Savings Bond Linked To Football Team’s Performance

Now, I’ll admit upfront that I’m a fan Wolverhampton Wanderers, but I’m fortunate enough not to own a season ticket (I must be their unlucky mascot – I’ve been to 2 games so far this season, and they’ve lost both).

A while ago I blogged about the Wolves savings account being at the top of the league for those types of accounts associated with a football club.

But Birmingham Midshires have gone one step further, and have launched a ludicrous savings bond which is directly linked to Wolves’ performance on the pitch! In my opinion, you’d have to be pretty stupid to go for a product such as this, which probably means it’s perfect for the average Wolves fan!

Having said that, the rate is a fairly competitive 4.7%, regardless of how Wolves play, but linking to a club’s performance is a nasty gimmick.

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