Natwest iPhone App

Natwest iPhone App

UK banks seem to be a little reluctant to jump on the mobile banking bandwagon, and Natwest is, as far as I’m aware, the first major UK bank to develop an app for the iPhone, having just stumbled upon it in the app store.

The app allows Natwest customers to:

  • Monitor your current account with up-to-date balance checks.
  • View a mini-statement with your last 6 transactions.
  • Setup and manage text alert services, including balance updates and limit alerts.

Despite it’s obvious limitations (view just 6 transactions?), it is good to see banks innovating in this way, it just appears that they may have jumped on the bandwagon for the sake of it, without giving the user experience much thought. Some of the reviews for the first few versions weren’t good:

I simply cannot understand why a huge, monied company like natwest could be so hideously capable of farming out  a simplistic, no-effort-needed iPhone app to a developer who then manages to release what is undoubtably one of the most SHOCKINGLY  bad apps on the free istore.

It would seem that they’ve listened to customer feedback and have gradually improved the experience. The app currently has a rating of 3/5 from 700+ reviews.

It will be interesting to see how the other big banks respond – I should imagine that most will have an eye on the mobile banking arena, and will hopefully learn from Natwest’s early mistakes, and concentrate on developing apps with their customers’ needs in mind (and of course, near perfect security) and don’t just develop an app for the sake of it.

Have you tried the Natwest iPhone app? Does it help you manage your money any better than normal online banking? Let us know in the comments below.

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19 thoughts on “Natwest iPhone App

  1. I’d love to try it but can’t as it’s iPhone only – I can’t see any reason why the iPod touch shouldn’t be able to run it though?

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  3. Initially disappointed that this app is (apparently) only available for the iPhone and cannot see why itouch users cannot use it.

    Having said that both iPhone and touch can access the Internet so why not log on with online banking and get full facilites ????

  4. massive dissappiontment.. saw it on an advert though wow i have been waiting for something like this for my ipod touch only to find out i cant download it from the app store or upload it from itunes the advert was so miss leading why make it just for the iphone when the itouch is practically the same

    huge let down

  5. I need to monitor 2 NatWest accounts, current + savings. Although it appears possible to add non NatWest accounts, there appears to be no way of adding an extra NatWest account (with same branch). Would be delighted if I’m mistaken about that. Any joy?

  6. @sandy,

    I am happily managing my current and savings accounts through it, both of which are with the same Natwest branch. Hit “Add account” under “Manage mobile banking” and you should be good to go.

    Unless your other account is an e-saver and doesn’t have a card (like my 3rd one) in which case you appear to be out of luck!


  7. Hi,

    I think the Natwest has taken a brave step in the mobile applications for Iphone.

    We must encourage this and this is just a quick snapshot of my account incase I need something to check quickly.

    well done natwest. you are leading the way.


  8. Hi,

    I think the Natwest has taken a brave step in the mobile applications for Iphone.

    We must encourage this and this is just a quick snapshot of my account incase I need something to check quickly.

    well done natwest. you are leading the way.


  9. I’ve tried it and it is shockingly simple. I thought I’d be able to transfer money from one account to another, pay off a credit card and view a further history than the previous 6 transactions.

    Should’ve waited before they put something out like this.

  10. I’m in the same position as Sandy and Kevin. I have a business account, and two savings accounts (one for contingencies and one for tax). But because I have one card for all three accounts, I can only deal with my main current account using the app. Renders it useless, really.

    I agree with FK. While it’s good to be first to market with something, there’s no point unless you get it right. Just look at what First Direct had to say on the matter –

  11. I’ve found the app excellent to see recent current account activity providing you have a card to sign up with on each account. However, I also found its simplicity very frustrating as it will not allow me to view credit card accounts which i can do from the laptop. Good start Natwest but you need to extend the functionality to make it useful

  12. Ive downloaded the Natwest app so i culd use my hsbc account on it earlier o read i could use my hsbc accound on the app however wen i tried 2 enter my account numbet it sed it was invalid any one no what i can do?

  13. hi, ive just got the app and and wondered how can i add more than one account onto the app? i cant find the place to do it so could someone please contact me and tell me how?
    my email address is thanks!

  14. The Natwest App is great. Ive used it for months now and it is ideal for transfering money from one account to another and also checking balances when out shoppind (with my wife) No more failed payments in shops etc.
    10 out of 10 Natwest.
    Excellent. A decent app on the iPhone for a change.!!!!

  15. Although people complain about it’s simplicity that is exactly what you want from an app. I confirmed my details and within 24hours it had all 3 accounts online and I was able to view current amounts, mini statements and transfer money between accounts. It’s been great for quickly checking available funds.

    My only complaint is the inability to sync with credit cards and perhaps a slightly more indepth statement would be usefull.

    Great app. 4/5

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