SellSimply: Buy, Sell & Donate On Twitter

On Friday we looked at PayPal’s new app for sending money to friends and family on Facebook, but there’s also a way of buying, selling, donating and transacting via PayPal on Twitter.


SellSimply has a few tools to help you promote items for sale (on eBay or Craigslist, for example), and accept payment or pay for items yourself.

SellSimply’s “Chirp” links your Twitter account with your PayPal account so that you can accept or send the payments with a single Tweet, whilst their marketplace tools help you to promote your items for sale.

Because transactions can take place on Twitter, Chirp is “device agnostic”, meaning it can be done on any device and from anywhere you can Tweet from. You’ll receive a receipt via Twitter Direct Message, email and in your SellSimply account.

Of course, there are fees to be paid to accept payments (although it’s free to make a payment). SellSimply take 2% of the transaction amount, plus as all transactions are made through PayPal, you’ll also have to pay any fees that they charge too.

SellSimply Chirp

For example, if you have an auction running on eBay, you can send a Tweet of it to your followers (some of whom may retweet the item to their followers), and if someone wants to buy the item, they can reply to your Tweet to pay for it.

The factor holding SellSimply back will be getting users to make the jump and link up their Twitter and PayPal accounts through the service, which requires you to allow access to your Twitter account. Once this is done, the ease of paying for things is apparent. Imagine the ease at which a charity could raise funds by requiring a simple Tweet or retweet to accept donations from their followers.

Read more about SellSimply on TechCrunch.

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