Would SwiftCover Really Insure Iggy Pop?

At Iggy´s

Quite a funny story has emerged regarding SwiftCover’s recent adverts featuring aging rockstar Iggy Pop.

12 complaints have been made to the Advertising Standards Authority after some musicians found out that SwiftCover wouldn’t insure them, raising doubts as to whether Pop himself would get cover.

SwiftCover have responded by saying that Iggy was chosen “as an actor who ‘loves life’ rather than as a musician.”, also using the fact that he’s American as an excuse, although I’m not sure what affect that has – does nationality override job title in insurance underwriting?

Regardless of whether you find the ads annoying or not, whether you think Iggy Pop has sold out, or even whether SwiftCover would insure him, the ads have had the desired effect when it comes to people talking about SwiftCover, so they’re probably not bothered much by this.

This is not the first time that an insurance company has been caught out in their adverts – eSure were
found out when somebody realised they wouldn’t cover Film Directors, even though Death Wish director Michael Winner promotes them. Also, it was also claimed that Sheila’s Wheels would not insure a Pink Cadillac which is a feature of its advertising.

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  1. Well that takes the biscuit. Iggy flushes his artistic integrity down the pan while helping make life harder for true creative artists. Iggy pop you sad disgusting old git.

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