Lloyds TSB Mobile Banking “Just Got Better”

Lloyds TSB has announced improvements to its mobile banking website in order for its customers to find it more convenient to do their banking on their phones.

The improved mobile banking service is available across a wide range of smartphones and enables Internet Banking customers to access their money and manage their accounts using the most commonly used features of Internet Banking –
and all on mobile optimised screens. Customers can access Mobile Banking through their smartphone’s web browser – simply by logging on with their existing Internet Banking logon details.

The new service provides Lloyds TSB customers with a variety of features:

  • The ability to view account details and balances on Lloyds TSB personal accounts, savings accounts and credit cards
  • See mini-statements (last six transactions) on Lloyds TSB personal current and credit card accounts
  • Pay bills or existing recipients
  • Set up new payment recipients (on most internet enabled smartphones)
  • Transfer funds between Lloyds TSB personal accounts or savings accounts
  • Check credit card limits

Lloyds mobile banking

Talking about the changes, Ashley Machin, Director of Digital Banking at Lloyds TSB, said:

“As an increasing number of people use their mobile phones for day-to-day activities and purchases, it is only natural for customers to also want to access banking through their mobile phones.

“Mobile technology is evolving at a rapid pace and consumer appetite is moving with these changes. At Lloyds TSB, digital innovation is at the heart of our strategy and we are looking to provide customers with technology to meet their needs, allowing them to access their banking on the move.”

it’s interesting that they appear to be another bank going down the website optimised for the small screen route, rather than developing dedicated smartphone apps.

You can access Lloyds TSB mobile banking by going to http://mobile.lloydstsb.com/onthemove/ – it would help if they could come up with a shorter URL to help those people using a tiny smartphone keyboard. Lloyds TSB customers registered for online banking can just use their normal login details to access their accounts.

Let us know how you get on with this new mobile site in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Lloyds TSB Mobile Banking “Just Got Better”

  1. They only did apps for certain phones though, and that didn’t include the iPhone. Now it works on all smart phones. :)

  2. Rather annoyed to say the least… the super easy to use app that we had up until 2 days ago, has been replaced by a bloated and tedious web experience which uses your own data allowance and doesn’t work when abroad.

    In addition, the ability to do useful and productive things such as ‘Top up’ a mobile phone, have been omitted. However, to ease your frustration and help the whole experience along, the thing does helpfully ‘time out’ (for your security) in just under a millisecond.

    Lloyds have obviously made a saving by cutting out the third parties (in this case the mobile carriers and Mobile Money who provided the old app) handed it to the marketing department who have called this tut ‘technology to meet our needs’

    Great work Lloyds :)

  3. Sounds good as long as it is secure – wishg my bank would move more towards this. Barclays – the ‘BIG bank’ that is sometimes impeded by its size.

  4. Lloyds should just buy the Bank Control UK if wants a really customer friendly app. I know how banks run their in house projects and I’m not sure that “cutting out the third parties” saves them anything at all.

  5. This app is great.It would be even better if you could set up a pin to log into your account.The mobile version of paypal has this feature,and it makes logging in alot easier. It would probably be more secure as people would be less likely to carry their login details around with them as they can remember the pin in their head ! Also the Paypal pin is tied to the phone number.So if someone managed to find out the pin number they won’t be able to login unless it’s on that users phone.

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