Test Your Personal Finance Knowledge

Last Saturday’s Telegraph newspaper included a personal finance quiz so that you could test your knowledge of some common finance issues.

I was a little bit worried that I’d fail miserably, but thankfully I got 19/20, tripping up on question 13, about the amount of capital gains tax you are allowed each year (tax is definitely not my strong point).

Although some of the questions are quite basic, it’s worth doing the quiz yourself and seeing if there are any areas of finance you need to improve your knowledge in.

Let us know how you get on in the comments below.

One thought on “Test Your Personal Finance Knowledge

  1. Hmmm… The Telegraph hasn’t got the hang of this new-media malarky just yet has it? I was expecting one of those interactive quizes which automtically gives you a score, rather than an old-school newspaper style “answers on the next page” affair. I lost patience, although I got the first question right.

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