Go Compare “Most Irritating Ad” Of 2010


The Go Compare adverts, featuring their opera-singing character Gio Compario, have been awarded the dubious accolade of being the most irritating adverts of 2010, according to Marketing magazine.

Of the top 20 most annoying adverts, 7 were for companies promising to help out with finances or money:

  1. Gocompare.com
  2. Webuyanycar.com
  3. Injurylawyers4U.co.uk
  4. Cashmygold.co.uk
  5. Halifax
  6. Foxy Bingo
  7. Nintendo
  8. Moonpig.com
  9. Moneysupermarket.com
  10. Microsoft Windows
  11. LOreal Elvive
  12. Danone Activia
  13. Iceland
  14. Funkypigeon.com
  15. Confused.com (Cara)
  16. Confused.com (Haunted Jeans)
  17. Pantene Pro-V
  18. BT
  19. Marks & Spencer
  20. Giovanni Rana

It’s a little surprising that CompareTheMarket’s meerkat didn’t make it into the list, but we’re glad to see Halifax’s efforts on there, their current ads make the Howard series of ads look like a Kubrick flick. And Lloyds have escaped too with their slightly smug “For the journey” ads.

So why are financial services companies so prone to making annoying ads? According to an MD of a brand communications agency quoted on the Telegraph, it’s because the products are so commoditised that they need these gimmicks to get customers attention.

Of course there is an argument that irritating = memorable and is therefore good for brand-building, but I’d argue that for those financial brands reliant on trust it’s important to stay away from gimmicky, annoying ads. They may work for cash for gold and ambulance chasers but not for high street banks or insurers.

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