian Ricky soon hung up.

  277. Just received a call from John Marvin(heavy Indian accent) who rang to say was calling from Windows Technical Solultion Centre as my pc was showing warning signs.He wanted me to go through process with him,i asked where he was caling from and he said Florida..I asked for a contact number and he gave me 014389 40777 and that this was UK number for their office..his reference was 66327..He wanted to go through the process and i type in teh info while on the phone so he could help me..i let him do this but I DID NOT KEY IT IN BUT WROTE IT DOWN..after this I told him that I WOULD NOT KEY IN ANYTHING DUE TO SCAMS AND THAT I WOULD CALL THE NUMBER HE GAVE. I DID THIS AND THE NUMBER GOES THROUGH TO ANSPHONE, ADVISED THAT PERSON YOU ARE TRYING TO REACH IS NOT AVAILABLE SO LEAVE MESS…did’nt bother..while typing this I was called again by different Indian chap saying he was from the London office..I told him to loose my number and that have been reading up on on these scams..surprising he hung up on me.

  278. I too have fallen foul of these scam artists. Although I didn’t pay them, they had still remotely accessed my computer. I am now worried that they can still access it. I have had fraudulent use of both my Debit and Credit cards since their call. I am just concerned that they will access the replacement card details if I use them online again. What to do??

  279. LOL just had ANOTHER call from the dipsticks….me and my mate had a great laugh with him on speaker phone…..he asked what was happening when we clicked the start button my mate said the screen had gone blue and we now had a smiley face and was it worth more having a smiley face…..he got confused and hung up LOL

  280. Been getting at least 3 of these calls per week for the past 5 weeks. Got annoyed today and told the Indian guy I wanted to ring him back to verify where he was calling from. He gave me a phone number which he said was in California. I live in the UK so was not going to make this call. I just wish they would get the message that I am not going to follow their instructions!!


  282. I have received 3 of these calls. The first time I was nearly taken in as I had a very old computer and it was feasable that ther were lots of errors on it. Only up to the point where the Indian sounding gentleman wanted remote access to my computer though. Then alarm bells rang. I was put on to the supervisor who was going to give me the instructions on how to do this. I refused to do what he was asking and he started shouting at me asking why I had wasted HIS time. I told him I was very suspicious and was not going to carry the call on any longer and hung up. The next two calls I just hung up as soon as I heard the word WINDOWS.

  283. I had a call today supposedly from Windows Technical Dept. First a female and then she passed me on to Sam. He also told me that errors warnings were being sent from my computer to them and I should press the Windows button and R which eventually took me into Events viewer who showed a lot of errords and warnings going back to October. I then had to listen to a long spiel about how my warranty had run out and when I questioned if he was trying to sell me something, he assured me he was not. After a great deal of persistent talk (about 10 minutes), I told him I was suspicious and he became even more persistent. Then he told me I would have to purchase a warranty at £70+ for a year or £170+ for life. I refused and said I would contact my son who works in computers. He then started quizzing me about my son’s age, computer ability etc and that really put my back and blood pressure up. I eventally hung up and rang my son who said it was most likely a scam. But I am worried that they can access my computer as he kept going on about internet banking and shopping. Can they access my computer? There were a lot of errors/warnings in Event viewer- did they put these there?

  284. Event Viewer is a log of program activity. It will have errors and warnings. They are not evidence of malware. The scam artist will either try to get you to run remote desktop software and gain access to your PC, or get money off you.

  285. Just had a phone call from The world wide web server! An Asian lady said she was trying to help me – I had a problem with a trojan hacking into my computer. I was immediately suspicious as she wanted me to install software to control my computer remotely. Also I was completely unaware that my computer had a problem as I have Norton installed and all seems to be running smoothly. She was very insistent and even rang back when I rang off. But would not say who her company was or leave a contact number or name. She just said I didn’t understand it was a server based call. I am just so relieved that I didn’t give her access to my computer. Especially after reading this page. Phew!!!
    But feel a bit shaken that someone should have targeted me.

  286. Had yet another call from these morons today, withheld number, indian accent, calling from ‘Windows Support’. I said I have told you before I do not have a Windows computer (I do but meh….) now stop phoning me. An hour yet later another call. Tomorrow I’m going out and buying a whistle…

  287. Well another nice cold call from the Indian call centre in god knows where sixth call in a month!!

    In my defense, I was exceptionally bored this time, and decided to have a giggle, so I obligingly went through the motions which consisted of press the windows key and ‘r’ simultaneously and type in a code he gave me, presumably to check for ‘errors’ the usual threats where being made about my pc never working again within 15 days etc.

    I let him go on, purposely getting letters he had stated wrong ( not hard given the background noise and his poor accent) He got increasingly exasperated at my incompetance, and his obvious inability to make himself understood, at which point, I asked him if he would like to buy a washing machine :)

    This confuses the hell out of them, just bang on about APR and next day delivery, then ask for THEIR credit card details …. funnily enough, after forty five minutes he hung up …. Try it, it sure beats the hell out of getting annoyed ! ;)

  288. Wow, looks like it’s still a current problem. I just got a call today from some guy with a thick Indian accent saying that there was a problem with the international router that runs windows. Pretty funny actually.

  289. My mum had the same call yesterday, lucky she has know i idea how to turn on the computer! So she handed the computer over to me, i very “helpful” indian lady on the over line, saying i have “junk mail” on my computer that needed to be wiped and she’d wait for me to get my computer. I hung up.

  290. These guys have been ringing my house once a day every single day for months at this stage. As soon as I hear the foreign lad/lady start talking I absolutely snap at them and tell them to never riing this number again but clearly they arent getting the message…. Does anybody know how to make them stop ringing please????

  291. I told them I have a Mac and have never heard from them since. Or perhaps like one lady suggested last week – go and get a whistle!

  292. I had a call last week from an Asian speaking man who even asked for me by my name which I find strange. He said that they had received errors and virus wrnings from my laptop. I said well how’s that then, I am a pc engineer could you tell me how you have access to my laptop and he hung up immediately. This is a scan which really pees me off. I’m ex directory also so how they get people’s numbers. Also getting weekly someone ringing asking me to do a survey and it’s at least twice a week. And also getting again an Indian speaking guy asking me if I want a new phone on contract. When you say no already have one they ask if a family member wants one. Something should be done to stop this may be software from your phone provider that can block these people.


  294. I received my second call in about 4 months from Windows Support!!!! Wow!!!! Microsoft is the most customer satisfaction conscious company in the world. Yeah right! Like Microsoft just has this call center full of people monitoring all the windows users out there! What a joke. Anyway, the guy tells me again, that there is something wrong with my pc, last time he said it had a virus, this time, he had me pull up event viewer and he asked me to tell him how many administrative events there were, (ha ha ha) and of course when I told him he said “oh my god” with a heavy Indian vernacular. He elaborated by asking me how are you using this computer sir?. Anyway, I cut through the proverbial b.s. by adamantly stating that I had no credit card. He said ” Thats ok! tell me what you have!” ha, and then I said ok hold on, but before that I explained that I had work sensitive information on my pc and that I would have to obtain a workable and testable call back number for him, because if I lost any information, I would need to get my attorney on the line. He then quickly confered with an indian cohort and terminated the connection. Good Times, Capitalism at its finest.

  295. @Wayne. We have been having the same thing, only they are always addressed to my partner who didn’t tick the box on the electoral role so was part of the edited register last year. If we look on 192.com they know where he has lived and how old he is his entire life and are publishing it for everyone, whilst for me there are no such records as I always tick to not be on the edited register (I only get spam emails/texts that I believe an insurance company sold-on when I did a comparison search a few years ago, thus I use fake details now until I buy insurance).

    He is also a computer scientist so did not fall for the “indian man’s” BS that they had received emails from us with our details. The call was terminated after he told them this.

  296. I have just discovered your site wish I had looked for information regarding this before now. After I got a new computor early 2010 I had my first experience of a telephone call from the Windows support technicion unfortunately it was a bad time for me as I had been unwell and I listened to all this guy was saying and after he had there technicion help me correct my computor problems I signed up for a life membership with Windows supportme.com paying £130. Now and a again there would be a call to say my computor had viruses and was about to crash but as I knew there was nothing wrong with it I always refused to go on line with them. Never thought any more about it untill a couple of month ago I started getting call from them again telling me they would like to refund my subscription as I had never used there services I fell so stupid at believing them and let them try to refund this money via Western Union through my bank account fortunately my bank kept blocking these transactions but I now have found that Western Union have managed to debit my account for the sum of £142 this being done without my permision.
    It has alway been Asian speaking personel who come on the phone very polite and talking over you during the whole conversations. Would like to know if there is anyway to report these people for the fraud and stress they have caused me these last months. So beware of them.

  297. I phoned the police and reported them – don’t think it did any good though but worth a try. Maybe try reporting them to Microsoft as well??

    Good luck xx

  298. I have received two phone calls in the last 5 days. The first one was a person from India and I could not understand him at all. He told me that my computer had problems. Well I am on my computer all day and my computer did not have any problems. I hung up on him. I got another phone call today, telling me my computer had a licensing problems with Windows again I hung up on him. They are calling from blocked numbers to my cell phone. How did they get this number anyway? This call sounded like it was a large call center. Next time I think I will follow some other peoples leads and ask them to hold on and go make my lunch and eat it while they wait.

  299. i got loads of phone calls from these asain people asking me if my computer was slow when its clearly not it has a quad core processor and once they got me so annoyed that i told him i wasnt going to give him any of my deatails and not co-operate that he told me f**k off (sorry for the language) and now when i get a call i just tell them to do one. seriously try this grantee loads of fun :)

  300. Hi

    just started getting these again after a break of about 2 months – back then they got so fed up with me that I got a “oh no not you again” when one called – this time (today) got another call, not a virus this time but a problem with my windows software allegedly – thought I’d pretend not to have an internet connection and told him his PC must be magic as I didn’t know how he was getting any info from our laptop as there was no internet connection – don’t think he knew what I was talking about as he just kept saying that I had to turn on my PC and follow his instructions, I started getting all sarcastic with my answers then, kept him on the phone for about 10 minutes then he just hung up – don’t think these clowns will ever stop but I’m enjoying taking the p*ss out of them for as long as I can – at least they’re not scamming someone else when I’m winding them up – if you can be bothered winding them up it’s quite enjoyable hearing them getting more irate at their end

  301. Best thing is to do is get in touch with BBC’s Watchdog and get them to investigate. They might be able to narrow it down as to who or where these people are running the scam from. ive had dozens of these calls and are fed up to the back teeth with them http://www.bbc.co.uk/watchdog/

  302. I`ve been getting constant calls from these guys. It stopped but recently started again. The number on the phone reads 00000000. I`ve taken to answering and disconnecting straight away without speaking. However today I was a little bored and curious, so I answered. He sounded like an Indian chap, I asked for the name of the company and he said it was Nerdi. Then I hung up, giggled a bit and came here. Now I`m going to report it to phone provider.

  303. they phoned me up on different occasions but yesterday on the 27/04 i genually thought they were from windows they like an idiot i gave them access to the computer, indien people really can be convincing and persistant. I only realised it was scam when they wanted like £150 for 1year £250 for 2 years and £350 nfor life time to activate my windows to sort the virases on the computer (which is obviously way more then what Windows ultimate costs.
    They said my computer would be completly deactivated forever in 30minuits if i didnt activate it now. I said to them it would be cheaper to biy a new computer and they actually said any new computer i ever biy would automatcly be diactivated which is ridiculas.
    I hadn’t turn this computer on atall in 5 months and need to format it and get a new windows.

  304. Just hung up on what sounds like the same Indian/Pakistan/Asian man & woman that MICROSOFT reported a major quantity of errors in my laptop and they need access to my laptop to determine cause of errors and whether my “subscription” for Windows Software Warranty” was active to cover costs of cleaning up the errors. Foolishly I gave access to the laptop via LogMeInRescueTrialSoftware; They entered intot he computer a SOFTAWRE ACCESS CODE (??) and then scrolled through the cmd.ex-tree …which leads me to believe they stole/copied files off my computer. At the end of the “tree” a message came up to the effect “no warranty is active”. I immediately shut off internet access. I informed the woman I would contact my computer tech person for guidance- and the woman hung up abruptly. Question- how can I check to insure they did not enter in a code to have access to my laptop without my knowledge? How can I determine if they corrupted my files? …or gained access to confidential data? I shut off the laptop; performed disk cleanup; then did a Systems Restore to an older date. I will next run virus scan. What more can I do -other than remain off the internet for a period? or switch laptops?

  305. Deborah Phillips

    Rung up by (surprise surprise) an Indian chap calling himself Kevin – apparently his company was Microsoft Windows server and my machine was infected with a virus. I informed him that I was quite surprised as my machine is an apple mac where upon he called his ‘supervisor’ over who then slickly changed the company to Apple mac server. All I needed to do was go to a website and click enter to get an app, apparently it’s not software but an app ?1?1? – of course I didn’t and there followed a 20 minute argument as to whether or not it was a scam. In the end he got quite nasty and told me that if I didn’t accept his invitation to the website that I would be invalidating my warranty. I told him that he didn’t know consumer law. Website is showmypc.com which then bounces you to AMMYY.com. Very believable and the cold callers are now getting quite nasty using strong arm tactics – I’m doubly annoyed as my TPS should have stopped these guys ringing me in the first place!

  306. I just got off the phone with them. I had them going for 20 mins the guy got very upset because I kept asking if he was on apple’s payroll and why he was saying all windows computers had viruses. It made my day.

  307. just got a call from these scammers about 10minutes ago,when my mum told me to answer the phone a Asian woman was on the other line. foolishly i was on my computer and finally she said ‘welcome we have found viruses and errors on your computer, i’ve got Norton antivirus 360 but she said ”that does not cover it!” so then another man Chinese decent was on the line, he said put in my computer password which i stupidly did, he gained access to my mouse ! he then said 4 years is 124 euro and lifetime is 311 euro. i told them i never had any problems with this computer before and if i did i would have gone back to the shop where i bought it! he then abruptly hung up, i new once i answered the phone it was a scam because of the woman’s voice and the number which was 000 0000000 so you would not be able to call them back!! but i changed my computer password :)

  308. They called us yet again on friday and this time my other half answered the phone, They went through all the usual spiel about viruses on the windows computer and could he switch on his computer which he did. They asked him to click the start button and he said i have no start button. This went on for sometime him acting dumb and them getting more and more frustrated. After a while they asked if he was running windows software and he said ‘No, I use Linux’. They then hung up lol.

  309. I’ve had several calls on my answerphone supposedly from the “Smart Support Guys” (it’s not) giving 020 3627 2566 as their contact number.

  310. I live in Cyprus, and have recently purchased a new laptop while in the UK.
    I got a call from someone called Jerry Richard, he was Indian sounding, I explained I did not have internet access at home and would need to call him, back the following day.
    Before I called I checked out the area code and found it was oxford, I tried to locate a windows support centre, but guess what, I found this website instead, I did call the number back and the call was answered with something like Microsoft call centre.
    The number he gave me was 0044 186 5600 766
    Is anything being done to trace these people?
    How did they get my number?

  311. I just completed a fun call with these chaps from the “windows technical department”. As a test of their patience, and to see how far they will go, I managed to keep the conversation going for just over 36 minutes, escalating through two levels of “management” and also negotiating a discount on their security software.

    If you are reding this DO NOT allow them to access your computer, but do let me know whether you can beat 36 minutes.

    They ended the call by giving me a name – Ryan Curt and a phone number to call back on – 0208 998 907. When dialled it is an unrecognised number. Why would he do that?

    Have a great day. :-)

  312. Have just received a call (in the Netherlands) from an Asian woman claiming to be from Windows Care and working for the Windows Operating System from Miami. I had to check my computer and see for myself how many virusses were present, so they could help me. Whilst on the phone I googled Window Care and found the information it was fake. She let me through to ‘toepassing’ via my computer (left click) and ‘beheren, logboeken’. There she showed me the faults at the bottom of a list. More then 5 or less? I had nine, but all on the same date and time and probably at the time we bought the computer. Nothing to worry about therefor. I had told her I didn’t think this was the normal route to go, but she insisted if she had mailed me I would not have received the mail. She was indeed pushy and kept repeating what I needed to do. She also has a list of what terminology is used in Dutch. I made sure I didn’t give her any information about me or my computer.
    When I suggested that this was rather strange, she just talked over it and reminded me of my slow computer and all the virusses on it. May be I should talk to one of their technical operators. I told her I found Window Care via Google and that this was fake. She instantly said:’Ok then, you don’t have to buy anything’, and I hung up.

  313. I just got a number from them that actually worked. Call 0702 403 5004.

    they even call you back.

  314. Tricia, May 30th,2012

    I got a call from a Steven Smith, public service officer, google maintenance dept, ceo office. Said all my information on my computer had been leaked out all over the world. Got his no and said I would call him back and I hung up.

  315. I am in France and just had a call from an Indian sounding lady at the “Windows Technical Department” saying I had an internal software corruption. They wanted access to my computer to fix it. I asked her which Company she worked for and she would only repeat Tech Dept. Asked for her phone number and she said UK 02032860882 and her address was claimed as 47/2 Cardinal Place, Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JL . I told he that I had specialist anti cookie software, specialist Firewall in addition to MS and anti virus software. She had no technical knowledge beyond her script. I declined her offer of help.

  316. I have just received a call from Windows Support – the indian person called 3 times – the lst time I told him I had not reported a fault and hung up, the 2nd time he said they had found a fault so I said well the email me and I will deal with it and then hung up – he called again a 3rd time and I was rather rude and told him as he had my phone number and my name then he must also have my email number so send me an email and stop bothering me on a holiday weekend – he hung up this time

  317. Have also fallen victim to a scam from BC Technical Services saying there was a virus on my computer. The name “Sean Williams” was given and the number traced was 0157 859 6326 based in London! They got as far as telling me my computer was infected with viruses and at that point I got suspicious. I always prided myself that I would never be caught out by a scammer and this business frightens me to death. What are they able to do with the info that was downloaded?

  318. Go Ahead Make My Day

    @ Heather, re: May 8th 2012
    I live in Cyprus too. I had the same clown call me today – “Jerry Richards” (yeah, and my name’s Gandhi). I kept him on the line at least 35 mins, teehee. He gave me his location as “Oxford, Oxfordshire” (thanks for that, Jerry) and his office tel. no. and extension no. – 0044 186 5600 766 ext. no. EM1102 – that’s the same number he gave you, Heather. I told him I’d phone him back immediately. Did that; no answer: 12 rings, a click, then a dead line. After that he kept calling me back and I kept hanging up. If he tries again I’ll just tell him I’ve got something in the oven and I’ll be back ‘in a minute’ …(1 hour later). Could also download some really annoying sounds (whistles, car alarms, vuvezelas, my husband snoring) and then put the phone next to the speakers when dear Jerry’s on the line. OOHOOOHOOOO…
    There is a way of getting incoming numbers barred through CYTA if you can be bothered to go through THEIR call centre.

  319. I received a call today supposedly from Windows support centre, an asian man told me that there were viruses downloading onto my computer I said I do not have a computer, he said well your laptop, I said I haven’t got a laptop not even a mobile, he told me to stop shouting at him that it was rude so I said right I am listening, he said what is your age, I said why he said you are a F***ing old lady, I will not tell you what I called him as I don’t usually swear but it ended with me telling him to get stuffed I was so angry who do they think they are

  320. Just had a call and dragged it out for 48 minutes.
    I eventually had to go to work and said I don’t know how he can sleep at night doing this sort of thing. He rang back and he said he would f*** my mother and my daughter and that he would bite my arse and that I am a monkey and a dog. He then rang again and said he would come here and f*** my mother and daughter and father. Really frightening and the fact he can ring any time and possibly speak to my wife or children is not right.

    I am going to contact the Police and see what they can do.

  321. I have now rung BT and they said they cannot do anything about it, neither can the Police or Microsoft. All I can do is change my number (for £25), but that the call centre generates random numbers and that I might get called again. Amazing really.

    BT advice is not to engage with them and just hang up.

  322. Go Ahead Make My Day

    @Dominic July 2nd, 2012

    The person you spoke to at BT didn’t exactly help you. If you live in the UK you can sign up for BT’s Telephone Preference Service, which allows you to opt out of ALL marketing calls and cold calling. http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/index.html or phone their automated registration line: 0845 070 0707.
    Personally we quite enjoy winding up the scammers. Last time the “Microsoft” caller said they were calling from Columbus, Ohio, USA. My husband said enthusiastically: “Really? Oh wow! I’ve been there!” and then started rabbiting on about an (imaginary) holiday. They hung up in despair. Chortle.

  323. I am registered with TPS. They apparently generate numbers until they get one that works. As far as I understand TPS only works to stop calls from British cold-callers.

  324. Advice to you all, buy a whistle. I did and each time they rang back to call me a F***er they got another blast, and another, Not had a call in over 2 weeks now.

  325. had a call on 7 july 2012 saying lot about computer being corrupted,i am not very good with computers so when this indian caller started to show me problems on my computer by moving the cursor,saying the computer could crash at any time,i flipped and paid ,they then worked on my computer for about an hour do not know what they were doing, contacted my brilliant bank co/op to get transaction reversed but again no help ,only said to write to the bank and they would try to get my payment back
    Any advice would be welcome

  326. When they phone, tell them they’re liars and thieves, and hang up. If they persist, string them along for along as you can. Record them and put it up on Youtube! If they don’t get the message, get a whistle or rape alarm.

    If you’ve already let them on your PC, God only knows what they’ve done to it. Wipe your hard drives, Reinstall your Windows, and get a good malware scanner.

    I recommend Comodo. Update the virus database, set the scan to highest level, including rootkits, and scan.

    If you’ve paid them, it’s too late. They’re in India, or somewhere – who knows? The money’s gone. Nobody’s doing anything about it, so the only thing left is to educate everybody you know and take precautions.

    Nothing identifiable is normally sent from your PC (unless you have malware). They’re calling random numbers. Neither Microsoft nor any of their certified partners will ever phone you at home out of the blue.

    Don’t trust people on the phone! It’s not just this issue, it’s every cold caller or research surveyor (What’s your name, address, income, job, ages of your kids?) Don’t give your credit card number to a complete stranger, especially one who phoned you, and without checking them first…

  327. I’ve only ever had one of these calls and that was about a year ago. I have a personal and stringent policy never to provide any information to anybody who phones me or emails and that helped but additionally and fortunately that very morning there had been a discussion about this scam on Radio Mersyside and people who had fallen for it were phoning in with their stories. I would urge everybody to adopt the policy of not providing any information to anybody who phones or emails you and asks for information or access to your computer. If the request is legitimate and important enough then whoever it is will be prepared to send a letter but only if they already know your address. If they don’t know your address then it’s not likely to be legitimate!

    I bought my first computer 7 years ago and within a month of starting to send emails (mainly with regard to work) I began to get scam emails from people purporting to be holding large sums of cash ready to be deposited in my bank if I would only give them my bank details. This is part of the problem. Somebody out there is selling phone numbers and email addresses or is in some other way making them accessible to these low-life scammers.

    The other problem is that some people lose all sense of reality once they log on to a PC! A work colleague of mine (just before I retired) about 3 years ago fell victim to phishing. She lost £14,000 from a savings account after clicking a link on an email purporting to be from her bank. The link took her to a website that looked exactly the same as the bank’s legitimate website (she showed me it…it happened to be my bank too!) She got the money back but once it was sorted and she was feeling happier I told her to treat emails exactly as you would somebody cold-calling you or knocking on your door. I asked her what she would have done if somebody had knocked on her door, said they were from her bank and asked for her bank details so they could update her security?

    She looked embarrassed. Hopefully she learned her lesson!

    Be sensible. Be aware and be awake. There are enough scams out there that are hard to identify without falling for the obvious ones. Make yourself abide by some simple rules such as giving people nowt unless you are face to face with them in their office, you know who they are and you can get to them again if you have to. If they won’t allow you to do that ….then it’s more than likely to be a scam.

    And that one call I had from India ( I think )? I just told him to F*** o**! He did.

  328. Just received similar call from indian Alex SMith Anti-hacking department of windows. 209-813-2556.

    Id number 8017F Yep sounds official except that it would be Microsoft department….and they never call!!! Do not let them access your computer!

  329. Go Ahead Make My Day

    Just in case anyone has not really read or understood the hundreds of previous posts on this website, don’t bother. It’s old news now. Panorama has done a doco on it. It’s all over YouTube – just search for “Microsoft Windows Technical Support Scam”. And it’s been reported in The Guardian for the last 2 years. There is nothing new to say here about it. Unless you have the tel. no. and name of the top Pooh Bar, no. 1 CEO who is running the scam.

  330. Go Ahead Make My Day – yes people should be aware of the scam BUT as is patently obvious many people are still falling for it – so the more publicity the better. So it’s not old news as folks are still being called up and fleeced.

  331. Oh dear – I’ll make this simple, quite a lot of people do fall for these scams so more publicity to ANY site that helps stop these scams the better. After all this site doesn’t charge for this so what’s the harm.

  332. Go Ahead Make My Day

    Oh dear, I’ll make this simple too – we don’t have to come to this blog to moan about cold callers, each with a tawdry story. There is a wealth of information online if people really want to find out, and do something about it. This site doesn’t need any more publicity than it already has, otherwise it could be accused of cashing in on other people’s problems, rather than offering helpful solutions. Thank you, good bye, and goodnight. I’m outta here.

  333. ‘There is a wealth of information online if people really want to find out, and do something about it.’ Well you still came to this site and you already know about it – so why did visit this site???
    The problem is that people still don’t know and are still being scammed – so the more it’s talked/messaged about the more likely that it will stop. Obviously you’re not in that category but plenty are.

  334. Well thats strange, Go Ahead, I googled “Microsoft Windows Technical Support Scam” when I first received a call from the scammers and this is the first site it brought me too!! Also the Panorama “slot” was about 5 mins (if that) long NOT exactly glaring news really!!

    I am with you Deborah, the more publicity this scam gets the less chance that vulnerable people will get ripped off….and that is also what the police said when I called them with the details I got from these con merchants!

  335. Talking of phishing (well, I did yesterday!) found two in my Spam folder just now. These are the first I have ever had. Probably from the same source because one starts ‘Dear Halifax mamber….’ and the other ‘Dear Santander member….’. Security had blocked pictures and there was a red banner warning across the top of the Virgin Mail page (well done Virgin!)

    There was enough visible to note apalling English and both read as quite threatening stating that unless bank details and Billing information were provided on the ‘secure page’ provided by the link (which obviously I didn’t click!) then the account would be suspended and internet banking facilities closed.

    I am neither a ‘member’ of Halifax nor Santander.

    The point is people are still falling for this scam and others despite them being obvious and despite ‘Make my day’s’ assertion that there is no need for any further publicity, constant reminders remain necessary.

    Both are now permanently deleted.

  336. The best way to end these calls is to ask the caller the following question. “How to you sleep at night after stealing money from people with this scam?”

  337. I have just rcieved a call from a lady saying she was from IT Council on behalf of Microsoft and that she is giving me a serial number that i need to check against my computer as they have been given info from microsoft that i have a very serious virus problem. When i asked where she had got my details from she said i need you to check this ‘That is why i am calling you’. My baby starting crying and i told her to call back later, (baby was crying but i also wanted to get hold of the hubby and tell him about the call). Within 2 mins i got a call from the same company but a man asking me why i had ended the call!!!! Needless to say he got a bit of a mouthful from me. I then ended that call and looked on the net and was brought straight to this site. When they call back, if they do then i will be asking them to provide a company registration number and a telephone number i can call them back on and then i’ll tell them what they can do with thier concern for my PC

  338. There was enough visible to note apalling English and both read as quite threatening stating that unless bank details and Billing information were provided on the ‘secure page’ provided by the link (which obviously I didn’t click!) then the account would be suspended and internet banking facilities closed.

  339. Just had two of these calls. The last one I ended quite quickly I told them I was about to call the police. She put the phone down on me.

  340. This is the 3rd call now from these idiots. Today it was ‘Roger’ who had a really thick Indian accent. The line is never the best quality (or maybe I’m going hard of hearing), so my mantra is to ask them to repeat everything, ask again where they are calling from and then ask them for their number so our IT Dept can speak directly about the ‘nasty problem we are experiencing’. Funny thing happens then ……….. line goes dead??? Shame, I quite enjoy our little chats.

  341. i have received calls from supposed windows xp techs based in london with strong indian accents tel numb 00489012, i put the phone down on them when they asked me to switch on my computor

  342. Having had a half dozen of the calls earlier in the year, and on the last one saying “I could not give two ***** if my PC was bombing India, never mind sending error messages”….the calls have ended !

  343. Your blog without any doubt provides several helpful specifics down on paper.
    I have been previously looking for various hours, and i’m truly satisfied that I found your site. I’ll certainly discuss this along with my friends.
    Thanks a lot.

  344. I get about one a week, depending how bored I am I either just reply I do not have a computer or I string him along asking him aobut curtains and blinds – after all he is from Windows!!!! Other times I break down crying down the phone that my computer is dying. But toally getting fed up with it

  345. I get about one a week, depending how bored I am I either just reply I do not have a computer or I string him along asking him about curtains and blinds – after all he is from Windows!!!! Other times I break down crying down the phone that my computer is dying. But totally getting fed up with it. My caller ID comes up with International so I tend to ignore it now.

  346. I was called today, so its still going on, they have a website: http://www.smartsupportguys.com, which states they are Microsoft Credited, I realise anyone can set up a website and Microsoft can’t check them all. However, the posts here go back long enough for Microsoft to have become aware. Unfortunately, they gained access to my laptop but no payment was made when we realised it was a scam by finding your comments, so thanks for posting them. I have informed the UK Action on Fraud and this in turn notifies the police. I have also spoken to Microsoft and made them aware. I have requested that Microsoft make people aware via the website and in shops etc. I have said I will follow this up until something is done…

  347. Have just had the third call within a week from these people, claiming to be from ‘Windows Technical Engineering Department’ or similar.

  348. Today we received two phone calls from “windows support”. In the first phone call the lady threatened my mum saying they would come to our house and kill her. When the phone rang again I (her daughter) answered pretending to be her as she was distressed from the first call. I told this man about the previous phone call and said that I would ring the police. He then told me to go ahead, that I was a helpless old lady who couldn’t do anything. On dialling 1471 we couldn’t find the number they rang from. We contacted BT to see if they could help but they couldn’t do anything.

  349. I’ve just received a phone call from someone with a heavy Indian accent saying that my computer is in “critical condition”. His name was “Anthony” from Windows Technical Service Center. He gave me the number 209-330-3606 which was a scammed number as well.

  350. Hello to everybody posting here , i have just this second had one of these calls, you know Indian accent, chattiing about windows error messages, virus prevention etc …..

    Oh and i might add it’s not a one off for me i have taken probably 10 of these calls to my home number over the past year or so (same thing every time), i’m pretty annoyed with the volume of the calls to be honest.

    after about the fifth call i actually rang the real Microsoft corporation , to ask them about it and of course they confirmed that it was a hoax , you have to remember with regards windows error reports etc you send them that’s fair enough but it’s for the sole reason of developers fixing issues with the software (no on from microsoft would ever,ever ring you about this or ask for personal details etc )

    it is a blatant scam, it just smells of scam from the minute they open their mouth, i don’t know how stupid they must think i am daft ****’s.

    anyways i guess what i’m trying to say in a round about way is just ignore , and do not be tempted into this , either just hang up, be sly chat to them and try and gain some incriminating evidence from them, or just tell them if that don’t stop ringing you’ll hunt them down and burn them

  351. Ok, I received one and thanks to you I got on your website while I was talking to him. Actually I hung up and he called me back!! Lots of noise in the background and clearly an Indian call center. He went to get his Supervisor to convince me they were legit and I needed to let them “guide me through the fix”. I asked them for a telephone number and then they hung up!!

  352. 7/19/13

    Ok, I received one and thanks to you I got on your website while I was talking to him. Actually I hung up and he called me back!! Lots of noise in the background and clearly an Indian call center. He went to get his Supervisor to convince me they were legit and I needed to let them “guide me through the fix”. I asked them for a telephone number and then they hung up!!

  353. i got a call today. I thought it sounded like rubbish and asked for his number to call him back and verify it with windows. I got 0808 280 2039. I did try calling him back to see if it was a fake number and he answered it. I told him i’d be passing on the details to the police. Hey, we could all call it now and ask if he’d like double glazing and annoy him for a change!

  354. unfortunately I was not so lucky
    hi i’m 16 years old. the people who called me scammed me knowing full well of my age. they told me to take my mom’s credit card and just give it to them. my mom got convinced through me and we lost over $400 aud. someone needs to track these people.

  355. Tuesday 9th December approx 11.00am
    Just had phone call from “Windows Online Tech Support” foreign sounding guy. who wanted to enter my computer to correct a lot of error messages that were being reported to MS.
    I held back, he seemed understanding about me being concerned so offered to show me where my computer was giving trouble. He suggested I go to START>RUN in my PC key in “eventvwr” and press OK the tab APPLICATIONS showed a history of events that had warnings & errors against them. He then suggested I go to START>RUN & key in “msconfig” SERVICES tab to show the number of applications that had stopped running.

    Quite worrying really but still not convincing enough for me to let him connect to my computer.

    Got his name “Steven Morris” (seemed too English for his accent) where he was working from 16 Hanway Street London & telephone number 0208 144 1094 (which doesn’t match to a Central London address.

    Probably another scam but worrying about the potential health of my PC. !!!

  356. I too had a phone call from ‘Steve Morris’ (american accent)and not being tech savvy, I gave him access to my computer. It then cost me £208 at PCWorld to remove the virus and save my data! Today, I’ve received a call from ‘Richard Nelson’ (Indian accent), both stating they were from windows technical support of 16 Hanover Street. SCUMBAGS

  357. This is still going on. I had three calls in two days now, after I had one about two months ago. This time her name was Sylvia and sounded Indian. When I, after some time, told the guy that I did not trust him, he said “F*** you b*****d” and disconnected.

  358. Have had 4 years of these types of calls and all manner of threats. Today a new name “Anti Fraud Squad London” Same old problems, threat of how I will never be able to use my computer again. When I said they had the wrong info I was now with Apple Mac they said they along with Microsoft were also removing services from my computer.

  359. Received a call from someone claiming to be from global communication to state that my computer was running slow and they were working in connection with windows. I pretended to do as he said and logged on and he told me to to go to event viewer. when he asked what i see on screen I told him my computer was going slow and then put the phone down. He rang back and i let it got to to voicemail where he left a message stating that the lady he was speaking to is unstable and rude and the other people in the house should be careful. nothing about the computer issue or sorry the phone got connected please call to rearrange. Had a laugh and then thought i better check what scam he was planning on doing and found this site. posted it on facebook to warn others but they are obviously not that smart if they cannot deal with rejection very well.
    am now hoping he calls back so i can tell him unstable i am.
    be suspicious of every call unless you called the company first.
    number he called from was 02924924141

  360. Just got a “This Paul Wilson from Windows” call. Indian accent. I challenged him on eveyrhing he said. He claimed to know all my details so I asked him for my name. A chinese one apparemtly. Asked him I sounded Chinese…. Also asked him for my address… Incorrect. Postal code ? Incorrect. Did not even swith my laptop on. Call was rerouted to show my OWN number. Who should this be reported to? Really really annoying. Damn them.

  361. Had one of these IT scam calls just yesterday – not the first time. Luckily I am an IT engineer so its obvious to me that its a scam s I had a little fun and managed to keep them on the line for a whole hour before telling them they were scammers and where to go.

    Please everyone – Microsoft will NEVER contact you about problems with your computer. Never allow anyone on the phone access to your computer unless they are someone you know or they work for your internet provider – AND YOU CONTACTED THEM TO REQUEST ASSISTANCE

  362. Had two of these calls in the last month. Again, both sound like Indian call centres. Thought I would play along the first time to see what they were planning. They now get you to look at the Windows Event Viewer where applications typically write error messages. As a programmer I know that these message are not sent over the Internet, despite what the caller was alleging. He wanted me to allow him to remotely connect to my computer so she could fix the errors, and probably install something nasty at the same time! Be warned – they are very convincing.

  363. I took a call from someone saying they were from my phone and internet provider. I initially followed the advice as we were experiencing connection problems that day, so I pressed the windows event view which showed thousands of errors. The person on the phone then told me to follow a link but I wrote it down rather than following what he said as I was now suspicious it was a scam. Will pressing the events window key of allowed them to access my details or install anything or was it the next thing he was going to try to get me to do? I’m not very good with computers so at a bit of a loss. I have not used my laptop since other than running anti virus software. Any advice?

  364. Had two calls recently requesting I turn my PC on, if I refused they would delete my IP address. The first one reckoned to represent windows, not Microsoft, different company he said, so asked for his number , guess what hung up on me. The last one gave me a number 02032869239, said she was Sharon from Microsoft, fobbed her off saying I did not have my computer with me, alarm bells rang surely Microsoft would not contact you over the phone. Have not tried this number in case it is another scam.

  365. They are still around as of September 2016. I was called 5 times over two days this week. I strung them along for 11 minutes. The caller said her name was “Sam Williams from Windows PC Support Centre” (although her accent suggested she was more of a Siva Ganjhety rather than Sam Williams! man was she threatening! Said that unless I opened up my pc and allowed her access she would block all my devices in half an hour. I asked her to identify my OS and (of course) she got it wrong, but I played the nearly-obliging simpleton and managed to extend her call time to 11mins – after which she quickly hung up. Great to lay them at their own game heehee!

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