How Much Could You Save By Working From Home?

A new group initiative has been set up to promote remote working and show how it can increase productivity and well-being, save time and money, as well as help save the environment.

The Anywhere Working initiative is run by a consortium of organisations including Microsoft, Business in the Community (BITC), Nokia, Regus, Nuffield, Vodafone UK and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

As well as providing tips and tricks to work smarter, the initiative website also includes a handy savings calculator, which will tell you how much time, money and CO2 you could save by working from home. Enter your home and work postcodes, and it will calculate the distance between them. You can then add how much time and money you spend each day travelling to work, and how many days you intend to work from home, in order to show you your weekly, monthly and annual savings, like this:

Anywhere Working calculator results

The savings shown would happen if I were to work from home just once a week, instead of making the 4 mile round trip.

Once you’ve calculated your own savings, you can then pledge your support for the campaign and sign up to receive offers and giveaways. All you’ve got to do then is convince your boss to let you work from home; point them in the direction of the Anywhere Working website case studies to give them a few good reasons.

And of course, if you’re in London, then the trial of getting to work whilst the Olympic Games are on over the summer will probably provide the biggest excuse to work from home that you’ll ever have.

7 thoughts on “How Much Could You Save By Working From Home?

  1. There are ‘future rumblings’ about being able to work from home at my workplace, and I have to admit for the most part I like the idea. I’d miss the banter, but it wouldn’t beat all the positives.

    I’d also save a fortune. I’m hopeless at taking a packed lunch, so usually end up spending £5-8 a work-day on food and Starbucks. That’d be quite a saving!!

  2. I supposed it depends on what your home environment is like. I imagine with young children any benefits would easily go out the window with a decline in productivity. Not that this isn’t a great initiative though, and i cannot imagine what its going to be like in London this summer with the Olympics, glad i live in Devon on that front!

  3. Hi,
    Personally working from home although being exceedingly enjoyable as I get to see more of my kids, my wife, my dog is very inefficient as I am always having to do little “chores” around the house that my wife keeps thinking of, and always it is more expensive as I keep spending money on the house, garden, the kids, myself etc as I am there more often !!
    So I need to be paid more to work at home !!!
    PS: Do you sell your shares in May ?

  4. I work from at the moment and have done for 5 years.There are obvious savings which the calculator indicates.However do not underestimate the downside to working from home,which include isolation,lack of focus and family members thinking they now have a personal driver and home assistant!

    Yes you can save money and help the environment,but like everything in life there is always a price to pay.

  5. That’s a great job!This calculator can help efficiently manage your time and money when you work from home.Working from home has lots of advantages, you do not need to spend money to get to your job, dinners at work and etc.But as for me,it’s important to have a right atmosphere when I work, at home lots of things disturb me and make my job is less efficient. And when I am at work I have no other options except working and my attention is focused completely on a job I do.But anyway, I agree that working from home is a great option,especially for students.They can earn money in the Internet and that will allow them to make an independent budget without wasting time for going somewhere.

  6. I work from home and there are some pros and there are some cons.
    Pros: I get to see my kids every morning which never happened when I commuted and I even get to take them to school I do safe money on fuel lunches and I don’t need half a dozen suits!

    Cons: Hard to stay motivated and my wife always has a five minute job that takes an hour!

    See my full list at Save Money Working From Home

  7. Working from home cannot always be justified just by using a savings calculator. Like someone above said, there is the lack of focus to contend with plus other distractions. Being in the workplace has always forced me to concentrate on the task at hand whereas being at home gives you the choice.

    It’s very easy to over run on lunch breaks for instance, which is clearly NOT a saving but a cost. On the other hand, I often work 16-20 hours solid to make up for slow days, so my hours are not exactly regular.

    I don’t think you can put a price, a cost, or a saving on some things.

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