Comparison Site Helps Armed Forces

Yesterday we posted about the launch of Argos Compare, the high-street retailer’s entry into the financial comparison market.

Another comparison site has launched this week which aims to help our armed forces veterans. allows you to compare car, van, motorcycle and home insurance, with 70% of their profits going towards the Foundation.

Comparing insurance and buying it through will directly benefit our ex-servicemen and women in need, because we will donate 70% of our net profits to the Foundation, a charity set up to help ex-service people.

The site is backed by Falkland veteran Simon Weston, and obviously helps a great cause, but it does feel a little clunky compared with the big comparison sites out there (even Argos’ new offering). I’d also question how good the deals are compared with other comparison sites – I’ve done some (admittedly very quick) quotes and the premiums returned don’t seem to be that competitive – it may work out better to donate the saving you make from getting your policies through a different site. It would be good to see one of the dominant comparison sites offering to make a donation from their profits.

As I’ve said, I’m basing this on some very limited data, so try it out for yourself and see if you can make a saving on your insurance whilst helping out a great cause.

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