Trade Old Mobile Phones For Cash

Here’s a great little money making tip courtesy of the Money Saving Expert forums.

Envirofone will take your old mobile phones in return for either cash or Argos vouchers, as long as the phone is working and in reasonable condition.

So what happens to the phones once you’ve sent them in? According to their website:

The mobile phones we receive are re-used wherever possible in areas around the world which need them. These areas usually have a poor landline infrastructure which creates a demand for the type of mobile technology some of us would class as obsolete. If mobile phones cannot be re-used, they are recycled in the appropriate manner.

So not only is this an opportunity to make a bit of money, it is also helping out others around the world. And it’s probably easier than trying to sell your phone on eBay.

I’ve done a quick check to see how much they’d pay for some old phones, and for an old Samsung E700, you’d get about £15, whilst for a Nokia 6210, they’d pay £10 in cash, or a little more if you opt for the Argos vouchers.

And just to top it all off, you don’t even have to pay the postage when sending your phone off. Brilliant!

2 thoughts on “Trade Old Mobile Phones For Cash

  1. HI Rob, like the info mate. I did a bit of research myself and found a couple more recyclers of old mobiles. Money4urmobile, mazuma and are all good sites too. in particular has a bonus on at the moment. They are offering 20% more than cash value when you select M&S vouchers during December and January – very good idea considering Christmas is coming up etc. Mazuma offer decent prices too. All three are worth checking though…

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