Mint: Lifehacker’s Best Personal Finance Management Site


Lifehacker recently ran it’s “Hive Five” vote for the best personal finance management site, and Mint has been announced as the winner by a big margin.

Lifehacker polled its readers to nominate their favourite PFMs, from which they then picked the top five for a final vote.

Mint came in well ahead of the rest with a massive 85% of votes (getting over 5,000 votes), followed by Yodlee MoneyCenter (5%) and Buxfer (2%).

It’s not a particularly surprising result given the number of users Mint has gained in the short time it has been around.

Sadly, Mint is still not available in the UK.

We’ll b reviewing some of the UK personal finance management tools over the next few weeks, to give you an idea of the alternatives that are currently available.

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