Top 10 Netbook Deals

Lenovo S10 Netbook

Small, lightweight and low price netbooks appear to be all the rage at the moment. Because of their size and weight, they’re perfect for those looking for an ultra-portable computing solution, but as they’re stripped down machines, they’re often also cheap enough for those who wish to do some simple internet browsing without wishing to fork out for a laptop or desktop PC – in short, they’re great for those on a very tight budget, such as students.

2009 is likely to see a real take-off of sales for netbooks, and with the likes of M&S and Next even planning on selling them in their stores (although I’d suggest you shop around online and price check a few netbooks before buying off the high street). And if you’re thinking of jumping on the bandwagon, Techradar has a run down of the 10 best netbook deals currently available.

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