Expensr: A New Budgeting Tool

Expensr logo

Expensr is a new budget / spending tracking tool which looks quite interesting. It allows you to monitor what you are spending money on, gives you useful visuaisation of statistics to show you where all of your money is going, and probably most interestingly, allows you to compare your spending with other users within the Expensr community.

I’ve only just signed up for an account, so I’m yet to fully get to grips with all of it’s features (although it does appear to be refreshingly simple at first glance). It appears to only show values in US$ at the moment, which might make comparisons between UK and US users a little difficult, but I expect that will change. << There was an option to change to GB£, I’d missed it. The system can also import files from your internet banking acounts (.ofx files), although I’m not sure whether this is a feature of US internet banking or is common to the UK too. Otherwise, it’s a case of adding transactions manually, which doesn’t look too much of a problem.

I really like the idea that you can compare your spending with others, and perhaps then connect with some other similar spenders and exchange ideas for money saving.

I’ll give it a try for a few weeks to see how it performs, whether it survives the initial “gimmick” factor and proves to be a useful tool.

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