Swine Flu Ruined Your Holiday? Know Your Rights


Some travel companies are starting to cancel trips to Mexico because of the outbreak of “swine flu”. If your holiday is cancelled because of the illness, what are your rights as a consumer?

If your tour operator decides to cancel the trip, then they should offer you a suitable alternative – but you will not be able to claim any compensation for the inconvenience. If an alternative destination is not a possibility, then you should be due a full refund.

If your tour operator is still flying to Mexico, but you wish to follow the Government’s advice and cancel your holiday, then you must check your travel insurance to see whether this is covered, otherwise you could be left out of pocket.

If you decide to travel, then be careful, as you’ll be going against Government advice and this may actually invalidate your travel insurance. It seems a little worrying that you could be told that by travelling you will invalidate your policy, but by cancelling your trip you may not get your money back!

For more information, take a look at ABTA’s Swine Flu advice, plus there’s more on the BBC website.

If you do decide to brave it and continue with your journey, you may also find this Swine Flu public service information film useful. Or maybe not. (Via BitterWallet).

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