Square Register iPad App

Credit card payment processor Square continues to bring new products to market with the launch of its new Register app for the iPad.

Square Register

Square Register allows small businesses to use an iPad as a till (with the help of a free card reader), although simply taking money from clients is just one of its features. Retailers can load up the app with their inventory of products, including photos, and also claims to create customer loyalty programs to keep them coming back.

Retailers are also able to view a range of analytics on the orders that they’re taking via the app, and different access levels allows the tool to be safely used with all levels of staff.

Here’s Square Register in action:

Sadly, Square is still only available in the US.

There are however other options on the horizon. iZettle, a Stockholm-based “social payments company”, has recently expanded its free mobile payments app into Denmark, Finland and Norway, with a UK launch likely in the near future.

Here’s iZettle in action:

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