Find Forgotten Money

Nope, this won’t help you recover that lost loose change from down the back of the sofa, but new website Mylostaccount has been launched to help you recover money from lost or dormant acounts with banks, building societies and National Savings & Investments. The free service has been put together by the British Bankers’ Association […]

How Much Do You Need To Earn To Feel Rich?

How much would it take for you to earn before you felt rich? According to a recent report, 2.5 million UK households earn £88,000 per year – more than 3 times the national average household income. Yet 90% of these people do not class themselves as rich – they reckon being rich means earning £150,000 […]

Your Money Matters: Personal Finance Show

It’s great to see the discussion of personal finance becoming more and more mainstream – the papers and the web are awash with personal finance articles, and we’re seeing more and more TV programmes dedicated to money issues. Personal finance now also has its very own conference, featuring money seminars and workshops. The Your Money […]

5 Ideas For Earning Easy Money

Marc at new personal finance blog Askix has posted 5 ideas for making some easy money: Polices ID parades – get paid for looking like a criminal! Football steward – I’d be surprised if there’s not a massive waiting list for these jobs, as it means you get to watch the matches for free (although […]

Insurance: Which Are Essential?

Insurance comes in many different forms, but ensuring that you only have the right insurance, and with adequate cover can be difficult. A recent report by Which? suggests that thousands of pounds is wasted each year on unnecessary insurance – but of course, what is unnecessary for one person, is an essential for another. For […]