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It’s great to see the discussion of personal finance becoming more and more mainstream – the papers and the web are awash with personal finance articles, and we’re seeing more and more TV programmes dedicated to money issues. Personal finance now also has its very own conference, featuring money seminars and workshops.

The Your Money Matters show takes place at London’s Excel centre on 2nd and 3rd February, and is completely free:

In one day you can find answers to all of your financial worries. Whether you are looking to pay off debts, arrange mortgages or pensions, invest in new ventures, reduce your tax burden, or simply re-organise your monetary affairs, you can find the solution at The Your Money Matters Show.

It sounds like an interesting concept and I’d be interested to see how well the format works – especially the face-to-face advice (I wonder how much detail the experts will be willing to go into?). I also hope that it is information that the speakers are giving, and not too much hard-sell of their products.

So the question is, is anyone going? If you’re at a loose end the first weekend in Feb, why not grab some free tickets and pop along, and of course, let us know what you think of the show.

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