How Do You Keep Track Of Your Finances?

Sadly, my recent experiment with Expensr seems to have fallen by the wayside – I guess I find it just too difficult to remember to enter all of my spending in there. And this isn’t necessarily a problem with the tool itself, more to do with me both having the time to enter the details and remembering to do it.

Ideally I need a tool which can both look after the regular monthly incomings and outgoings (e.g. salary & direct debits) automatically, and is also super-easy to enter miscellaneous spending. As I say, the tool is probably out there, but it’s down to me to knuckle down and use it regularly.

Perhaps August 1st would be a good opportunity to start doing it once again, and trying to stick to it this time.

Nickel at FiveCenNickel recently asked whether others track their finances, and if so, how do they do it? The comments are full of useful ideas, and go to show just how many different ways there are to track your cash.

One thought on “How Do You Keep Track Of Your Finances?

  1. The big thing about keeping track of your expenses/budgeting is simply to make it a habit… it takes about a minute if you do it every evening and will become second nature after a while… my suggestion is stop looking for fancy software and just use Excel!

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