Swiftcover Iggy Ad Rapped: Pop Will Return

At Iggy´s

Remember we mentioned those annoying Switfcover ads featuring rubber-faced seventies rock sellout Iggy Pop, and the fact that Swiftcover didn’t actually insure musicians at the time?

Well, it turns out that, shock horror, Iggy wasn’t actually insured by Swiftcover after all, despite him declaring that he “got Swiftcovered”. (We wonder whether he can he actually drive?)

Anyhow, the Advertising Standards Agency received a number of complaints (well, 12 to be exact) and have ruled that the ads cannot be shown again unless they’re changed.

Sadly, Swiftcover say that Iggy will be back (they’re probably loving the publicity, so the ad has had the desired effect), so we’re going to have to endure his naked torso writhing around on our screens for a while longer. And in a neat bit of spin, Swiftcover do now insure musicians, so they may have managed to secure a niche in the muso-insure market.

So we’ve had Johnny Rotten advertising butter, and Iggy Pop advertising car insurance – which ageing rocker will sellout next and appear on an unlikely ad d’you think? Cliff Richard doing a Durex condom ad perhaps? Or Paul McCartney plugging Walls’ sausages maybe? Answers on a postcard (or more preferably in the comments below).

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