HSBC iPhone App (Courtesy of Natwest)


James Gardner recently posted his thoughts on HSBC’s lack of mobile banking,  and in his post mentioned that you should be able to access your HSBC bank account using the Natwest iPhone app.

Whilst this might sound a little strange, it’s all made possible by the Monitise mobile banking platform.

The NatWest app, by the way, is pretty lacking in functionality, and it is based on the generic service that banks in the UK get from Monetise. They’re the same people that run the Link ATM network, and apparently the app uses that transaction network to get its data. In other words, there’s no integration or effort required to get the Monetise app to work for a particular bank, and is the reason that I can use my HSBC accounts in the NatWest version.

I haven’t tried it myself, but it should work. Monitise also make dedicated iPhone apps for the other banks within the same group as Natwest, RBS and Ulster Bank.

James’ post also has an interesting discussion about innovation in mobile banking in the comments, worth reading if that subject interests you.

More iPhone personal finance apps.

Update 17/01/2011: The comments seem to suggest this method doesn’t work (or certainly not for all). Whilst there’s still no sign of a HSBC iPhone app, HSBC subsidiary First Direct now has its own iPhone app, so HSBC customers might not have to wait  for too much longer, as there’s a chance that the technology behind the app will be used to develop an HSBC app.

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19 thoughts on “HSBC iPhone App (Courtesy of Natwest)

  1. I have tried this it does not work you need to enter your card number and it recognises it is not from natwest.

  2. It does work, but your initial card number has to be from Natwest. Then you can put in your other accounts.

  3. I use this app for my HSBC accounts. I had the Monitise app on my old SE phone and the system recognized my phone number.

  4. Has anyone else tested this? Does the Natwest card number need to be a genuine owned account or just a card number to get you past the card number stage?

    Why/when will HSBC not just produce their own version… surely they’re out of touch with the other big banks?!

  5. this is rubbish article, and am mad with HSBC, why can’t they have their own iphone application??????? is that too expensive for such a high class bank to acquire.

  6. It does not work. If you’ve tried it and it doesn’t recognise your card number then – FAIL – if it does accept your card number – WIN.

    Don’t ask for details – it either works or it doesn’t. End of.

  7. Hi all just to let u all know it does work – I previously had a black berry, however reading the above I downloaded the natwest app, and it picked up that I already had registered with my telephone number, regardless if natwest customer, and there before my eyes my HSBC app was there, it is odd, hell it’s great as now I can check my balances / statements etc again ! And for those who have not registered before do the same and register through the natwest app. It’s not the bank that u are registering with it’s monilink or monitise it works had almost about given up were it not for this blog! thanks so much any one need help with this comment below and I will help you with it. :)

  8. Hi it’s not absolutely easy to get it to work, but possible.

    You previously just need to register your credit/debit card and telephone No. with the available Monitise’s Mobile Money app on other kind of phone than an iPhone (I made it on my old Sony-Ericsson K770i, and this is the complicated part, as these phones aren’t as intuitive to get to work with apps as Apple’s one… but you can get setting for your custom phone downloaded and set up automatically from Monitise Help site)

    Monitise hasn’t developed a custom iPhone app for HSBC, although there are other compatible ones wich use the same system (as the discussed Natwest one), wich are also developed by Monitise. that’s why it works I guess, because the developer is the same one and uses the same working procedure on all of them.

    Once it’s done on the other phone just download Natwest iPhone app, log in and done, you will even get a HSBC logo for your account inside of the Natwest app!!!

    Hope this helps :)

  9. Think HSBC is behind the times on iPhone apps? How about having ONE branch in Bangkok, Thailand and NO ATM’s anywhere in the city. Customer Service or Customer Friendly is a lacking concept in the HSBC lexicon.

  10. I Download natwest app and cant log in with my HSBC cards. I try 4 dofferent and its giving me errors. Well as you guys mentioned. Hsbc ” The world’s shities bank “. 0 internet security, overcharges and no app?Service-no
    Keep looking for better one smart late move…

  11. No one is safe today using online banking… app or otherwise. I use online banking but I take the risk just like everybody else.

  12. Did anyone consider using the Bank Control service for Android ( Is keeping transactions on a device safe?

  13. I don’t really want to on-line bank or iPhone app my account, unfortunately I think that’s the way things are going until cash is a thing of the past.

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